Conversations with Eloheim: The body

Conversations with Eloheim: The Body

20 Questions Answered in this 64 minute conversation – #4 in the Conversations Series

As you grow and change, your relationship to your body can be the most confusing relationship of all. Eloheim cuts through that confusion by offering actionable solutions to support you in connecting with your body in new ways and understanding its messages.

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Questions answered:

How can I lose weight?

How do food choices affect my spiritual/energetic growth?

How important is diet and exercise to take the body to ascension?

How do I release unwanted energies from my body?

How do physical and metaphysical causes come together to create the same issue?

Please talk about scars.

Why are there only five senses?

What goes on energetically when we make love and orgasm?

What “static” causes AIDS and other STDs?

How and why does a baby die before birth?

How has giving birth helped my body on my spiritual path?

Is aging reversible?

Will the body fully repair itself as we reach higher levels of consciousness?

How much of our negativity needs to be cleared before we can ascend?

Is there any physical limitation to physical healing?

How are dreams, imagination, and reality similar?

Is adrenaline or emotion what we are clearing from our cells?

Does spiritual work change my body in ways that can be measured?

Is there a linear aspect of the physical that cannot be jumped over with spiritual work?

Can I heal an issue that has been passed down my bloodline for all souls involved?


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