The Girls – First channeled on 01/06/2010

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Transcript of their first appearance:

The Girls: There comes a time, there comes a time, there comes a time when the feminine energy needs to be entered into this circle, don’t you think? It’s about time for some woman-power to move through this space. You’ve got all these male energies that have been working with you for so long, but we think it’s time for just a little bit more girl-power. So we decided to pop in and say hi.

You know, it’s all well and good to talk about the heart energy. It’s all well and good for the Guardians to come in and instruct you. But the truth of the matter is if you’re going to love, if you’re going to love, you’ve got to love yourself first, right? And you had that conversation about looking in the mirror and seeing what you thought about how you are naked and all that good stuff, and although that’s a great tool, we want to talk a little bit about loving you. Loving you and knowing you.

You can say all night long that you want to be attentive and show up, tell the truth, and all that stuff. And it’s great. We’re not discounting any of those tools. They work quite well. But at some point, you’ve just gotta kind give yourself one of those internal hugs that says you’re all right. Just exactly what you’ve got going on is all right. And it’s not coming from a space of “it’s all good.” It’s a space of “it is nice just to accept what is for this moment.”

It’s that sense of when you’re in the kitchen and you’re cooking and you measure out the recipe and you’re getting in the sugar or the flour and you scoop it out and you have just enough and you think, “Well, we’ll have dinner tonight and will attend to that at another time.” There’s a sense of fullness of yourself. A full cup of you.

And we know some days, that full cup of you looks like a big barrel of flour to draw from and some days you’re kind of scraping the edges. You’ve all had to do that. Tapping the sides, shaking it, come on, if we could just get a little bit more. But the point really is, is that whichever you find yourself in, you’re still the one finding yourself there. You are the one looking in the mirror. You’re the one petting the animal. You’re the one walking across the living room. Just breathe into “I Am The One.”

“I Am The One. I am the one who’s here.” You’re ensouling. You’re transforming. You’re changing left and right, up and down. But the core truth here is that you are the one and you are drawing to you all that you need as you accept you for you. And that can be done on a physical level but really what we want to encourage you to do is to do that on an emotional level.

A child running across the room… there is just love there. There’s just love. Sure, maybe sometimes they’re noisy or messy or this, that, or the other thing, but when they just run across the room there’s just love there. You loving the child. Not for what the child will become. Not for what the child has been. Just in that moment, that love that you just see run through you. Okay, you love that child and that is actually you. Love yourself as you are showing up. Love yourself as you are here. Love yourself for the very existence you have. Not what you will be. Not what you have been. No striving. No trying. No gotta, gotta, gotta’s. Just, “I love me!” At this moment loving the permission you have given yourself to be. Do you understand? Loving the fact that you let yourself have this experience. Embracing yourself with the—what do they say—attitude of gratitude, for your simple… the simple act of being. The way of loving you because you breathe. Do you breathe? Yes. So, you can love yourself because you breathe. Every breath is a doorway to loving yourself more. Every breath is a doorway to loving yourself more. Every breath is permission to love yourself more. Every breath is the expression of loving yourself more.

So just go on and love yourself. Every little bit of you is lovable. Everything you’ve thought. Everything you’ve done. Every, every, every is lovable. The more you love you, the easier it will be for others to reflect that love back. If you love you, you open the door for others to love you well. And we don’t just mean yak- yak-with-your-mouth love. We don’t just mean talkety-talk. We mean allowing, allowing, yourself to love yourself. Allowing yourself to love yourself is one of the keys to the evolution into Homo spiritus because the soul can not embody a vessel where love does not live. Love must live where the soul will go. So it’s part of the process, you finding the ability to love you and love you well. And every time you think about being loved by another, give yourself what you wish they were giving you.

Most of the time it’s attention. “Be attentive,” the Visionaries said. They said it in a completely different way, of course. They’re sort of loud, did you notice? They like to yell and get all excitable. That’s good. It gets your attention. Pay attention to what you want—which is attention—and then give yourself it. Oh, it’s such an easy process when you don’t have a body. But the truth is, energetically it’s not complex and it’s not complicated. It is straightforward and we would love for you to start living in this straightforward place. The way around any hazards here is for you to give yourself that which you wish you were getting from another. Give yourself that which you desire from another. You desire conversation, have a conversation with someone. You desire attention, give yourself attention.

When’s the last time you really, really paid attention to yourself physically. Put lotion on all parts of you or give yourself a little foot rub. Those sorts of things. Find yourself some rose petals for your bath water. You can give yourself the love that you’re looking for from another and the truth is, if you don’t give yourself that love, one, it’s difficult to magnetize that love from another but two, it’s difficult to make a cozy home for your soul to spend time with you.

We’re going to go soon but we want to leave you on that note. Make it a cozy home for your soul by loving yourself deeply. Don’t demand perfection of yourself. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t get all screwy. Use your tools and carve out a niche there where you can all live together. Find that comfort of loving yourself well, of being loving to yourself, and you create a warm womb for your soul to incubate in as it learns how to inhabit the body with you. You want to welcome your soul into your body in a loving way, and the only way that is done is by opening up your love reservoirs within and letting them splash all over you.

Yes. All right then. It’s been fun crashing the boys’ party. We’re not going to be too far away. We’ve got to keep them on their toes, after all.

The meeting of November 24, 2010 was unusual. The Council appeared in the order of the chakras they resonate with. Thus we had The Guardians, The Girls, The Visionaries, The Matriarch, Eloheim, The Warrior and then Fred. They came in to explain, in further detail, how each work with our energy and to help us learn to use the Strongest Chakra tool.

Here is The Girls’ section of that meeting:

The Girls: We’re breaking tonight’s pattern because we want to go up the chakras, all right? So, you’ve had cake. It does change the feeling of the body. We’ll just say that. We’re going to talk about the second chakra now, and of course, we work with your second chakra and we always tell you about loving yourselves, loving yourselves, loving yourselves. And we’ve done our best to not only tell you about it but to give you examples, to explain how it works, to tell you why it’s a good idea, to tell you why it’s worth it. We’ve sort of gone on and on about it. And in the process we’ve been able to hopefully illuminate to you many, many things. But what we want to talk to you about tonight is that your second chakra is where energy comes in.

You know you have this conversation a lot of times about the left side of the body is the in and the right side of the body is the out, and when Eloheim helps you with your ailments that’s always important to help you understand. But the second chakra is really the chakra where the energy comes in. It’s really an interactive chakra. More so than others. It’s interactive with other humans and beasties and things, but let’s talk about the human interaction. It’s the place where you interact. And when you have the interaction it’s a little bit like a teeter-totter. One side of the teeter-totter is how you love yourself, how you respect yourself, how you care about yourself; and the other side of the teeter-totter is how the world gets to interact with you. So, are you on the teeter-totter or not? How much of you is there? How much of you are you experiencing? Are you giving yourself the chance to be on the teeter-totter? Do you feel like you only deserve part of you there? And when the world comes in, they look across the teeter-totter, what do they see? What do they see that you’re showing them?

Because really, part of what we’ve been doing with you guys is trying to get you to get your whole self up there on that teeter-totter. And one of the things we’ve mentioned before but that we think is really, really important is that because you know everything there is to know about you, sometimes you feel like you’re not lovable. Because you know all your secrets. You know all your foibles. You know all your kinks and quirks. And when you sum up all the kinks and quirks and foibles and pains and mistakes and drama and trauma and anguish and anger and hatred and you name it, sometimes the package doesn’t feel like something that’s lovable.

Now, you may be able to appreciate yourself. You may be able to say, “Yeah, well, I’m pretty bad-ass in the kitchen.” “Yeah, I’m a great mom.” Or, “I’m this and I’m that.” And it’s all well and good to appreciate yourself. We don’t discourage that in any way. But we will say this: There is a difference between appreciate and love. Love is when you appreciate the things that you don’t appreciate. Love is when you rejoice, enjoy, delight in, even, those things that you don’t actually like. Because you don’t go into judgment, you stay in, “Wow, this is true, and if it’s true and it’s about me then it’s who I am, and I start with ‘I’m ready to change that,’ or ‘I’m happy with it.’ ” And neither one of those is a place where you need to judge yourself.

So, it’s not OK to just appreciate yourself. That’s not love. Because if you only can love the parts that you appreciate, then all those other things that you hope no one knows about are left out. They’re not on the teeter-totter. And someone might say, “Well, that’s a good thing because they’re awful.” But the truth is the truth. You are a complete being. And we need you to show up with your completeness. Because unless you show up with your completeness, it is not possible for you to experience ascension. Can we say that again to you? Unless you show up with your completeness, it is not possible for you to experience ascension and it is not required that every single one of your “bad thoughts” is changed in order for you to ascend. What is simply required is that you are willing to look at them. And you are willing to say, “Even though I can’t appreciate you very well, I will still love myself as a complete being that includes this aspect.” And nothing we’ve ever said to you is more important than that.

We’ve never said anything to you that’s more important than the idea that appreciating the things you don’t particularly like is required if you are loving yourself. Appreciating that it’s there for your growth or it wouldn’t be there. Appreciating that it’s there so you have an opportunity to be all that you desired to be. Normally, we don’t feel like we struggle for words but this night is more challenging because we want so deeply to help you understand this. You are not just your good parts. You are not just your skills. You are not just the things you’ve transformed. You are not just those things. What you are is a complete, powerful, amazing, immortal, infinite soul going about an experiment that’s extraordinarily challenging. And every little bit of you, even the parts that you absolutely are terrorized by, are required for the journey. And to say you love yourself means that even those parts are part of you. Even those parts are part of you and as those parts are part of you, you walk in your completeness in this world. That’s what it means to have a healthy second chakra. And that’s what we have for you tonight.