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Fred – First channeled on 06/30/2010

Video of Fred’s first appearance:

Transcript of Fred’s first appearance:

Fred: Each and every one of you is connected to your soul and to all that is. Each and every one of you is part of all that is and each and every one of you has the opportunity to experience all that is tonight, in your own fashion, in your own way. It’s a door opening. Don’t feel like it has to be concluded or understood completely or else you block yourself from the opportunity that’s presented to you. So, each and every one of you has an opportunity right now to let go of your expectation for understanding, to let go of your expectation for explanation, to let go of your expectations completely, allowing yourself to access your crown chakra, which is at the top of your skull, opening outward and upward, allowing yourself to access that portal of energy. And through that portal of energy what you can bring in and bring through and bring into you is a new experience of the expression of the truth of you, your soul’s perspective, the completeness of you, you without lies, you without confusion. And you without confusion can only exist in this moment because if you project into the future or the past you will not experience a state of no confusion.

So we invite you in this moment to experience just exactly what it is you have available to you, which is your experience of your crown chakra connecting to the truth of you, your soul’s perspective, and the energy of all that is. If you expect this to feel a certain way, if you expect to connect to this in a certain way, if you have those expectations and projections, we would imagine it would be quite difficult for you to have an authentic experience. We invite you to have an authentic experience by setting aside projections and expectations. Allow yourself to simply stand at the corner of the field that the warrior described and open up your crown chakra to a moment that doesn’t include confusion and it also doesn’t include understanding and we will facilitate said connection to give you an opportunity for a new experience of you. Please, again, do not expect to have any preconceived notions about exactly what this means, for if you do you are unlikely to have it continue. We will begin facilitating this connection now. [46 seconds elapse.]

Part of the truth of you is that you are part of all that is. Part of the truth of you is that you’re experiencing an aspect of yourself that doesn’t know this truth. And part of the truth of you is that you are growing to understand this truth and experience it and express it in the physical form in an experience of duality and density. Part of the truth of you is that you never authentically interacted with this reality. You’ve interacted with it only peripherally. You have not actually had the experience of interacting with this reality in a way that’s acknowledging the expansiveness that you are capable of experiencing. We hope to facilitate a connection that allows you to do this. We think you will find it quite fascinating and that it will give you an opportunity to experience this world from a perspective that you have yet to do and that is very, very, very uncommon on your planet at this time.

We come to you from the perspective that all that is is all that you are, yet you do not know this and the perspective that all that is is possible for you to know while in the physical form if you allow yourself the opportunity to set aside the need to understand and instead allow yourself to have the opportunity of embracing the truth that it is possible. All of your teaching up until this point has been based in getting you to the point where you could have this experience. You may not quite be able to do it yet, but it is offered to you at a beginning point so that you can extend past this into a new experience of you.

The steps will be clearly outlined. Tonight is just an introduction. One of the keys is that you no longer have the right to point fingers at others and expect that they have created in your reality, for you are the only one who can create in your reality. You are the only one who is a creator in your reality and any time you’ve decided someone else is creating in your reality you are turning over the only power you have in this environment. You took away a lot of the power you have as a soul to come here. The one power you kept was the ability to create. When you deny your ability to create, you distance yourself from the truth of you. We invite you to stop doing this so that you might have the experience of the completeness of you. As a soul you desired to come here to experience density and duality and to do a series of incarnations to give yourself the opportunity to experience something that’s never been experienced before, which is to live from your soul’s perspective while living in the physical form. To do this, you have to let go of the experience of understanding and allow the greater experience of experience to be your reality.

You’ve been taught well to this point, energetically you’re ready to take it to a new level and energetically we are holding that picture for you now. We’re also facilitating the connection. You weren’t quite at a vibratory rate to support this connection but we’re able to bridge that gap and that’s why we’re here tonight. We will continue to support this bridge until you can maintain it on your own. That is our role. We are being told now that it is time for us to exit the body.

The meeting of November 24, 2010 was unusual. The Council appeared in the order of the chakras they resonate with. Thus we had The Guardians, The Girls, The Visionaries, The Matriarch, Eloheim, The Warrior and then Fred. They came in to explain, in further detail, how each work with our energy and to help us learn to use the Strongest Chakra tool.

Here is Fred’s section of that meeting:

Fred: So, it falls to us to finish the night off. That doesn’t happen very often. What can we say about our chakra? Of course it’s the chakra primarily arranged to connect to your soul’s perspective, primarily arranged to interact with the unseen elements of your beingness, guides, soul, angels, spirit-helpers, whatever you like to call them. It’s the chakra where you are reminded that you are all one. It’s the chakra where you are reminded that you are all infinite and immortal. It’s the chakra where you are able to perceive a larger truth than the 3-D reality shows you. It’s the chakra that’s often overlooked by people who aren’t interested in anything more than day-to-day life, which, of course, is completely within your free will to be as absorbed by day-to-day life as you like. But sometimes people don’t have a very active crown chakra because they’re busy just being human, and that’s your prerogative and that’s a very interesting path to be on, as well. Those of you who are interested in exploring your connection to your soul’s perspective and all that, oftentimes have a very active crown chakra. But as we’ve been telling you in regard to our portal that we’re holding open for you, we also see that you guys fluctuate quite a bit with your attentiveness to your crown chakra. And one of the ways to be balanced in your crown chakra is to slow the flow of information, not limit it, not reduce it, not say, “Oh, I only want half of it.” It’s: “I want it all. I just want it more slowly.” We’ve already been working with you pretty diligently on balancing your crown chakra.

The crown chakra is also the place where as you access your soul’s perspective you can then, in essence, divide it up to the other chakras. Like when you get an aha and then you say, “Oh my goodness, that’s such a great idea. I’m going to….” and then it processes and moves through all the other chakras. So, it’s the aha chakra. It’s that place when you go, “Oh, yes!” That’s the chakra for that too. When you start to live from aha to aha, you’re living in your crown chakra very deeply. But the beautiful part of a balanced chakra system is when you’re living from aha to aha and incorporating your soul’s perspective, you’re not living in Lala land, you’re living in aha and then incorporated, aha and then incorporated.

That’s the difference between living from your soul’s perspective and living out flights of fantasy. Eloheim has been very nonromantic about the idea of astral travel and even, at times, meditation and things like that, because it’s not so much fascinating for them to see you out in your crown chakra as much as it is interesting for them to see you bringing crown chakra insight into the rest of you. It’s just a choice. You can do both. You can do neither. You can do one or the other. But the way the Eloheim has been teaching you for all these years is the delight of bringing the aha into the body. And you can meditate and get an aha and then come out and bring it into the body. You can astral travel and get an aha and bring it into the body. It’s just when you go, “I’m going to go live over there,” instead of “I’m going to live here,” that’s not so entertaining to the Eloheim and they’ve been very blunt about that. So, there you are. That’s what we have for you. It’s been fun to teach as a team tonight. And we say good night for all of us, and we will be back next week. You are very welcome. Thank you for all that you do to show us everything that we can offer you. Good night.