We hold a monthly Q&A with Eloheim during which Eloheim answers questions from folks tuning in online.

This page includes the questions Eloheim has answered on moving forward The date after each question indicates the date of the meeting when this question was answered. Visit the shopping area to access the meeting downloads.

I took my car in to my mechanic who I feel is trustworthy & fair last summer to have my air conditioning fixed. Tomorrow I will be taking the car back for the 8th time because it just won’t stay fixed. Although he hasn’t charged me for all these extra trips back with the car, why am I still spinning my wheels around this issue? 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

I would love help understanding what further inner work I need to do to complete the clearing of the energy blockage that has kept me apart from the energetic stream of work that is in my highest expression right now. Is my job in my field right now? Can you tell me if I’ve already applied for it? I’ve done a lot of inner work around this and it still feels like there is something still to do. In terms of 3rd dimensional terms r/t housing and security, I have to be working full-time or have more than one part-time job – yesterday – but we are making the best of it all by downsizing and putting the remaining things in storage…and seeing that in the bigger picture my husband and I are actually moving toward an amazing place of freedom and expansion, but what about NOW and doing this all with as much ease and grace as possible. 🙂 We actually don’t know where or with whom we’re going to be living in 2 weeks, so any help with what direction to go in with that is most appreciated. 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

For a long time now I have been desiring to buy a house. I did not have much buying power recently with prices go up. Now they are somehow lower so I almost pushed myself to look for houses last week and the first that I looked was what I wanted and where I wanted. The price and some circumstances are such that bring fears to make an offer, plus I do not want to invest much of my time now because I committed to 11-11-11 event and it requires my energy and time to prepare. As I can see moving out of this quadrant with resolving this issue. One is to buy the house and the other is to let it go. I know that working with the group in preparation for 11/11/11 is most important for me so letting go sounds better for me, plus less expansive:). The problem was that I would let this idea go and then want the house again. Could you, please help me to see it the way it would help me to release this old energy of me desiring the house? I am very grateful for your wisdom. 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

All through my life I have been really bashful and shy. In life I grew up in a family who immigrated from Laos and who came with nothing on their back. They rarely speak english to me growing up. I have been sort of afraid to speak my mind toward my peers and its tough expressing myself without shutting down. Its been hard on me since it given me somewhat low esteem at times and makes me doubt myself. I’m 23 and a person who is an aspiring entrepreneur. What insight do you have for me to overcome this? 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

Since I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere I decided to shift gears and deal with things from a primarily physical point. Meaning I am focusing on releasing my aches and pains basically. Things are going well in my day to day and I am actually pretty fine with my 3d life right now. I have been releasing all sorts of stuff but I can’t seem to shake the stance that no matter how good things become in my life here that I am basically just waiting until I actually get to consciously make some choices about my life experience. It basically feels like being stuck on a remote island, no matter how nice you make things or how friendly the natives, I can’t imagine not wanting to get off the island once you had a chance. You might still visit, but I can’t really imagine wanting to actually live only there full time. I can go through all the motions but how do you actually get yourself to believe something that you really just don’t? So, how do I deal with that and I am willing to hear anything else you would like to share with me. 2013 01 20 Meeting

I feel a need to be quiet and to blaze new pathways at the same time. Any guidance would be gratefully received. 2012 12 16 Meeting

I want to know where I am at energetically right now, what my soul is showing to you, and what needs to be worked on and changed within myself so that I can experience greater improvements in my life. If that isn’t specific enough, what is my biggest hurdle at this time? 2012 11 18 Meeting

My preferences narrow the range of what I like in my surroundings and culture. I think I may have to move to find my people.It would be so much easier to fall in love with the community in my back yard. Is there a tool or something I might develop to have all that I need here? 2010 07 18 Meeting

My husband passed away five years ago and I’m kind of on the fence with whether or not I would like another man in my life. My questions is with all this new energy coming in; I keep hearing that we’re going to be our own best friends. I have been isolated for so long I think I’m to the point that I’m ready to meet someone, if not a love interest at least a really good male friend. 2010 07 18 Meeting

How do you give true attention to the process you find yourself in when you have lost any interest or joy in that process and your just trying to get to the end of it. I understand that there is supposed to be valuable stuff there on the journey so how do you really pay attention without the feeling of “Fine lets do this so I can get it over with.” and dragging it out longer than necessary. 2010 07 18 Meeting

I have been bumping into a lot of external “You Can’t Do That” the past few weeks. Although I am aware that it is a reflection of my inner journey, I am uncertain if this is my hump that I need to pass thru; a compare U2U opportunity, or is it a sign that I need to work on this energy more in order to move forward? 2011 03 20 Meeting

At this time my core emotion is in every aspect of my life. My mood swings often in wide array from happy to depressing. It is a lot on my plate these days which is overwhelming at times. I’d like to get an advice from you. Am I moving too fast? I’m afraid of not measuring up? Or is it anything else I am not aware of? What I noticed is I can feel almost paralyzed when not knowing what to do while I should make an instant decision and act on it. 2011 03 20 Meeting

In the past seven weeks I have had a lot of upheaval around home. My sublet ended in September, and I moved out of state to live with my mother for over four weeks, which was incredibly trying at times. I had a hard time finding a place that sounded suitable for me, so it felt like the best choice at the time. I learned a lot there. Upon returning to New York I stayed in a hostel for 5 days because I was having such a hard time finding something that sounded suitable for me. It seemed very dry. I like the sublet I am currently in, and it is over at the end of November. This feels veeery old. What is the deal? Is this my big thing? How do I work with this? What does my soul want me to focus on at this time? I do not want to be a gypsy anymore. Thank you! 2012 10 21 Meeting

A lot has changed over the last couple of days. I discovered my first choice, or judgment, about my life and why I did it. There is still a bunch of stuff to work its way out but I am not feeling any actual resistance in there anymore. I guess I would like to get an idea of what comes next for me or if you have anything you would like to say to me, full accord of free will and all that. 2012 10 21 Meeting

I’m going out tonight with friends to hear music that I’ve been excited to hear and my stomach is in knots. I’m freaking out and my third chakra is whirling. Why does this happen? I can’t figure out what I’m afraid of. 2011 02 20 Meeting

For the past several months, and including today, as I was cleaning my house, I have been receiving messages and insights about the idea of “moving”. I am calling for a lot of change in my life, and I’m wondering if an actual physical move is part of it? Or is it just moving up in my consciousness capabilities? If I am indeed moving, where to? What are the circumstances? 2011 02 20 Meeting

I have done a lot of work to cut through barriers that get in my way of receiving. It’s been an ongoing process for several years. I’ve made a lot of headway, although this summer I’ve felt extremely stuck. Like there is something big that I’m having trouble getting past. Can you help me work through this? 2012 08 19 Meeting

First, thank you for giving the head’s up about short-term discomfort during this time. I found it fascinating that my first choice a couple weeks ago was to have my parents sell their house and experience a moment of being homeless, a new job offer and moving out of the house in a 9 day period. I worked the tools every moment. One of my A-ha’s was feeling like I was in a hurricane and all these pieces that I no longer need came off of me. I also felt a little like going through a meat grinder and emerged a new person. Here is my question: Is there a part of me that I left behind that I need and what can I do as I move to a new location to live my highest self? 2012 07 15 Meeting

I am in the process of clearing and cleaning. I acknowledge that releasing things will help my emanation. Please help me focus my energy on clearing my abundance from those things I have outgrown completing and doing. 2012 09 16 Q&A Meeting

Now that we’ve crossed over the threshold into the new year, how can I connect with my higher self? 2010 01 17 Meeting

Since the first time I picked up a Nintendo controller in the mid 80’s, I have had a hard time managing the time I spend playing video games. This has caused some strain on the relationships I’ve had, which include friends, family, and significant others. I’ve managed to find balance on this issue somewhat recently, but while I can control the frequency in which I engage in this activity, once I start there is a small part of me that is always insisting on one more level, one more song or setlist, etc, etc. During our one-on-one session over the phone, my unhealed core emotion was revealed to be “am I just going to watch?”, which makes sense as it applies to the past since playing games was perhaps the one thing that was truly interactive to me, but presently, I still feel that it is interfering with some of the things I am really wanting to get accomplished. 2010 11 21 Meeting

I have been exploring self love through the healing of an illness over the past year. My recovery process forced me to stop and rest. Subsequently, I have had to take over a year off from working. I now feel like I’m ready to look at rejoining the work world among other things. Yet, I feel so awkward and fearful… The questions swimming in my mind are: What kind of a job should I look for? Will a job be there for me? Will the type of job I need be okay for sustaining my health? How do I go about doing this now? 2010 12 19 Meeting

Lately I’ve been feeling too “big” for my environments. For example, things seem too “small” for me (like the walls are closing in, etc.), making it hard to get comfortable, and I’m much more easily frustrated. I’m clearly ready for a big change but I’m feeling overwhelmed and less and less grounded in the process. I’m currently (desperately) seeking to move into a new home but I feel like I’m holding myself back on this by not addressing this drastic change in energy. Is there anything you can tell me about this? 2011 05 15 Meeting

In a previous Q&A’s I had asked about my strong empathy for people and you explained to me that it was connected to oneness and then mentioned that it also ties into an issue I am currently running about not feeling whole….I agree could you please explain more. I would like to transform that energy so that it can become a positive giving attribute because currently I feel like the not feeling whole really messes with my foundation. I keep doing transformative work and and get to new layers of myself and I push through to another layer and some how I have gotten to a place where I feel like my foundation may not be as stable as I would like…I hope you can read the energy of it more to get a good view of it. 2012 03 18 Meeting

For a while now I’ve had a hard time finishing application and web development projects that I start. I absolutely love programming, but my perfectionism tends to slow me up a bit; I will harp on the small details which ultimately ends up burning me out, and losing interest in the project altogether. I believe this stems from a website I completed years ago that I basically had to force myself to complete (I was working with someone else on that particular project). We had some high expectations for the site but the revenue stream did not pick up as intended. Since that time I’ve endeavored on other projects which I never released or completed due to both my perfectionism, as well as my overall lack of interest in completing them due to burning out. I think there is an underlying theme of any projects I start being a “waste of time” now, which makes things even more difficult. I am TRYING to simply enjoy creating without assigning an equal sign to past endeavors, but am having a hard time, and often times I will do things to distract me from confronting this. 2011 11 20 Meeting

When the upcoming transformation to 4d occurs……will there be a war or a pole shift before the event. 2012 02 19 Meeting

Hello and thank you in advance for helping me to sort this out. Ever since my daughter moved to California at the end of last year, all my friends are telling me that I will move there too. I do not mind, I just do not see how. Is it coming soon and what would be a cause for me? 2012 02 19 Meeting

I feel like I have dealt with my belly/back-up plan issue from last time so I would like to know what is the next biggest issue that stands between me and manifesting my freedom. 2011 06 12 Meeting

I packed my car with essentials and drove out of my cage to a cottage in Ferndale. This adventure has been quite transformative. I got the insight that my triggers are my hand holds to ascension: the cottage was not clean, it is overcast almost every day, and I am very isolated with no friends around. I stated my preference about the lack of cleanliness to the property manager, and then started in cleaning, which I am still doing. It is a very grounding exercise. The overcast gives me the opportunity to find ways to brighten my day with things I love to do, or explore new things that might bring me joy. The isolation gives me an opportunity to connect deeply with nature and with myself. It also gives me the opportunity to be more outgoing when I am around others. My latest insight is to go more deeply into the moment with each of these activities, and to relax into not having to do something every moment, but to “be” more in the moment. The lack of sun really gets me down. The cleaning is not the reason I came here. When I am out in town, I have so much fun being with people and enjoying the new stuff, and then I drive back here and hate being in the isolation and cold and damp. Do you have any other tools I might use to deepen this experience in Ferndale? 2011 06 12 Meeting

It’s been a really rough few years of struggle with little relief. Losing jobs, homes, income, pets, and so on. I feel like I’m finally at the end of my tolerance/endurance, and none of the “inspired actions” I’ve been taking to find income or a job to support my son, dogs and I have had any positive result. What’s going on? Is there relief in sight? Regardless of all my spiritual studies and practices and all actions I’ve taken, I am losing hope. 2011 01 16 Meeting

So this Density vs. Duality consciousness has been interesting. My personal life is growing ever more graceful as I pay more attention to it. My job situation went from about bad as you can get and still have a job to I should be moving into a new position relatively soon and I am actually excited about it. I do have to point out that I have had to relearn my approach to basically everything in my life because when you are in Density consciousness then the old Duality approach not only doesn’t work but it doesn’t even make sense anymore. Even things like our “Tools” have to be reassessed because something like “Setting Boundaries,” which is absolutely vital in Duality living, doesn’t even apply in Density living.

So far, the most helpful tool has been to keep reminding myself that there is no “Other.” If I take the Other out of it then there really isn’t even a context for which my “Trigger” to even exist in. Which brings me to my question. My current “Elephant in the Room” is my ability to choose outside of “normal” or “possible.” I feel good about my ability to freely choose in every area of my life but that one and I think a lot of that comes from my lack of clarity on how to approach my creation. So can you help me better understand the relationships here or whatever is going to help me align with crossing this threshold? 2012 04 15 Meeting

Every morning for weeks as I wake up I feel as if I’ve been berating myself for hours. I can hear the tail end of the criticism as I wake up. What can I do to remedy this? How can I feel better when I wake up? 2012 04 15 Meeting