We hold a monthly Q&A with Eloheim during which Eloheim answers questions from folks tuning in online.

This page includes the questions Eloheim has answered on money The date after each question indicates the date of the meeting when this question was answered. Visit the shopping area to access the meeting downloads.

Things are moving forward but I still need money…2011 02 20 Meeting

I have done a lot of work around my thoughts about money, and for many years I have been living with the belief that I can live how I want to, and the financial resources will always be there to support me. It has helped me uncover what I am afraid of behind the fear of being destitute, and I have been able to accomplish amazing things. I began to realize recently that the excess in my life is wearing on me. I have too much stuff, and waste a lot. I feel as if my bank account has gotten especially low in the past few weeks in an attempt to get me to deal with my surplus, perhaps because I am seeking clarity. The issue I’m having now is the tendency to go back to fear based thinking and lack around money. Even when I think I’m busting through the fears and becoming conscious, my husband will script hold for me and show me I am still not past this fear based thinking. I would very much like to live in moderation: Knowing that there is abundance and that it is available always for me, but that I can live simply as well. Is there anything you could share with me about my energy, or something that I’m not getting, that would help me to live in this middle ground? 2012 07 15 Meeting

I’ve been focusing on just one thing, as you suggested, that one thing being money. Using short, factual statements I surprised myself to find that nothing negative came up. So where do I go from here to create more money? How do I focus on magnetizing rather than doing? 2010 10 10 Meeting

I’ve decided to make a radical change in my life a few weeks ago concerning my financial situation. I started to shift my old beliefs, my focus of attraction so drastically to create a new reality that is more to my liking. I feel like something is shifting in a positive way. I had to work a lot to clear out all the fears and triggers. And I am wondering if you, Eloheim, can see the shift I have made healing this core emotion. 2010 10 10 Meeting

I know you say money doesn’t buy happiness but it would be nice to still have some money left over at the end of the month. The “abundance chant” doesn’t seem to be helping. I would REALLY like to know why I’m stuck here. 2010 11 21 Meeting
I have been asking for my beliefs about money and art to shift. At the moment, I am not seeing any evidence of that shift. I trust that it will shift, and in the meantime, I want to know how to get there faster. I would like a brand new tool that helps all of us to bring in more financial abundance, without having to compromise our desires and joy. 2011 11 20 Meeting

We are about to move into some major changes on how we handle money.. letting go of the banks/debt … do you feel this is forward momentum for us? 2009 10 11 Meeting

I feel like I’ve hit a wall with my exploration and understanding of the static that keeps me from receiving money – even money that’s already owed me. Please look at my energy field and tell me what you see blocking my progress for further transformation of this all-encompassing subject. 2011 07 17 Meeting

I am determined to find a very nice living situation that suits my needs. The problem is that having one month of rent AND a deposit at the same time feels impossible. I can’t even remember the last time I had that much money at one time. Just coming up with one month feels like a huge challenge. How do I REALLY change this? I have done all kinds of “money work” and, if anything, it feels like I have less money in my life than ever before. And that scares me. I don’t feel I deserve to live in broken living situations. 2011 01 16 Meeting

It’s been a really rough few years of struggle with little relief. Losing jobs, homes, income, pets, and so on. I feel like I’m finally at the end of my tolerance/endurance, and none of the “inspired actions” I’ve been taking to find income or a job to support my son, dogs and I have had any positive result. What’s going on? Is there relief in sight? Regardless of all my spiritual studies and practices and all actions I’ve taken, I am losing hope. 2011 01 16 Meeting

I have been consciously taking out the equal signs around my finances. Do you see other areas where I can increase financial flow in my current life? 2011 01 16 Meeting

I’ve been learning lots of new stuff, but not yet found a way to make money. So I’ve just starting doing things I enjoy with no idea if they’ll bring in any cash. Does that feel like a good move energetically??
2012 04 15 Meeting