We hold a monthly Q&A with Eloheim during which Eloheim answers questions from folks tuning in online.

This page includes the questions Eloheim has answered on consciousness, feelings, clarity, expansion, energy, chakras, and tools. The date after each question indicates the date of the meeting when this question was answered. Visit the shopping area to access the meeting downloads.

I have had a lot shift in the last few days so I would like to know what would be the best or most loving thing I can do for myself right now. 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

As I am still allowing old habits / blockages to stop me from moving in my desired direction, I would like some more clarity on where I need to focus. I question if it is now mostly that I am not trusting in my soul’s perspective input – as I still view this as “fantasy” as compared to “reality.” 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

I was confronted this morning by a man with a clipboard pretending to be helping folks register to vote. His real purpose was the follow up comments of a registration bonus. I had been agitated with the demeanor, and I flashed with anger at his tone of the follow up. I walked directly away from him to have him reach out an arm and tell me not to walk into traffic which was clearly NOT a danger. Again I responded with anger and stated “Good bye.” I rarely feel outright anger at all anymore, so this event stands out as worthy of attention. Was I fighting his attempts to control? Why did I respond with such anger for something that is clearly not a big deal on a lighted public parking lot where I could give him a lot of space? 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

On the radio show a caller mentioned people who were in fear because they lived in what may be a very unsafe area. How does a person rise out of victimhood if they are facing such circumstances? 2013 01 20 Meeting

I am intent on targeting those remaining areas that say I am undesirable, pitiable and hateable. Where are you seeing this in my life? I don’t like to use the V word at all, however the bottom line is that I created some very intense experiences of victimization that spanned years. The trauma is still with me, and while I am willing to accept that I can somehow transform it completely, I do not know how. I have made a ton of progress and I want more. 2013 01 20 Meeting

For the past year or more, I have been doing something that I don’t understand. It feels good, and I would like to know what is happening. If you can feel into me, I will be trying to do it as much as I can during the event today. Hard to describe, but I will try. I relax (almost meditative state), and then intend to do this thing that I don’t understand. The effect is mostly from the base of my spine and extends to my head. In a strong bust, I can feel tingling all over my body, but focused in my face and hands. It has been limited to the out breath, but lately it seems to be getting stronger and longer. I will be trying to do it at the time you read this. 2012 12 16 Meeting

I am enjoying the unfolding shift in my sense-of-self since choosing to walk away from employment and enjoy some unstructured time. I can’t help feeling some major and fun energetic changes are occurring in me. Can you witness to me what changes you observe in my energetic since our last conversation? That would be delightful. 2012 11 18 Meeting

Things have been going well, lots of releasing and clarity. However, as good as things are, there is this undone part of this process that is acting like the elephant in the room for me. It is like I am waiting for the next level experience for me to show up, whatever that looks like. I am trying not to focus on it however unless I am busy with something I tend to go back to it because that is the life I want to actually have. I am ok with my life as it is so I can tread water here for as long as it takes but it seems like it the last piece of the puzzle so it seems like the next logical step. So any helpful comments, hints, or musings on that? I am willing and ready to let this go so go to it! 2012 11 18 Meeting

I’d like some direction on something that I continue to struggle with in my study for consciousness–something I often refer to as “preference vs trigger”. For example, if something is triggering me, at what point during my triggering situation do I attempt to CHANGE it to something I prefer, if at all? I know that in every situation I experience (i.e. – “create”), there is something there for me, but the struggle is I guess more with whether I should be pushing for change internally or externally. As a contextual example, if people are smoking in my house, and I’ve explicitly stated my preference against this (multiple times) in the past, what needs to change? Do I sit in the discomfort of this and attempt to change internally (so that, in essence, this no longer “bothers” me?) or do I continue to restate this as a my preference (and start issuing ultimatums, etc. etc.)? Or am I going about this all wrong? I’ve done the deeper work and do not believe this preference is based off of any kind of underlying fear, however, authoritatively, this is definitely wagging a finger at me. This is just one example, but I’m hoping you can shed some light on this for me. I hope I’ve conveyed this question clearly enough. 2012 11 18 Meeting

I’ve had a really fascinating physical experience this week…contact dermatitis with big blisters, swelling, etc. It came on slowly, was very intense, then healed quickly. This morning I woke up and looked at my hands and have been in awe of my body ever since. I’m growing new skin! It’s really beautiful. My question: The entire process seems to have taken place really quickly. Is this part of the “new paradigm”? 2010 07 18 Meeting

We’ve worked on becoming conscious in our thoughts, emotions, and biological responses… what’s next? sleep states? 2010 07 18 Meeting

Members of the Council say they walk beside us. Sometimes I can feel the Warrior with me. But I’m wondering if there’s something to say or do to FEEL the Council members with us when we REALLY need their support. 2010 07 18 Meeting

I wanted to know if you are in the same place as our higher selves are and are you in communication with that part of ourselves. If you are in communication with my higher self I was wondering if there is anything my higher self would like to tell me. 2010 07 18 Meeting

My question is this: Even though I feel like I won the job lottery, when I look at all the crazy events that led me to this point I almost feel like there was an invisible hand that sort of pulled me to the place that I really had no conscious knowledge. My logical mind and fanciful wishing of how things would go had me pointed in an entirely different and easier direction. And although I AM WILLING and think this will be an interesting experience for growth, I’m kind of amazed at this new life I have created. I could use a little clarity. 2010 07 18 Meeting

I’m working on my short list. I’ve been doing the toe2toe thing and taking responsibility, but not getting any insight. Do you have any? 2011 03 20 Meeting

People say everybody is born with a particular talent…is this true? If so can you look at someone’s energy and see a potential talent that is being untapped or unknown by the person? Can you look at me and see if there is a talent there I am not aware of? 2011 03 20 Meeting

I had a wonderful creation at work – someone I’ve had trouble with at work with is leaving. Instead of living in the joy of the creation I’m annoyed – annoyed that she got what she wanted, annoyed that she’s going to make more money, blah, blah, blah. Is that just me choosing to live in grumpiness? 2011 03 20 Meeting

I notice that I have a difficult time starting things, and then once I do, it’s difficult for me to end them. I know this pattern plays out in larger areas of my life such as my diet, but most recently I’ve been noticing it in my day to day process. What I mean is, I have practiced, and gotten very good at hearing my souls suggestions about what tasks to tackle in a given moment, hour, or day to create greater ease in the human realm. However, my pattern is to put off the suggested task until my anxiety builds just enough that I will finally get to doing what’s necessary to calm my mind and body. I will do anything else, which includes productive and unproductive tasks, just so I won’t have to begin what I know would be best for me. And then, once I start the task, I have a difficult time letting it go. Being conscious of this pattern hasn’t changed the way I operate, which then leads to self-criticism because I know I have the choice to pay attention to what would make life easier, and yet I don’t. Can you shed some light on why I resist focusing, and the space I believe would be created if I were able to do so? 2012 10 21 Meeting

I would like to answer the question that you asked the group during one of our meetings. “What would I want you to say to me” My answer would be that I am doing “it” right! The reason this has become a question in me is because I have been getting a lot of insight and during these moments of insight I have become aware of a shift in the normal way I view things. As it has come and gone I feel like it leaves my old perspective changed. I almost feel like now there is a build up of a small portion of it always in my awareness. I have played with it some and I when I think of starting to live my life more from that awareness I feel like it would be like throwing a rock in the pond of my life and it will make major splashes. Basically I am afraid. I am afraid because my big stuck places would be soooo affected if I operate with that awareness and what if this new perspective isn’t right ….then I can’t take back the changes I have made. It is so different from the old way of being…it’s a big shift. I literally don’t know myself from this place…I don’t know myself once I get rid of all the stories that I became aware I was telling myself…….how do I know if this is what you have been talking about or something I have imagined? It is a big jump!
Several times there were discussions of the fact that our body is often tired as dna is being rewritten. Since October 1, I have been feeling stronger, waking up ready for the day, and I sense part of it may be the promised dna changes. Yes, older projects are clearing, and yes, new projects have the space to begin. Yet much of this feels to me the body simply working better. Is this the promised dna changes coming on line or is something else happening? 2012 10 21 Meeting

My creativity and natural curiosity have very noticeably increased since I decided to completely stop reading or watching the news. — What exactly is happening energetically? Spare me no details. 2012 10 21 Meeting

I’m in Mexico on vacation. My question is…why are the people who are staying in our hotel bothering me so much? They drink a lot, in fact their lives seem focused around that activity and although I do drink, I can’t and don’t want to keep up with them. We find ourselves trying to avoid them but it’s a very small hotel. Is this simply an incompatible match or is there more to it. What am I reflecting back to myself here? Judgments about drinking? This has become upsetting to the point that we don’t want to come back here next winter so I know there’s something here for me to look at and I know it’s never what it seems on the surface. 2011 02 20 Meeting

If one wanted to take a break of indefinite length from this whole ascension path thing to gain some perspective, how does one get the Soul to…A: Shut the hell up and B: Keep its distance so it doesn’t feel like it’s looking over your shoulder all the time. I would just like to spend some time being a human that never even heard of ascension and see how that is and it is hard to take a break from something when it is always bobbing there at the edge of your consciousness, rather annoyingly I might add. 2011 02 20 Meeting

I know our passion comes from a different place now and not based on the old human desires so much as the Soul’s desires but, I am approaching being unemployed and now and feel that I want to open to grand potentials and not have to work for anyone else anymore. The only thing I seem interested in is the teaching ascension process but I never seem to have enough passion to see my projects through to the end. Can you help me see what blocks I have to working for myself and how to sustain passion for a project? 2011 02 20 Meeting

I would like to know if my energy is ‘open’ to receive everything that is being ‘offered’ to me, or if you see any ‘shielding’ going on. Also, could you tell me, if you are seeing any major changes in my life, coming up? 2011 02 20 Meeting

I feel cynical. Something about being a romantic —about life in general, not roses and wine and men necessarily. You, Eloheim, have said you are not romantic. No one asked me not to be, yet I feel it’s part of what I need to do. Feeling romantic seems to always include a good portion of being mean to myself and this frequent dive into cynicism seems to even include some unwillingness to fully even trust You. That makes me feel “not nice” and back I go to the loop of being mean to myself. Can you help me separate the trust issue here? 2012 08 19 Meeting

I’m interested in doing the new notebook tool. Please help me work out what my most obsessive thoughts are so that I can use this tool properly. I have 3 areas where I am aware I have plenty of low vibrational obsessive thoughts:

1. Firstly is in the area of “shoulds & shouldn’ts” – where I am projecting stuff onto others and not wanting to look at what’s in my lap.

2. This is the arena of “I have to do or know or be or have or discover more” .. and is linked with a fear of me not keeping up or being left behind.

3. This one is linked to my Core emotion – I am always wondering what others will think about me and about what I say or about how I look or about how I behave. And I spend a lot of time checking every fault on my body and holding back stuff from others because I worry about what they will think and not getting approval.

Please let me know which area would be best for me to use the notebook tool on so as to provide me with the highest vibrational results.
2012 07 15 Meeting

I would like for you to have a general look at my energy in order to assist me with where I am at right now. 2012 07 15 Meeting

I have been experiencing a lot of AHA’S and right now I am getting triggered by the amount of them. I feel like there is a lot of shit I have been unconscious about that has been coming to the surface. Like when The Girl’s said it’s like cleaning the closet…you pull a lot of stuff out and it seems like you are making a bigger mess. It brings up an anxiety in me about how unconscious I am…I feel it may be linked to a fear of craziness…past life maybe? I also have been realizing how people I interact with daily are having radically different experiences than I am having in regards to the same experience…so much so that I see myself thinking could I have it wrong? Is there an absolute truth to any experience or can I just go off in the direction that I want without looking back at other people’s experience to try to find the true perspective? 2012 07 15 Meeting

Why do I still feel this big pressure to do it right or that I will not be true to my truth there is a loud heavy feeling in me that very much feels like when you are taking a test for school and you aren’t sure if you have studied enough. I guess I feel a bit lost because I used to use others opinions or feelings to make my decisions because that was the loudest thing. Now I’ve come to making my decisions based on my own truth and maybe there’s a part of me that isn’t used to listening to myself and trusting that I know better than everyone else about what’s ‘good’ for me. I see that I have given myself the opportunity to see how it feels to stick to my guns by not running away from my custody battle and having such a long time allowed to me before moving away as well as having the decision based on an authority figure – the court. I have handled that ok. My navigation system was stolen out of my vehicle the other day and it made me laugh as that is what I feel like inside. So my question is what would be a good assignment for me to replace the temptation to reach for things in my life to tell me I’m right or wrong and instead have more of the energetic of trusting my responsibility of my own empowerment. 2012 07 15 Meeting

Well, I don’t even know where to start about the last two weeks things have changed so much so I will just get to it. I would like to know basically where am I and a little clarity about what I am currently releasing and why, after feeling like I was never going to move again, do I suddenly want to get my work all caught up by the end of the year and why am I suddenly looking around at my house like I am going to be moving soon because I do not have any current inclination or inspiration to move so I am not sure where all this is coming from. Basically, I feel like I am falling back into Oneness or going Bat Shit Crazy and I am not exactly clear about which one I am leaning towards so any general clarity would also be welcome. 2012 09 16 Q&A Meeting

Would you talk about the difference between reacting and being spontaneous? Sometimes I think I am being spontaneous and the negative response from others makes me wonder. I want to be spontaneous with guidance from my highest self. 2012 09 16 Q&A Meeting

Would you speak to this weird fear I uncovered about breaking through the illusion and rediscovering that I am the One and finding myself lonely or alone. I know it doesn’t make sense but there it is. 2012 09 16 Q&A Meeting

Quite a number of years ago, I was the sole programmer of an add on for a video game, which was played by quite a number of people. Occasionally, I would pop into a game server, convey my role as the creator of the game, and inquire as to what people thought of the game, what they liked and/or didn’t like, and what suggestions they would make for future updates.

Upon doing this, there was not a single instance in which I was NOT accused of lying. “Yeah.. right..”, and “You’re not the creator!”, they would exclaim–as if there was no conceivable way that a game creator would jump in an experience the game which they had created, and mingle with the others experiencing it as well.

About a month ago, I had recalled these moments, out of the blue, while I was in bed attempting to fall sleep. I laughed as I thought them because there was an absolute KNOWING that I was the creator in those instances–After all, i really DID create that game–and how could others dismiss it or simply not have the capacity to believe it? This struck a chord with reality. After all, is this not what reality really is? .. A game we are all creating and experiencing together? Drawing upon that experience of KNOWING (and I mean REALLY KNOWING) I was a creator in those instances, I felt it then, in the now, about the things happening in my life. My perspective shifted, and for about a day or two, I lived with this knowing that I was the creator of my own life, and I felt it. You could not trigger me if you tried. I felt loved and supported by the universe in every decision I made, or thought that I thought.

And then, suddenly, I lost that feeling. How do I get back to this place? Even attempting to recall these events I have not been able to get back there. Is there anything you can share about this experience? 2012 09 16 Q&A Meeting

I gave notice to move out on June 1st. Since then, I have made preferences for a new place and I am abundance journaling regularly. Still, money seems out of reach. It would be nice to not have to make a moving decision at the last minute. It feels discouraging to look for a place under these circumstances. Am I still hanging on to starving artist energy? What do you see within me that is creating this resistance, and what should I be careful of at this time? I don’t know how to change this. 2012 05 20 Meeting

I have been clearing a tremendous amount of stuff over the last few weeks and most of it seems centered around the second chakra, some 3rd and 4th but mostly second. Every time I clear it seems like that’s it but it always comes back. Can you help me get to the core of this thing as I am having a hard time really identifying it? Also, any general directional advice would be welcome. 2012 05 20 Meeting

I have had this sense lately of shadow or heaviness around my 2nd charka (a little to the left) and sometimes feel it tied into my 3rd charka and even more so up into my heart chakra. Can you provide insight to this energy? 2012 05 20 Meeting

I’ve been working on healing my core emotion – saying I am willing, taking responsibility for my creations, catching myself before I go into fear and choosing a different reaction etc. I’m not noticing any change – is there anything you can recommend to shift things? Thanks. PS – weird thing happened after listening to the last recording. The Guardians were talking about getting rid of things like back pain and sciatica. I’ve never had sciatic, but after doing the breathing exercise, woke up the next day with all the symptoms of sciatica . . . WTF??? 2012 05 20 Meeting
It feels that I am not sufficiently recharged to have clarity on changes of habits like teaching a sound therapy class on June 11 in Sedona, Az or on developing documentation to pursue a PhD in Transformative Leadership specializing in Sound Therapies beginning in September in San Francisco. Both feel useful and both feel like they are not the simple spiritual answers I sense are floating around me. I find myself questioning how much these are habitual thoughts that may be interfering with clear answers. Please help me develop tools for interacting clearly with the desires of my soul. 2012 05 20 Meeting

I have not been able to determine my passion, what I am here to do. I am actively looking for a job, still need to create money flow. What I really want is to do something that my heart would sing. Please help me to determine what it is so I can create it. 2010 05 16 Meeting

Can you go over again the whole process of manifesting something specific into our experience, especially the requesting part? 2010 05 16 Meeting

In my understanding, if all is perception and our reality and experience is based on that which is perceived by our conscious selves, is then the information that is given to us by you, The Eloheim, your own perception of how this ascension process should best unfold for us all? Or Or….do we each of us hear it differently according to our own perception, understanding and unique personal journeys? 2010 05 16 Meeting

Hi Eloheim, on the subject our hidden stuff….while I am doing the money mantra and telling myself that everything works out at the perfect time in the perfect way, I realized that although I am saying it to myself I really don’t believe it. The result is an ongoing stomach issue. How can I really believe the positive stuff because deep down I am not confident in it? 2010 05 16 Meeting

I am afraid my body can’t hold the light it is supposed to. 2010 05 16 Meeting

In relation to what was discussed in the last meeting about acknowledging the changes in yourself first and then the outer will express that change. How does that work with something like instantaneous manifestation where you can believe that it is possible but haven’t actually experienced it yet? You know the potential is there but how do you get past that hump without something instantaneously manifesting? 2010 05 16 Meeting

Could you please talk about the re-wiring of body to hold increasing flow of light, and the symptoms, outcomes, what to expect, and how to help the body through this process? 2010 05 16 Meeting

Will we ever unravel or peel all of the layers or is it an never ending process where once you get to another level, there is a whole new set of layers to peel albeit from that particular stage or dimension of consciousness? 2010 05 16 Meeting

I am experiencing flow of energy through my body. It is sound like in my head, concentric circles like from my heart. In my stomach I feel no flow, and it shows physically as pain, feeling blockage. I would like you to help me move the energy in the muddle of my body by bringing the blocks there to my consciousness. I am accepting where I am and want to move to experiencing fit, flexible, strong body that brings joy of ease. 2010 05 16 Meeting

What’s going on energetically today? I feel discombobulated – like I’m backslid few steps on my path. 2010 01 17 Meeting

I was there at the amazing meeting Wed night and have experienced some anxiety since then. Is that just the adjusting to the energy shift? 2010 01 17 Meeting

After experiencing many events during the past five years as 7.0 on the Ritcher scale, how can I clean the old energy out of the house or is that even necessary? 2010 01 17 Meeting

What does “Be in Your Truth” mean when you’re doing routine tasks like driving or doing the dishes? 2010 01 17 Meeting

Can you expand more on using our freewill to create in our lives? How can we better understand the connection between them? 2010 01 17 Meeting

I have been dealing with triggers, looking at unconsciousness and there’s been a shift in perception. For some reason I’m starting to experience the world differently. How do I know my first five chakras, especially the 3rd and 4th, are functioning properly? 2010 01 17 Meeting

I’ve had several experiences where my perception changed from outer to inner reality for a period of time. I’m unsure how to make that a permanent shift. 2010 01 17 Meeting

After the Christmas holidays I had an experience of a total meltdown; dealing with feelings of anger. That then shifted into feeling spiritually productive and wonderfully light (not listless). I’d still like to be having that same feeling of doing a lot of inner work. Now I’m back here doing things I’m not crazy about doing 2010 01 17 Meeting

I would like a little clarification as to what is meant when it is that you are allowing in and accessing your soul’s perspective. Trying not to be too mental and breaking old habits. 2010 10 10 Meeting

Ever since 2004 when my husband was diagnosed with cancer it seems as if all I do is take care of cleaning up family messes. Friday my daughter was late for work and smacked into another one of my cars parked in the driveway. I’m not angry but it’s just getting tiresome having to dealing with a 6 year long string of stuff like this. When is it going to get fun? 2010 11 21 Meeting

While working on loving myself more and trying to keep that subject in the foreground of my thoughts throughout the day so that I can catch when I am NOT loving myself and when I am creating experiences where other people or situations are reflecting back to me that I am not loving myself……I came across this thought and was wondering what you can tell me about it. I noticed that when other people do or say something to you that is not very kind or loving it stings and you can feel very easily…but when I am thinking thoughts or doing things that are not very loving to myself you really can’t even notice your doing it. So my question is why is that you feel when other people do something to you….but you don’t when you do it to yourself…… which when other people do it…that’s just a reflection back to you of you doing it to yourself. 2010 11 21 Meeting

To clarify about the differences in the levels of creation we discussed yesterday about the tiredness, it seems that some things in our lives are created by default and necessarily on purpose like the limitations of the human body. So how does that fit in because I consider manifesting outside the default mass consciousness to be a conscious creation. How I am supposed to know what is a default creation versus a creation for my learning? As per yesterday, I always thought my tiredness was a byproduct of this human form and not something I am creating on purpose. 2010 11 21 Meeting

You talked about strong chakras recently – do I have one??? 2010 11 21 Meeting

I have recently been experiencing a strong feeling of distancing myself from my current “life”…any insights would be lovely. 2010 12 19 Meeting

I have a question that is really bugging me while at the same time being kind of taboo. I strongly dislike children (and babies), always have, even when I (technically) was one myself. I say technically because I always felt like an adult trapped in a child’s body. No matter how many horrible incidents there were, now I’m an adult and supposed to like them… right? Well, I don’t, and I wonder if this is a past life influence leaking into this life. 2010 12 19 Meeting

I’m in love with Fred (one of the members of the Council). Exactly what is it that Fred is doing up there? (Smile.) 2010 12 19 Meeting

I am not where I want to be and don’t have what I want and after over a month of being as open as I possibly know how to be, the only clarity I have gotten is that I have even less interest in the 3D life as I did before, which is surprising but not what I would consider helpful. So my Soul is obviously trying to tell me something but I don’t have a fricken clue as to what that might be. So what is my Soul trying to tell me and I know how to slow the process down but how can we speed it up, a lot? 2010 12 19 Meeting

I had a question regarding emotion and consciousness; it seems that both of these cannot exist in the same space. Whenever I feel emotional about something, I find it hard to do anything other than be in the moment of that emotion, be it anger, frustration, etc. I am aware in the moment that if i take a step back and try to look at the bigger picture than I will probably feel better, but I find it incredibly hard to do so. It’s as if I prefer to sit in the emotion in an unconscious way. Of course I would very much prefer not to handle it this way, but I am unsure of how to stop the “flow of emotion” to be able to do this. Do you have any insight on this? 2010 12 19 Meeting

I feel like I’ve been trying “fit in” for so many years -trying to stay under the radar and not have people look at me like I’m strange, different, doesn’t fit in – that kind of thing. I don’t think I really know what being the truth of me really is or means. 2010 12 19 Meeting

I feel like I do appreciate what I have in my life but most is not what I would prefer. I would drop probably 95% of it like a hot potato if I could manage to manifest what I would prefer so I guess I am not sure what more to do. 2010 12 19 Meeting

Are the Guardians and Council I experience outside of me or a part of me? 2010 12 19 Meeting

I have been having an experience I would like to describe to Eloheim and then ask my question. Randomly out of nowhere I have been experiencing something hard to describe but here is the best way I can say it. It starts randomly that all of a sudden I get this feeling come over me in a quick moment that is a mixture of an instant lightheartedness and a feeling of renewed excitement of the moment that is not caused by anything happening around me. This feeling triggers almost like a memory of a feeling that I have had before. Because of the feeling in that moment it makes me instantly have a new perspective that I can only best describe as a fresh perspective…it’s starting to make me have this realization of wow it is possible to feel this way right now in this moment without anything around me initiating it…it’s basically just a feeling. The moment lasts shortly…but I am experimenting with imitating the feeling myself to kind of spark myself into trying to maintain the perspectives that I have been getting. I hope this makes sense it is hard to describe. My question is can you take a look at me energetically and tell me what you see about this. 2011 05 15 Meeting

Lately I’ve been feeling too “big” for my environments. For example, things seem too “small” for me (like the walls are closing in, etc.), making it hard to get comfortable, and I’m much more easily frustrated. I’m clearly ready for a big change but I’m feeling overwhelmed and less and less grounded in the process. I’m currently (desperately) seeking to move into a new home but I feel like I’m holding myself back on this by not addressing this drastic change in energy. Is there anything you can tell me about this? 2011 05 15 Meeting

Can you talk about “Do to get”? 2011 05 15 Meeting

I seem to have mastered the technique of asking for something and then waiting for it to never show up so I would like to change things up a bit and put out a desire and have it actually show up in a reasonable amount of time. I know that’s crazy talk and all, but that’s all I got for today. 2012 03 18 Meeting

Who am I and what am I here to do? 2012 03 18 Meeting

Wednesday night’s staying in my space found me listening to some folks and events and just being present. With others there was a need to keep telling myself to be still. I find I am unable to find what is true now to get to the core issue of the child-like eagerness. There is simplicity to it buzzing with excitement. Only taking a breath will quiet the upwelling. What does this excitement represent in me? 2012 03 18 Meeting

In a previous Q&A’s I had asked about my strong empathy for people and you explained to me that it was connected to oneness and then mentioned that it also ties into an issue I am currently running about not feeling whole….I agree could you please explain more. I would like to transform that energy so that it can become a positive giving attribute because currently I feel like the not feeling whole really messes with my foundation. I keep doing transformative work and and get to new layers of myself and I push through to another layer and some how I have gotten to a place where I feel like my foundation may not be as stable as I would like…I hope you can read the energy of it more to get a good view of it. 2012 03 18 Meeting

I have created my home at the beach. I KNOW it’s created. What is between my Self and that home at the beach? 2012 03 18 Meeting

This past week I’ve felt very intense feelings of “I’m done here” — although I don’t know exactly where “here” is — the earth? living in this area? — and have also felt an intense longing-for something, and again, I’m not sure what I’m longing for. I felt this intensity for about five days, and then Thursday morning it was gone. I’m wondering if what’s been going on here is a deeper merging with my higher self, or with other expressions of myself. Whatever it is, it’s been very intense, and I’d like some perspective on it. 2012 03 18 Meeting

I am using “This trigger is mine” daily now and growing more comfortable with it. What happens when I still feel so angry after owning it? I had a very intense encounter with a script holder in public last week and even though I owned his rudeness I felt like I couldn’t help but feel pain about it for several hours afterward. Owning it cleared my energy, but the pain slipped back in later. It feels confusing, but I think I’m getting a hold on it. I felt very centered yesterday in Manhattan, despite all the chaos around me. 2012 03 18 Meeting

Two weeks ago I had a crazy thing happen to me…I swallowed an earring along with a handful of vitamins. (it’s OK…you’re allowed to laugh…everyone else has!). You can imagine my shock when I realized what I’d done!! It had a hook on it and was stuck in my esophagus. I had to go to the hospital and have an endoscopic procedure done to have it removed which was lucky, but not how I imagined I’d be spending my day. lol. I’d like to know what this was about for me, energetically. I was in a hurry and rushing around and not paying attention to what I was doing. Was it simply about slowing down and being more mindful of what I’m doing? 2011 11 20 Meeting

Please give me insight on my strongest and weakest chakras and what I need to transform to experience complete balance. 2011 11 20 Meeting

I have been exploring the truth of my real self these past few months. What I get is that humans can only be negatively influenced and controlled by disregarding their own minds and allowing these things of outside the mind to do their thinking. That if people became thinkers and made use of the power of their own mind, they can set up a definite aim in which that aim is like a policy and that they will do whatever it takes to achieve that aim. Also, when people share their negatively by making fun of you or putting you down, they are actually afraid. So is being an example of what it is to live in life is to actually to live without fear? By recognizing the negative thought-habits and replacing them with positive ones? I am getting it right that I should start expressing my true self? 2011 11 20 Meeting

Shortly after the shifting of chakras my throat closed up really tight and it still hasn’t fully gone away. I still feel like there is a lump in my throat. I have been speaking my truth whenever a situation calls for it because I noticed that if I even thought about not speaking my truth in a situation my throat felt like it was tightening. And can you take a look at the chakra in my stomach area because that also has not been feeling well. For the last week I have been experiencing constant nauseous like motion sickness. This started shortly after 11/11/11 and I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I did just start automatic writing this week. I am hoping that I am not pregnant. 2011 11 20 Meeting

Could you expand on the focused fascination instead of specific desires. When something comes to my mind it is usually a specific thing so when I try to be general I keep sliding back to the specific thing because that is what currently represents my desire to me. 2011 11 20 Meeting

I am in tune and alignment with the current non-physical wisdom as one can be, and yet my circumstances are not aligned with my thought/vibration. I live in the HeartSpace. I ask for assistance. I am alert/awake/aware. I notice what is different when it is. I reframe. I know I access higher vibrational information. I have no sense that there is anything that I am unaware of, am resistant to, am not willing to look at/hear/or know. My old life fell away, I’ve been living in my car. Despite my best endeavors, gifts, contributions, I have no tangible source of income. I’m specific. I’m general. I do not seem to be able to get anything going or complete things I am able to begin. I deeply feel the desire to be free, and ultimately, I am. Despite my knowing, I feel utterly alone and adrift in an abyss of Parrots and platitudes. I feel as though there is something wanting to spring forth through me and I am willing for it to. My sense is that there is something that we do not yet have access to, and it upsets others when I speak about anything other than the current knowing. It feels like we don’t yet have access to our potential. If I am doing everything I know to do and not having anything even close to the experience I desire to be having…what else is there to BE/do? 2011 11 20 Meeting

Once we have quieted the ego, with no need for validation, once we have found that place where neutral observation is what we do and we no longer have the emotional highs or lows, what can we do to make us feel alive and excited about living? What are we hoping for and what are we striving for? 2009 12 13 Meeting

Why does my son see everything in dots rather than solids? He has seen that way as long as he can remember. 2009 12 13 Meeting

Does the energy that the Visionaries, Eloheim and the new group send to those attending the ‘channel’ carry over to those of us who listen to the recording sessions? 2009 12 13 Meeting

I am extremely noise sensitive of late, can feel the vibration of the noise and am using the “What is true now?” and “I don’t know anything in this moment” tools. When I state, “I don’t know anything in this moment” but still feel and hear the creaky snap penetrating into my body I find myself extremely aggravated, uncomfortable and distracted from what’s going on at the moment. Any suggestions?
Is it true that somehow we missed our opportunity to have our beautiful planet evolve with us? 2009 12 13 Meeting

I would like further explanation about experiencing the energetics from listening to the tapes. 2009 12 13 Meeting

Yesterday I found myself so sad, in a very deep sadness. Can you explain anything about this? Possibly it’s just the same as the previous answer…I’m just becoming more sensitive. I feel a deep peace, knowing that everything will be okay but have no real enjoyment or happiness. Where are the aha’s? 2009 12 13 Meeting

As I’m about to go to sleep and I know that I’m not in the dream state I get these very clear visions of being someplace else and with people whom I have no idea who they are. Is this a reflection of collapsing lifetimes? 2009 12 13 Meeting

At times when I meditate I see myself in another life with people whom I don’t know. Can I end up staying there as in jump from this life to that life? 2009 12 13 Meeting

I was doing a spiral, conscious energetic during a toning class today and it evoked pain in my right leg and the whole meridian down my left leg. Could I duplicate that and see what the energetic was behind it? 2009 12 13 Meeting

My goal is still wondering about time traveling. Can’t I keep my consciousness, and the guy in the other life, wouldn’t he be me? 2009 12 13 Meeting

How does one really know one’s self? 2009 10 11 Meeting

Eloheim, despite all of the consciousness we put in the moment, you’re having a good day one day the next day you find yourself back in time again. It’s soooo frustrating. How can we get through these tough times without so much anxiety and those caca feelings? 2009 10 11 Meeting

I want to know why I cannot hear or see my guides and thus wonder why I don’t get the intuitive answers for myself? I can get them for others. 2009 10 11 Meeting

I am receiving psychic messages and tools so to speak that I believe help me, and others people that I am comfortable to share them with. Could you please kindly give your comment? 2009 10 11 Meeting

Why has pain/fear been such a powerful thing in my life? 2009 10 11 Meeting

Could you talk a bit about the energies of October being about living our potential? Any advice about how to go about living our potential? How we discover our potential(s)? 2009 10 11 Meeting

What can I do to step into my full power, trusting myself and my abilities more? 2009 10 11 Meeting

When I have been experiencing expanded moments I feel much more aware of what is around me and AH-HAy but I also feel very much still human me-ish. I guess I was expecting to be very different. Comments? 2009 10 11 Meeting

I have been experiencing emotional and energetic ups and downs that are almost impossible to deal with. What do I need to know ??? What am I missing??? 2009 10 11 Meeting

With my core emotion “I define my own destiny” is it that I agreed to have a limited perception of other realities at times so I could focus on this work with exploration of consciousness? 2009 10 11 Meeting

I have been practicing staying in the moment and leaving the past and future out of it but I keep feeling this energetic push or anxiety to finish this up or get to some vague threshold that I am not totally sure what it looks like. Is this a just me thing or a side effect of this process? It is really getting annoying when I am trying to get cool with being in the moment. The weird thing is that the more I have been getting into the moment the worse this feeling seems to be getting. 2009 10 11 Meeting

How to distinguish between certainty and clarity? What is the fine line between the two? 2009 11 15 Meeting

Is there a way to clearly determine if a current desire is a pure desire or is one still cloaked in your mucky muck? 2009 11 15 Meeting

Does this no more blueprint thingy have any impact on our ability to manifest? Best thing for me to focus on now? 2011 09 18 Meeting

What’s stopping me from organizing myself and decluttering my space? I seem to be shuffling paper all the time and somehow I know I am stopping myself from getting on with things that I say I want to do, such as doing my website. 2011 09 18 Meeting

I sense my vocational service responsibilities and my integrity to self are in conflict. 2009 11 15 Meeting

When can I have cheese? It’s a banned substance – my doctor has forbidden it. I want some now 🙂 2009 11 15 Meeting

I would love to shift completely into my heart and be able to very consistently live life from that space, navigating from my heart, from my higher self and intuitive knowing. I am feeling challenged with this, and yet it seems the key to everything for me. Do you have some guidance for me in how to help myself get there? I do various spiritual practices, meditation, energy hygiene with myself, etc. What am I missing on this? 2011 09 18 Meeting

When I am meditating and pushing the limits of what I have done before I have a shudder thing that breaks my concentration, whats up? 2009 11 15 Meeting

The recent energetics seem to be dredging up intense grief, loss, lack, not feeling belonging anywhere, and it has been especially hard to use any tools at all, although I know that I’m OK and can move through this. When do we get to experience more than moments of bliss? 2009 11 15 Meeting

Three years ago I took the leap and moved to the country to my very own forest sanctuary. Although I love my safe haven, I’m basically a yankee living in the dixieland bible belt! Is there a reason I’m here at this location? 2009 11 15 Meeting

I’ve been practicing the What is True Now. “I don’t know anything” works really well for “future tripping”. What about “past tripping”? Is there a tool to take the mind out of that place and back to Now? 2009 11 15 Meeting

Is there anyone in these times as we stand now that has actually experienced the new paradigm shift of the full complete transition from the Homo sapiens to the Homo spiritus and fully walking and experiencing their integrated soul/body experience; and if so, how many would you say there are and if not are the ones that say they simply faking it? 2009 11 15 Meeting

Is the major shift you sense for January 13, 2010 one that everyone will consciously experience? Did I infer correctly that the less baggage our cells are carrying at that point, the more apparent the shift will be? 2009 11 15 Meeting

Something is telling me that music needs to be a lifestyle. I love making music, and now that it is 2012, I know that I have to do something with it. I am still scared of my (singing) voice. It is big, and I don’t know how to use it unfiltered when other people are here. I can use it in the studio, and with people I am working with, but I get so frustrated that I can’t even seem to let myself sing at a decent mid-range when roommates are around. It feels inappropriate, and it can lead to a lot of anger when I really need to sing. And I need to sing pretty much every day, on some level. I do sing every day on some level, but I want to be unfiltered, for the very first time. Is this ever going to go away? It doesn’t feel like it. If I were to sing unfiltered every day, at the top of my lungs, I know that my world would bring in more of what I needed to support that, faster. I know how vital it is… I really want some help with this issue, because it’s not going away, and I feel that it is going to be extremely important and valuable for my life. I have a fantastic voice, and I see it getting a lot of attention. One of my biggest dreams is to have my own private home recording studio so that I can make music all day in private. Is this simply a matter of preference that I want to sing alone, or exclusively with collaborators? In other words is this something that needs to be changed? 2012 01 15 Meeting

I feel I am blocked in my solar plexus is there something that is still unconscious in me that’s holding me back from doing more, if so what is it and what tools would help me get out of my way and do more? 2012 01 15 Meeting

As a death transition worker, I’d like to know what, if anything, helps transformation to Homo spiritus during the human death process, and are our core emotions and/or triggers taken with us to the next chosen body? 2012 01 15 Meeting

After a car accident in Portland, I left my body, went through the life review, and decided to return. However, not all of the aspects of me did. Some, evidently, decided to remain (yonder) – and are content where they are. It is time to call these aspects back. 1) How might I go about re-collecting/reclaiming these parts? Are there specific ways to find them – and entice them back? 2) And, when they do come, will they bring with them the memory of where they have been and the consciousness so we may all benefit from that respite from the 3D world? 2012 01 15 Meeting

A lot has moved for me lately, more than I can cover quickly, my question is, What is the answer to the question that you most wish that I would ask? 2011 07 17 Meeting

Why do I frequently feel unable to spend time by myself? I often feel the urge to go out and be among people, and I am a social creature, but at times I feel like I am forcing my energy. 2011 07 17 Meeting

My primary soul quality, as I understand it, is “unusual creativity.” How can I practice getting to know and express my creativity more? 2011 07 17 Meeting

I used the tool “being comfortable with uncertainty” while I was working on getting a new job and also with my financial situation and getting my divorce. And all of those situations have turned out GREAT and the unfolding of it all has really strengthened my relationship with uncertainty. Now I am working on moving out….I have been looking for 4 months (Period). I haven’t found a place yet (PERIOD). I feel comfortable with the uncertainty that I don’t have a place to move to yet (PERIOD). And I want to be out by the end of this month (PERIOD.) Is there something else here energetically that I may be missing? I also have been experiencing a repeated feeling of exhaustion and no energy almost to the point of passing out. Eating or drinking or sleeping doesn’t help. It comes and goes randomly. Are the two related? 2011 07 17 Meeting

How do you best balance the root chakra? Is there a tool? (security/safety) 2011 07 17 Meeting

If my soul is pure love, I seem to be having a lot of trouble getting in touch with it. It feels like there are many “higher selves” in between me and my soul. Did my soul accept this incarnation or was it a “wanna be” from in between? I don’t appreciate being placed where wrong decisions end up so painful. 2011 07 17 Meeting

What was there for me to learn about from Buddy’s experience at the groomer’s and the vets? I think there’s more there than just being about money and/or appreciating my husband. 2011 07 17 Meeting

I just wanted to check in and see where I might be resistive. 2011 04 17 Meeting

So when I walk down the street I may see ten people IN A ROW that look down at their feet IMMEDIATELY when they see me. I create stuff like this ALL the time… it started years ago. People will cough when I linger on a negative thought for too long. I get snaps, crackles and pops in my ears. This can occur when I’m at the brink of overeating. The walking signal is related to how I feel about my legs. I have baggage about fairly recent physical changes and I even create people literally calling me retarded, stupid, etc. In fact I created the idiot commentary almost non-stop for a few years. I thought those very direct remarks were over but it occurred last night at a party when I was not exactly sober. A person was literally calling me out as if he knew things about me. I end up meeting people who just “know” that I’m stupid, etc. I know that I’m NOT stupid, and that it’s my baggage. Last night’s signal was a clear indicator of how I’ve been mean to myself in the past and the fact that it came through another person was at first alarming, but then quite empowering FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER – I left that environment immediately and felt very happy that it happened. I’ve never been happy to be called stupid before! So that’s cool. But sometimes I have NO idea why these signals are happening. They can come at random. I’ll just get air pops in my ears. Sometimes my mouse cursor just moves itself. I understand the communication on some level, but not entirely. I wonder if these are bleed-throughs. 2011 04 17 Meeting

Based on what you were talking about last week I am assuming the goal is to feel self-confident in being the conscious creators of our lives and not victims of it so my question is…How do I, and I am being serious, take my current 35 years of failure to manifest my inner world changes into my outer world to build my self-confidence in being a conscious creator of my life and not a victim of it? 2012 02 19 Meeting

I know I haven’t found “the perfect place” to move, but what I have available to me is really beautiful and has so much of what I want. My roommate has let me know in exact terms what is missing in my chosen place. In frustration over both his correctness and negativity I barked at him to stop. The interesting part is that I created all of this! Wow. How might I now create a voice of positive support? 2011 06 12 Meeting

I have been so unbalanced lately. Feeling very frantic and nervous and jittery. What’s happening? 2011 06 12 Meeting

I packed my car with essentials and drove out of my cage to a cottage in Ferndale. This adventure has been quite transformative. I got the insight that my triggers are my hand holds to ascension: the cottage was not clean, it is overcast almost every day, and I am very isolated with no friends around. I stated my preference about the lack of cleanliness to the property manager, and then started in cleaning, which I am still doing. It is a very grounding exercise. The overcast gives me the opportunity to find ways to brighten my day with things I love to do, or explore new things that might bring me joy. The isolation gives me an opportunity to connect deeply with nature and with myself. It also gives me the opportunity to be more outgoing when I am around others. My latest insight is to go more deeply into the moment with each of these activities, and to relax into not having to do something every moment, but to “be” more in the moment. The lack of sun really gets me down. The cleaning is not the reason I came here. When I am out in town, I have so much fun being with people and enjoying the new stuff, and then I drive back here and hate being in the isolation and cold and damp. Do you have any other tools I might use to deepen this experience in Ferndale? 2011 06 12 Meeting

I have something that I would like clarity on. When I’m in public, I have a conscious awareness that young children, elderly people, and animals, especially if they are very young, or very old, will stare at me for extended periods of time–they can’t take their eyes off me. It feels like some form of communication going on, but I really have no idea, so I just give them my attention and continue smiling through the moment. QUESTION: Does this have anything to do with ENERGETICS? And if so, what can I do to take this to the next level of consciously connecting with them? 2011 06 12 Meeting

I’m not completely following a government rule to the letter that I don’t really agree with (not taxes). But keep feeling funny about it, it pops up every few months or so because of something I hear on tv etc. I get myself into a state, tight solar plexus, tight chest, everything tight and start attracting parking tickets etc. Then feel angry with myself for feeling this way as it really isn’t a big deal (especially when I look at what our politicians in the UK have been up to lately) and I need to look after myself, and I snap out of it. Although having healed a lot recently I have always seemed to feel guilty about something, most of the things utterly ridiculous, so I feel this could be about something deeper than the subject matter. It often drags me down when I get happy. Not sure what I should do about it in terms of completely clearing my negative feeling around this. I feel if I could get clear about this and my social anxiety problem I would be really happy! 2011 06 12 Meeting

I’m wondering what this squeaky, electronic crackling noise inside my head is. I have been experiencing this sensation since 2005, around the time that I had created an extreme victim situation where people were doing terrible things to me. This noise in my head often triggers me – it feels intrusive. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t like it a lot of the time. Is it my soul? I have no idea. It just feels really weird and I’m wondering why I still get it after all this time. 2011 06 12 Meeting

In the last two weeks I’ve created two triggers around the same issue. The first time I went straight to rage in two seconds flat, but on Friday I recognized this was a ”re-cue” issue before getting angry… Without going into the sad details, this is occasions where I get to pick up the slack (clean up the mess, and we’re not talking spilled orange juice…) or pay up financially (or emotionally) for some else’s INCOMPETENCE. It makes me feel like a victim and I don’t like it. There have been a string of these kind of incidents in my life. But what is really going on here? They are script-holding something and I clearly don’t get it. 2011 01 16 Meeting

Prior to 2010 I was really struggling with building a nest of comfort and relationships. Today I am much more skilled as I have successful experience under my belt and tons of useful Eloheim inspired tools! I often wonder why I choose to start out in this life so far from happiness. 2011 01 16 Meeting

I feel like I am completely clear about what I want and why I want it. I have spent almost a year turning my life upside down to convince the not so bright part of myself that I really want this manifestation and change. So what else is there and is there anything I can do to force the issue if necessary? 2011 01 16 Meeting

I am having difficulty in telling the difference between my soul’s perspective to my mind’s voice, so are there any tools, that would help and also tools that bring in the soul’s perspective into a more 24/7 reality connection other than my connection within my meditation. 2011 01 16 Meeting

I had an experience while meditating a couple of years ago and was wondering if you could shed some insight on anything about the experience that you can see any information. While meditating I remember having this thought about “oh’ that’s right I just forgot who I really am – This is who I really am” and the feeling was that of great power and strength but not that of physical power but of wisdom and confidence and steadfastness. I remember seeing the room as it was but my eyes where closed except right in front of me was a outline of a head and it was filled with blackness it was just the shoulders and head. The feeling was great and at the time it seemed that me having the experience was not that unusual at all. It was not until after I was done meditating that I realized that I just experienced something grand. In trying to find the words to describe it myself now feels in comparison very immature compared to the wisdom and confidence that I had in that moment. Can you tell me what was behind this experience at all? 2011 01 16 Meeting

How can we be more graceful during this time of huge change? 2011 01 16 Meeting

So this Density vs. Duality consciousness has been interesting. My personal life is growing ever more graceful as I pay more attention to it. My job situation went from about bad as you can get and still have a job to I should be moving into a new position relatively soon and I am actually excited about it. I do have to point out that I have had to relearn my approach to basically everything in my life because when you are in Density consciousness then the old Duality approach not only doesn’t work but it doesn’t even make sense anymore. Even things like our “Tools” have to be reassessed because something like “Setting Boundaries,” which is absolutely vital in Duality living, doesn’t even apply in Density living.

So far, the most helpful tool has been to keep reminding myself that there is no “Other.” If I take the Other out of it then there really isn’t even a context for which my “Trigger” to even exist in. Which brings me to my question. My current “Elephant in the Room” is my ability to choose outside of “normal” or “possible.” I feel good about my ability to freely choose in every area of my life but that one and I think a lot of that comes from my lack of clarity on how to approach my creation. So can you help me better understand the relationships here or whatever is going to help me align with crossing this threshold? 2012 04 15 Meeting

Could you please comment on the type of energy I am projecting now? 2012 04 15 Meeting

I wanted to share that during the last few meetings I have felt a better connection with the information. I understand the material in a much clearer way unlike I have before and that’s a weird feeling because some of the stuff we already talked about I thought I already understood but I didn’t compared to the clarity I have now. Thank you. I have a fear of space/ the universe…like even seeing photos of it or seeing it on tv…it’s uncomfortable. Can you look at the energetics of that for me? 2012 04 15 Meeting

Earlier this week I had an unexpected perspective shift on oneness — I was speaking with Kerri when suddenly I found myself viewing our conversation from a different part of the room, watching her speak to an empty chair as if I was sitting in it. From my vantage point I was able to see and even feel her commitment to the belief that she in fact was talking to someone else. It was then that suddenly, like the mirror she was reflecting back at me, I then saw myself once again sitting in my chair, listening intensely to words coming from……. no one. I was alone in the room now, where I saw my own commitment to this same belief that Kerri was also present. The analogy I gave Kerri upon having this experience was similar to that from the end of the movie “Fight Club”, where Edward Norton’s character begins to realize he and Tyler Durden are one, and he begins revisiting scenes from the movie with the two of them in which Tyler was actually not there (ie- hands “no one” a beer and it drops to the ground).

Experiencing this triggered a response in me that I did not expect. Previously, I saw the idea of oneness as something completely different than I do now; perhaps a “safer” version of the same idea which was in place to protect me from the response from my survival instinct.

I suppose the question I have now is, how can I explore this deeper so that I am not so triggered by it? I can recollect the experience like any other dream or memory, but I cannot recall the feeling. While in the moment this feeling was a bit overwhelming and somewhat frightening, in hind-sight I’d say it was the most exciting perspective shift I’ve had to date. 2012 04 15 Meeting

It seems that I’m not being able to motivate myself to be 3D-active. I don’t know if I’m on track being in an easy flow or if I need to be pushing myself into action. Is there something more – or something new – I need to be … Doing…or being with myself in a different way. Is there something energetic that is happening that I need to address? 2012 04 15 Meeting

In relation to what was discussed in the last meeting about acknowledging the changes in yourself first and then the outer will express that change. How does that work with something like instantaneous manifestation where you can believe that it is possible but haven’t actually experienced it yet? You know the potential is there but how do you get past that hump without something instantaneously manifesting?
2010 05 16 Meeting