We hold a monthly Q&A with Eloheim during which Eloheim answers questions from folks tuning in online.

This page includes the questions Eloheim has answered on general questions The date after each question indicates the date of the meeting when this question was answered. Visit the shopping area to access the meeting downloads.

This meeting included a discussion of the energy of Mother Mary. 2012 11 18 Meeting

Could you, please tell more about the significance of this consciousness convergence weekend? 2010 07 18 Meeting

I’m wondering if the folks in Haiti were on board for this (1-13-10 earthquake) as part of the plan to open our hearts and begin operating from our heart center? 2010 01 17 Meeting

I am having a private session with you next weekend and I was wondering if there is anything that I can do to prepare for it? 2010 10 10 Meeting

Are the Guardians and Council I experience outside of me or a part of me? 2010 12 19 Meeting

I have created my home at the beach. I KNOW it’s created. What is between my Self and that home at the beach? 2012 03 18 Meeting

I want to discuss something that happened day before yesterday at some shop.
(and this happened many many times before too). I bought lot of stuff in that shop and at the counter, while they are bagging them, that person licks his finger and opens the bag.

And that’s it. I come home; I do not feel like using anything that I bought. I feel his spit everywhere. Even washing does not take away my feeling.

Many times in the past i returned them all. Now also I am thinking of doing the same. I just don’t know what to do. What is my recourse? Why just ‘washing them’ is not enough for me? 2011 03 20 Meeting

Does the energy that the Visionaries, Eloheim and the new group send to those attending the ‘channel’ carry over to those of us who listen to the recording sessions? 2009 12 13 Meeting

Are you associated with the God of the Bible? 2009 10 11 Meeting

I would like further explanation about experiencing the energetics from listening to the tapes. 2009 12 13 Meeting

How can we bend time? 2009 10 11 Meeting

Are some souls more “spiritually” advanced than others? 2009 10 11 Meeting

On July 31st our very dear and highly spiritual cat Germain (aka St Germaine) disappeared. He always was a free spirit and came back home but this is long now. Me and a lot of friends feel he is still alive… Is he with somebody else? On a mission? or dead. I really would appreciate insight because I am emotionally really exhausted searching for him. 2009 10 11 Meeting

Is everyone on this planet ensouled? 2009 10 11 Meeting

How can we use our sexual energies in spiritual development? 2009 11 15 Meeting

Three years ago I took the leap and moved to the country to my very own forest sanctuary. Although I love my safe haven, I’m basically a yankee living in the dixieland bible belt! Is there a reason I’m here at this location? 2009 11 15 Meeting

How did source energy come to be? Where does All that Is come from? How did the creation begin? 2009 11 15 Meeting

I think I started channeling but am not 100 percent sure but could you take a look and see if you see anything on that subject for me. Did Veronica doubt it in the beginning and how did she overcome the doubts? 2012 01 15 Meeting

I’d like to ask about domesticated dogs. How can I tell the difference for when they’re exerting their free will or when they are script holding? Do they have core emotions and alternate expressions like humans? What is the number one thing domesticated dogs want us humans to know? 2012 01 15 Meeting

As a death transition worker, I’d like to know what, if anything, helps transformation to Homo Spiritus during the human death process, and are our core emotions and/or triggers taken with us to the next chosen body? 2012 01 15 Meeting

I was at an event where someone talked about a cathedral of souls. Is there such a thing? 2011 04 17 Meeting

What happens when we die? 2011 04 17 Meeting

What is the opposite of guilt? 2011 04 17 Meeting

When the upcoming transformation to 4d occurs, will there be a war or a pole shift before the event. 2012 02 19 Meeting

I was listening to an older meeting (June 2009) which contained a reference about obtaining the ability to “change our physical structure.” As this would be a really fun potential, I was looking for some more information in order to achieve this. 2011 06 12 Meeting

I have been so unbalanced lately. Feeling very frantic and nervous and jittery. What’s happening? 2011 06 12 Meeting

Every morning for weeks as I wake up I feel as if I’ve been berating myself for hours. I can hear the tail end of the criticism as I wake up. What can I do to remedy this? How can I feel better when I wake up? 2012 04 15 Meeting

I wanted to share that during the last few meetings I have felt a better connection with the information. I understand the material in a much clearer way unlike I have before and that’s a weird feeling because some of the stuff we already talked about I thought I already understood but I didn’t compared to the clarity I have now. Thank you. I have a fear of space/ the universe…like even seeing photos of it or seeing it on tv…it’s uncomfortable. Can you look at the energetics of that for me? 2012 04 15 Meeting