Our June 26, 2013 session was our annual visit to Napa. We had a lovely potluck dinner and social time before the session. It’s always nice to spend time together in this way.

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Guardians: This is a new beginning. This is an opportunity to be a new being, to live in a new way, to be something you haven’t been before. Strip away the static between you and infinite possibilities. See how close to no-static you can be. Don’t let your thoughts have their way with you. Be totally in the “now” moment. Open to a new way of interacting with the things in your life, even when you’re in “the marketplace.”

Visionaries: We are deepening the moment that we’re in. Your relationship to this moment can be something so attentive, so aware, so non-projecting that the “now” becomes that fractal thing. It expands. The “now” expands! When you get in that place, you will start to know yourself the way you know yourself as a soul. And you will have energetic awareness of each other, with no words needed. In order to get to this place, put your thoughts under your purview. It’s either/or. Expansion OR static. Expansion OR thoughts. It’s either/or. That’s why you practice, and that’s why you become aware of what’s in the way. See what is “now” not what “should be.”

Eloheim: You will be rewarded by eliminating static in your life. Static is familiar suffering, but you don’t have to confront it to remove it. Just don’t give it attention. It’s always a choice and, as a choice, it can be changed. (Gives some visual tools to help us say “no”) Imagine colored balls circling your head. You can be aware they are there, but also be aware when you grab and push a ball right into your head. Picture it. See it for what it really is, and then pull it out. You can also use the visual image of a snowplow, and physically push it away. If you experience a situational memory, or the past in any form, contract the space it takes in order to create a separation from your “now.” Whatever the static is, including bad memories, say “no; you live over there.” Let yourself be the one who decides.

Warrior: We’d like to take you outside and do calisthenics in order for you to have a physical component to the energy of saying “no” – to integrate that energy into the physical form in a visceral way. You must create an inner environment that is hostile to repetitive thinking. You can tap into that deep, fractal kind of experience, but static has to go first. Imagine yourself as an experienced sword fighter, and fight dirty if you have to. Tell it: “Just go! I won’t have it! I will not think you again. This is OVER!” Tap into your warrior energy to slay the thoughts that need to be slayed.

Fred: (one of those Fred-on-the-outskirts appearance) There is a level of experiencing that you’ve had up to now, that we’ll call layer one. But experience can go much deeper; it can be more expansive and yet concentrated. It can be a bigger, more intensified experience. This is the fractal experience. You disassociate the experience from any outcome and you have a new understanding of how your surroundings function. The “more” of the truth is there to experience. It’s like a microscope – you magnify what you’re looking at so many times that you see what it’s truly made of. And if you would experience what YOU are really made of, and then you LIVED that way, you’d be very different! But to get there, you have to control your thoughts. For repetitive thoughts, including thoughts of being mean to yourself, imagine a big block of bad Legos taking up a lot of your brain. When you have that block of Legos, you cannot go to the deeper layers. So those thoughts have to go. The less static you have, the more access you have to these new places.

Girls: You’ve made an opening for what the Warrior and Fred offered, and they also gave you the energetic feeling of what they were talking about. Ride that wave. Feel into the truth of the progress you’ve made, as well as the opportunity you have to go even further. Love yourself while you deal with your static. Don’t be frustrated and don’t give up.

Matriarch: Your body and brain have been perfect. They have not done one thing wrong. So, as you try to change, as you look to do something new, don’t look for a bad guy. Just give your brain new guidelines so that it can continue to look out for you. It needs your instruction, your leadership, discipline, appreciation, and love.



Price: $6.99

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