Eloheim was very excited that it was “MEETING DAY.” They were ready! The channeled message includes very short introductory comments by The Visionaries and The Guardians and then Eloheim spoke for the remainder of the session. I can’t recall another session when Eloheim didn’t take questions from the group. They really had a lot of extremely powerful ideas to share. Eloheim speaks about the Morning Messages in this clip. Keep up to date with the messages by vising: Morning Messages

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Visionaries: With fewer meetings, there is more time for you to be processing on your own. But now try to process our ideas in the moment they are given. Be responsible for how these ideas affect you, while staying in the now moment, staying in your experience. It about going deeper, not going “over there.”

Eloheim: The goal is not to become a good little Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens is doing head-on problem solving. It’s “I’m screwing up; I’m not getting it; I should try harder ….. because….” It’s being in outcome and pre-conceived notions. All that generates static and keeps you in duality and fear. The lie of “I suck” gives you nothing but hamster wheel mind. Using equal signs, SI, habits, etc. are like energetic littering. It discourages you. It creates weariness because there are no new answers there. You’ve used them all up. So set down these old playthings. Make a choice: “not any more.”

You train as an evolved =Homo sapiens, as police and firemen train to do their jobs so that, when emergencies happen, you go into the new patterns; you rely on new muscle memory instead of old habits. In our boot camp, we trained you on your reactions to your triggers. But is this all there is – being good with triggers? The point is not to stay in “perfect training.” You can stay there for the next 50 years, dealing well with triggers. You can say “I’m a good little Homo sapiens on my spiritual journey.” But don’t try to get better at learning. Instead, choose to graduate. You are ready for the next step. You have gotten rid of enough baggage – and have enough awareness – to allow yourself to get into something entirely new.

Being Homo spiritus is encountering your life in a brand new way. It’s living in insight in each now moment. You explore NOW. Right now matters more than whatever you want “some day.” This moment is the only thing going on and it’s absolutely ripe with fascination and infinite possibilities. You are being YOU, no matter what is going on. Take a look at a video of fractals; watch how it moves. That’s similar to how a soul encounters things; it goes deeper and deeper, inwards and inwards, in fascination, in constant unfoldment. Your brain can’t fathom this, but your body will like this, and your soul will help you with this. You KNOW this feeling.

When you encounter new challenges, don’t handle them with old solutions. Start with “this is wonderful”. Start with “this is right.” Refuse to use duality to evaluate things. Refuse weariness. “I’m tempted to go into an old pattern here.” When you notice that, do something different. Don’t figure it out, don’t focus into the problem with a tunnel perspective. Get up, take a walk, yell, jump up and down, do a little dance, go outside, stop. Ask “what else is here? Why did I think this was a problem?”

Remember magnetism. Recognize all the places where you have plenty. BE in plenty right now. Be a leader in non-duality. Release the idea of right and wrong and focus on what you really want. We’re training you to offer the energetic of infinite possibilities to this world. But your responsibility is to yourself. When you look out at the world, look deeply. “I see you trying to be safe, being a good Homo sapiens. I see you trying to protect what’s yours and trying to accumulate more. I see you AND…this is what makes ME feel safe.” When you feel affected, find where that lives in you, find what it brings up in you. Be in touch with your vulnerability. Your nun-dualistic emanation is all done energetically; you don’t have to type or say anything. But be aware of what you are adding to the energetic conversation. Are you offering a homo spiritus response?

(Talks about recent progressive and technical changes in the country and world). You are in the middle of an energetic revolution as well, which is far more important, and that you are leaders in. Don’t miss the wave. Be aware that you are in a very powerful, historical moment and don’t give any effort to outcome. Deepen the now. Anything you experience, let it be what is NOW. Open to the magnificence of the moment you’re in.



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