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June, 2013

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Thoughts, Memories, and Choice

Our June 26, 2013 session was our annual visit to Napa. We had a lovely potluck dinner and social time before the session. It’s always nice to spend time together in this way.


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Guardians: This is a new beginning. This is an opportunity to be a new being, to live in a new way, to be something you haven’t been before. Strip away the static between you and infinite possibilities. See how close to no-static you can be. Don’t let your thoughts have their way with you. Be totally in the “now” moment. Open to a new way of interacting with the things in your life, even when you’re in “the marketplace.”

Visionaries: We are deepening the moment that we’re in. Your relationship to this moment can be something so attentive, so aware, so non-projecting that the “now” becomes that fractal thing. It expands. The “now” expands! When you get in that place, you will start to know yourself the way you know yourself as a soul. And you will have energetic awareness of each other, with no words needed. In order to get to this place, put your thoughts under your purview. It’s either/or. Expansion OR static. Expansion OR thoughts. It’s either/or. That’s why you practice, and that’s why you become aware of what’s in the way. See what is “now” not what “should be.”

Eloheim: You will be rewarded by eliminating static in your life. Continue Reading…

May, 2013

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Q&A with Eloheim ~ 2013-05-26

Eloheim gave a powerful introductory talk about static and how the generation of static is holding us back. Eloheim defines static as,

Unconscious reactions and thoughts; coping mechanisms, masks, lies, baggage, dishonesty, hiding from your authentic expression or the completeness of you; anything that interrupts your ability to stay in the authentic truth of the moment. The mind, the survival instinct, the body, and fear all generate static to keep you small.

Static includes all the reasons you have sold yourself on which you use to avoid presenting the truth of you to the world. It will crop up more intensely as you start to recognize the greatness and the vastness of your true self.

During this talk they expand on how static is affecting us right now. Continue Reading…


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