Eloheim gave a powerful introductory talk about static and how the generation of static is holding us back. Eloheim defines static as,

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Unconscious reactions and thoughts; coping mechanisms, masks, lies, baggage, dishonesty, hiding from your authentic expression or the completeness of you; anything that interrupts your ability to stay in the authentic truth of the moment. The mind, the survival instinct, the body, and fear all generate static to keep you small.

Static includes all the reasons you have sold yourself on which you use to avoid presenting the truth of you to the world. It will crop up more intensely as you start to recognize the greatness and the vastness of your true self.

During this talk they expand on how static is affecting us right now.

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Questions answered during this session include:

I am very confused about what next step to take in my life (stay in Egypt or move back to California) and my body is responding to that confusion in ways that are very uncomfortable for me. Please read my energy and see what’s up for me…Thanks!

My immune system has been very weak this past year, and I keep getting bad colds. I’m wondering if there’s anything you can sense with my energy that might be getting in the way of me feeling more balanced, healthy, and whole.

Things seem overwhelming, I am willing to gain clarity from you about my conscious and unconscious familiar suffering.

I have recently began channeling and would like to know: Who or what consciousness am I channeling?

I am experiencing what feels like some sort of venous pressure in the back of my left hand which is causing discomfort. I would love if you could shed light on this matter for me. Thank you!

Since deciding to avoid further parking it in familiar suffering of focusing on health issues my body has continued to escalate symptomatically and pain. What is up with that?

Deepest gratitude for the powerful shifts after the last private session. The journey continues to be so fascinating. I am curious to hear anything you have to say. I am willing.