What is a private session like?
What is the Core Emotion?
How much does a private session cost?
How do I schedule an appointment?
How do I pay for the appointment?
How do I prepare for the appointment?

What is a private session like?

A private session with Eloheim is a wonderful experience! Eloheim is able to read the underlying energetics present in a situation and illuminate blocks, habits, static, baggage, past-lives, and other issues that may be eluding you.

The session is a conversation between you and Eloheim as you work together to answer questions and bring in new insights.

People consistently report HUGE transformations after private sessions with Eloheim. I record the session and email you the download link after we conclude.

How much does a private session cost?

There are five options for private sessions with Eloheim.

“Ask Questions” private sessions are $200

“Core Emotion” private sessions are $300

Core Emotion Series (3 sessions) is $450

Private session series (5 sessions) is $500

Private group sessions are $600 (up to 6 people)

How do I schedule an appointment?

Private session appointment options are Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. If needed, I can be flexible in start times to accommodate time zone differences. I AM IN THE PACIFIC TIME ZONE (CALIFORNIA). All times listed are Pacific. Your session will be recorded and emailed to you.

To schedule a private session:

Some devices are having trouble with the booking software. If you have ANY trouble, simply email eloheimchannel@yahoo.com and I will add you to the calendar manually.



How do I pay for an appointment?

You should have been asked for payment when you booked. However, some devices just don’t get along with the booking software. If that’s your device, I’m really sorry for the extra step! You can pay below and I will contact you to set your time or you can just email eloheimchannel@yahoo.com and we will set everything up by email. Thanks!

“Core Emotion”


Price: $300.00


Core Emotion Series

This series includes one 50-minute Core Emotion session and two follow up sessions. The follow up sessions are 10 minutes with Veronica and 15 minutes with Eloheim. Learn about your Core Emotion and then have Eloheim help you integrate it during the follow up sessions! Book the 50 minute session using the booking service above and then I will contact you by email to coordinate the rest of the sessions. We can use the telephone or Skype (audio only). I AM IN THE PACIFIC TIME ZONE (CALIFORNIA). All times listed are Pacific. Your session will be recorded and emailed to you.


Price: $450.00
Once the dates are set, you may reschedule one of the follow up sessions at no cost. Additional rescheduling will incur a $25 charge per change.

“Ask Questions”


Price: $200.00

One hour private group session

You can have up to six people in a group. The session can be on a topic of your choosing or the time can be divided among the participants. We will use Skype or another service to have a conference call. I AM IN THE PACIFIC TIME ZONE (CALIFORNIA). All times listed are Pacific. Your session will be recorded and emailed to you.


Price: $600.00

Private Session Series

Consistent support as you follow your desire for change.

Break habits!
Stop procrastinating!
Move forward!
See things a new way!

Five sessions:
The first session is 45 minutes total. A 30 minute conversation with Veronica to clarify intention, get back ground information, and set the energy, immediately followed by a 15 minute session with Eloheim.

The remaining four sessions are each 10 minutes with Veronica and 15 minutes with Eloheim. Those sessions in the series will be booked (weekly or every other week) after the first session is completed.

You can bring a topic to the series or ask Eloheim what they feel you should focus on.

We can use the telephone or Skype (audio only). I AM IN THE PACIFIC TIME ZONE (CALIFORNIA). All times listed are Pacific. Your session will be recorded and emailed to you.

Price: $500.00

Once the dates are set, you may reschedule one of the 15 minute sessions at no cost. Additional rescheduling will incur a $25 charge per change.


What is the Core Emotion?

The most powerful aspect of a private session with Eloheim is that they can assist you in becoming conscious of your core emotion.

Here is a two minute audio clip of Eloheim introducing the Core Emotion to a private session client. Click here to listen to Eloheim explain what the Core Emotion is: 2 minutes

Your core emotion is unique to you and unique to this lifetime. I have been working with my core emotion since 2004 and it still reveals powerful opportunities for transformation on a regular basis. It is the key to so much of my personal growth. I strongly recommend a core emotion session for your first private session with Eloheim. It is quite common for people to report that it changes their lives in less than an hour.

Becoming conscious of your core emotion often answers questions along the lines of:

“Why does this keep happening?”
“Why do I always react that way even when I know it isn’t for my highest good?”
“Why do I feel stuck all the time?”

Awareness of the core emotion also tends to answer long standing questions like:

“Why did that relationship end the way it did?”
“Why didn’t that job work out?”

Eloheim will walk you through a step-by-step process which they have designed which allows them to determine your core emotion, to show you how it is showing up in your life now, and to teach you how to transform your relationship to it. Your unhealed core emotion can feel like a burden, however your healed core emotion is your greatest asset. Such powerful work!!


How do I prepare for the appointment?

The best preparation is to be in the “I am Willing” space. Willing to hear new information and willing to explore your inner life. If you are doing your core emotion, there is no further preparation needed. If you have questions for Eloheim, organize them as you see fit.


“Today I had my Core Emotion session. I was ready! The way that Eloheim zeroed in on it was very interesting to me. Simple! It did not take long at all!

Once the core emotion was revealed, the tools to help heal the core emotion were presented as easily as the core emotion was discovered.

Although it is disheartening to know that I have been functioning from a habitual place for so much of my life (not speaking my truth and the way I avoid it), it was fun, easy and a real delight to interact and feel the support of Eloheim and Veronica.

The awareness alone has already changed me. I no longer feel stuck. I can observe my habit and say to my myself, using the tools recommended, “self, let’s look at this another way and try something different!” It will take practice for sure, but I feel excited and up for the change and where it will lead me. I know that healing this core emotion will allow more possibilities and change in my life. I feel movement again, not stuck!

I highly recommend it and I’m sure glad that I didn’t wait too long after discovering Eloheim and Veronica to have this session! Very happy!

Many thanks!!!” Jen

My “Core Emotion” reading with Veronica and Eloheim has given me not only a new perspective on life, but has offered me the greatest gift of all – my TRUE self!

Little did I know that my true self was hiding and being camouflaged in everyone else’s truth and reality. I’d forgotten who I authentically was, and to have that given back to me, is a miracle beyond compare.

Eloheim’s questioning and incredible insight allowed the true me to emerge, and brought out things I had long since buried and written over, with all the blur of the outside world. The clarity they offered me, allowed me to discover why my life has been the way it has and why I’ve lived a ‘half-life’ full of subsistence and survival.

Not only that, Eloheim have given me so many tools to reinforce my new realisations and to regain my health and who I once was. It feels like being reborn, and has taken the absolute pressure and anxiety I was feeling, off me, so that I can begin to live a fruitful and enjoyable life once again. For me!!

Infinite gratitude and appreciation Veronica and Eloheim. You have changed my life.

Dianne, Australia

I deeply enjoyed my Core Emotion Session with Eloheim.

They are easy to talk to and their advice is very grounded and practical.

Finding out about my Core Emotion was immensely helpful for me. It explains a lot of situations in my past to me – why I reacted in a special way and what I can do now to change things. I already began to implement different techniques and my interactions with people became A LOT easier and more pleasant because I am now very clear about “how I tick.” That is a huge improvement for me!!!

After the session my life started to become more enjoyable and a lot of magic is taking place. I simply love it and I can recommend Eloheim very much. I also love the tools they share – they changed my life!!!!

Lots of love and thank you Veronica for making it all possible!
Diana in Austria

Dear Veronica: I want to express my appreciation for the 5 session Eloheim intensive I’ve just completed. The last few years have been full of frustration for me because I have had such a strong desire to express the truth of me and get out there to reveal myself and my gifts … yet, very little of that desire became manifest because I felt blocked with how to move forward.

I remember reading the following quote by Brene Brown on the subject of vulnerability a few months ago and being upset with myself for not forcing myself to get out there to share what I know could really help others: “There are people who have amazing gifts, who can make the world an incredibly better place, who won’t put their work out for that reason. and that’s a loss. and whether we know what that work was or not, we miss it and grieve it everyday.”

On the intensive, Eloheim really saw through the dilemma I’d been facing:

1. I’m a visionary and if there was such a thing as an ideas or creativity chakra, it would be large enough to light up the whole planet! And being a visionary means that I’ve been mostly focused on the 50th step and therefore getting next to nothing done in a concrete form so as to have others access the work that I want to put out.

2. Plus the fact that putting myself out there with new ideas is a very vulnerable place to be since it opens up to “What will others think of me?” which also happens to be my unhealed core emotion.

During the 5 sessions over 2 months, Eloheim expertly taught me how to reign myself in, to stay on the step I’m on and to stay there long enough to produce something concrete …. and to sit in whatever discomfort comes up and not be talked out of it by fear or habit … bringing the current version of me into the moment.

The whole process has started to create new neural pathways towards me being more accountable, more focused, more courageous, more vulnerable and much more productive! I’ve got so much further with my projects in these last 2 months than I have in 2 years! (Big WOW!)

I particularly loved the 15 minute intensive sessions because it gave me just enough focus and fuel to get me moving onto the next step and I also deeply appreciate your personal input, which I felt was equal in value to what Eloheim had to share.

Thanks and Love!

I have just completed the new Eloheim series. I began the first of the six sessions just before my father died. I didn’t take the series with his death in mind, I took the package to ‘dance’ …to weave energy with another.

It turned out to be a rich and ripe time to explore the beauty of change.

I gotta say, Veronica is wonderful at immediately putting you at ease …she is so ‘present’ which to me meant someone completely open to allowing me to be me. Being put in this state of ‘glorious openness’ is a perfect space for Eloheim to slide in and do their work.

Eloheim are amazing, I loved the way they ‘nailed it’ every time. 15 minute sessions with them… honestly… they can do an enormous amount of ‘sifting and shifting’ in that amount of time.

I’d like to let you know though, that a conversation with Eloheim does not let you off the hook. (This bit is for people who are new to the Eloheim teachings). They don’t tell you what to do or say they solve your problems for you.

It’s all up to you.

They are very good at showing you the static in your energy. The static is the thing that gets in the way of a divine life. It’s up to you to work on the static….you get homework about how to do that.

I am in gratitude for the time I spent with Eloheim. Beautiful, wonderful. Divine. Try the experience for yourself.

I chose to book a series of private sessions with Eloheim because my desire for change is very strong.

I have incredible potential and many gifts to share with the world, yet when confronted with getting on with taking steps forward and allowing myself to bring my dreams and visions into actualized form, I find my old and deep habit of sabotaging myself by procrastinating and constant distraction is even more powerful than my desire for change! This has become beyond ridiculous!

I have had many wonderful interactions with Eloheim before via private sessions, the monthly Q&A and at the Eloheim retreat in Sonoma. I have come to trust Eloheim’s incredible ability to see right through me and get to the crux of the matter. Eloheim has always offered clarity and insight that helps me know myself better and given me constructive tools and guidance about how to move forward.

My challenge has been following through on taking action on the advice given and therefore have not given myself the chance of making the necessary changes. I have struggled with being disciplined and focused and I felt guided to work with Eloheim on a more consistent basis to help me break this self-defeating pattern and create new neutral pathways so that I can be and walk my truth and create a way of being in the world that truly fulfills me.

I can’t think of anyone who is better suited to assist me on this quest than Eloheim!

Wow, the session was mind-blowing. I really loved the past life stuff… that took me by surprise. And the opportunity to speak directly to Eloheim was really amazing… I’ll definitely be doing that again. Thanks again so much for everything… and happy birthday too!

Best wishes,


I thank you and Eloheim for the life changing session! My conversation with you Veronica, before my session with Eloheim, was so natural, generous, and humor filled, I felt as if I was talking with a cherished long time friend. You made me feel at ease with the process of discovering my “Core Emotion” and I was able to get a better idea of how Eloheim and the Council influence your life in the most amazing ways every day! I admire how you do it all with courage, trust and humor…

I am still in awe and admiration at how Eloheim joined me in conversation, and seamlessly flowed in a loving, non-judgmental way, into their special technique for identifying my energetics of my core emotion, and how it is showing up in my life in an unhealed way. (“Lonely – It’s a lonely life” )My core emotion was easily seen from my own perspective, and quite wonderfully through Eloheim, with humor. I laughed heartily at his description of just how much that core emotion altered my true-self in the choices and relationships up to this point in life, and without identifying that emotion would continue to keep me stuck in life choices that are not for my highest good. I was given a step-by-step process for working with my unhealed core emotion, and for transforming my healed core emotion (“I’m my best company!”) so it becomes a wonderful asset e.g. “What is true now” is one of the most awesome tools I will be using.

I have been on my own spiritual journey for about 15 years, and have taken many paths of discovery, and I am deeply grateful that my path has led me to you Veronica, and Eloheim! The work you provide to the world is brilliant! I have experienced a big shift in clarity, and release of anxiety through this session, and feel a new sense of strength that I can use this knowledge for positive growth, and can now more easily identify the choices and healthy relationships that come from the healed part of me and others which do not.

Thank you for being you, and having the courage to bring Eloheim and higher wisdom to us! It was a wonderful experience, and I will check in periodically for an update with you and Eloheim.

Denise, Dallas, TX

Thank You and Eloheim so so much for this tool and the reading. I feel different, like a weight has lifted off me and instead of sensing a feeling of jitteriness and anxiety running in the background – sometimes not even that much in the background, more in the foreground of my conscious awareness! – I feel excited and safe. Wow!

Amazing Veronica.
Can’t thank you enough.
It was great. So looking forward to listening to the replay – over and over no doubt!
Bless you for being you!

I just listened to my last private session with Eloheim which was a month ago. And I am surprised at how much I’ve changed. I feel much more enthusiastic and confident. Yes, there’s still some baggage and static. However I feel much more hopeful. The things they told me to shift seem to be shifting. Fingers crossed! ~ V.L., UK

Eloheim sees the universal in the personal; while quickly grasping the big picture, they offer practical methods for working through the conflicts, frustrations and stuck patterns of everyday life. ~ E.O.

One way to describe my unhealed core emotion is “I worry that the uncertain future might put me in this, that or the other crappy situation if give it a chance. I gotta watch out!” Instead of helping me form a complete picture and proceed with discernment, my unhealed core emotion makes it seem like a sneaky gotcha with my name on it lurks behind every spot of uncertainty. Instead of seeing all the possibilities that interest me, I was haunted by the possibilities that frighten me.

To be so constantly wary and distrustful of uncertainty was exhausting and life sapping. I needed to change this way of thinking. But how? If I can convince myself that my unhealed core emotion is only making things up – I thought – I can dismiss it and free myself from the aggravation. Well, Problem was, I could not convince myself that the voice of my unhealed core emotion was making things up. After all, it was pointing out things that could happen that I did not want to happen. How could I do my part to prevent them from happening if I did not keep focus on avoiding them as exhausting as that felt? Sigh. This sucked.

A year and a half ago, I had my first core emotion session with Eloheim. It had been a powerful and transformative session. A year a half later I was a different person and the way my core emotion presented was new and different enough that it occurred to me that it might be helpful to have a core emotion “tune up” with Eloheim.

“We definitely got things to say about this!”, said Eloheim, “Thanks for calling!”

Eloheim helped me see that it was not that the voice of my unhealed core emotion was saying invalid things; it was indeed pointing out valid possibilities – that is, it was pointing out things that could happen. The problem was I was letting my trigger create the illusion that the possibilities my unhealed core emotion was pointing out were more prevalent and more likely than other less triggering possibilities. I was letting triggering possibilities dominate my focus out of fear at the expense of less triggering possibilities.

Eloheim helped me realize that trying to shut up or “prove away” the voice of my unhealed core emotion was never going to work. This would just be resistance. Rather, the way to transform the inner conversation was to recognize that the unhealed core emotion voice was not a “lie” but it was a misleading partial truth. The way to regain balance was to tell the WHOLE truth which was “Yes, that triggering possibility could happen. However, that’s just ONE of VERY MANY possibilities that are JUST AS LIKELY if not MORE LIKELY to happen.”

Feeling into this truth emotionally was a breakthrough for me. Letting it sink in that the “oh shit” scenarios were in reality less likely or no more likely than a multitude of many other fascinating scenarios helped me take the charge out of them – uncertainty was not out to “get me.” It allowed me to stop letting my unhealed core emotion DOMINATE and drown out other voices. Instead, I was able to let this voice transform into a CONTRIBUTOR to the conversation as just one more complementary voice among many in a healthy process of discernment and step by step.

I no longer feel bullied and harassed by my unhealed core emotion. I can now appreciate how it empowers me as a healed core emotion.

Thank you Eloheim for being so good at this stuff!
— D.M, Seattle, WA.

I felt very light and worry free after my core emotion session with Eloheim. . .it’s all for me and I now know how to frame my experiences to better understand what is being shown to me for my learning. Intellectually, I know other people and their behaviors/judgments don’t define me, and now I feel it differently – have encompassed it in a deeper way. I feel safe in myself in a new way. And now I have this tool, specifically for me thru knowledge of my core emotion, to help me be my authentic self when I’m tempted to evaluate myself thru the actions of others. I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you, Veronica and Eloheim! Kim

It was great to talk to you and to Eloheim. What a wonderful, amazing thing you have done to make this available to anyone in the world! Although I only had about 50 meters to walk back to our cabin, after our Skype meeting, it took me ages to get there! I was extremely focused, conscious and just looking at things like the moon in a different way. What Eloheim had said was not important then – I was just in an amazing space! ~ Anton, South Africa

I just wanted to say…for an American you and Eloheim both have a distinct Dutch quality summed up in a single word that can’t be translated.. but I assure you it’s a compliment. Gezellig. It was gezellig. gezelligheid. You have that quality. I felt like I met friends. All the information is already seeping into my work.

Without this session, I am sure I would not have been able to proceed.

Ok lets see…core emotion session 2 1/2 weeks ago..brilliant. My soul obviously had chosen to experience distrust towards EVERYBODY in this incarnation – including myself. So I created a situation as a three year old where I was forced to spend some time in the pitch dark basement of our house in order to be punished for something I didn’t even understand (don’t even know what it was guess I was just too wild). Being released again, I had lost trust in authority people and people I loved.

About 40 years later, I gave birth to my first child and the whole process went smooth as anything ONLY due to the fact that I completely trusted myself. That was awesome and gave me a lot of self-consciousness, a lot of “spine” – but I still didn’t trust other people. Only I didn’t KNOW that until Eloheim illuminated me. And it was true. A day or so after the session I recalled all my important relationships and was quite amazed HOW DEEP my distrust had been and it came clear to me how people must have felt in my company with me emanating this severe distrust.

Now, some time after that, I can feel that I had created this originally to experience the LONELINESS of complete distrust.

And it did open up about a day after the session – I began to work from a place called “I trust in me – and then I see” rather than “I don’t trust anybody”. Immediately it seemed very easy to set boundaries and state preferences without explaining a lot.

As I do energetic healing in a small village in a very conservative area, I was now able to soften up and just explain technically what I m doing without being dependent on anybody’s reactions – and at the same time I could see when people had a problem to trust in what I was doing as I had been in that state myself for decades. So now I had the opportunity to meet peoples doubts without feeling “not loved” and find a way to make them feel safe.

Wow that was great. I think for the first time in this incarnation I can enjoy friendship and it seems to have emanated so quickly as I have so many good and true friends around (or I can see that now). My relationships have become very clear and I seem to have a lot of spare time which I have managed to fill with really juicy things like taking my time for preparing and savouring my food, getting into deep deep contact with my son, enjoying the colours of nature and the healings I do in a way that is a lot more different than before – lets say I find it just so FASCINATING and the whole of me seems to experience these processes. A bit like a child 🙂 Carmen of Germany

Core emotion session is great and a lot of fun too. I’ve hardly had any sessions with ‘the spooks’ ever which I know now has to do with my core emotion. Being present in everything. It was fascinating to experience all these insights and referring situations popping up during the session. The session showed me the perspective where I am ‘standing’ in the now moment. It showed me where I express it in a healed way and brought consciousness to situations where it wasn’t. So clear, so clear. Veronica does an outstanding job together with Eloheim. She’s very easy to connect with and there’s a lot of laughing on the recording 🙂

Ellen, The Netherlands

“In a few minutes only, Eloheim was able to explain to me the last and missing core piece of my ‘know thyself’ puzzle I had been putting back together painstakingly over the years!!! Wow!!
All with humour, laughter, and in a loving way!!
From that unique experience, I highly recommend the ‘Core Emotion’ choice, which answered a lot of my questions … in one shot!!! Very powerful knowledge indeed!!
Thank you, Veronica, for your willingness and courage to share with us Eloheim’s wisdom!!


On December 19th I had a session with Eloheim where I got to work out what my core emotion is for this lifetime. Wow! Talk about eye opening! It was definitely an Ah-ha moment. Just from asking some key questions, Eloheim was able to put together the core emotion from my answers. It was like getting the most important pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Once they are in place you can see the big picture.

Looking over the past 46 years, I can see how my core emotion has been managing my relationships with family, friends and even my pets. I could sense there was a pattern, but I couldn’t figure out to make things better or even what the issue really was.

Because of this session, I now know what I need to work on and how to address it so that I can be more successful in my relationships. Because of my work with Eloheim, I now have a mantra that reminds me of my past patterns involving my core emotion and allows me to step outside the pattern and do things in a better, healthier way.

It’s almost a relief, because it feels as if I have moved to a different level that involves more self love, and that is okay. My session with Eloheim couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been struggling with some friendships that had run their course. After this session, I was able to make the decision to move on in a healthy positive way.

Thank you Eloheim for all your help, and thank you Veronika for having the courage to bring Eloheim to us.

TP – Medford, OR

The session was excellent. Huge chunks of confusion were reduced to three simple sentences that were so insightfully accurate, although psychologically uncomfortable I was left laughing by the abrupt simplicity.


I have now had two private sessions with Eloheim and all I can say is Wow. You have to experience it yourself to get the full flavor but I will try to provide some idea. I have had the opportunity to have private sessions with several psychics and spiritual sessions over the years. But the sessions with Eloheim were truly unique in several ways for me.

Eloheim have the larger non-physical perspective and access to the Akashic records, they like to call it the Galactic Internet. I was looking to understand different events in my life at different time periods and get a perspective that I did not have. Eloheim helped me by not only making sense of these events but also providing insights about the opportunities for healing in relationships and in life situations. This will definitely aid my personal growth and provide clarity for future endeavors.

Veronica is the sweetest person. She makes sure that you are comfortable with the whole process. Little chit chat, before the session starts, helps you become relaxed especially for the first timers. I found the recording of the whole conversations very useful. I have listened to them a few times now and got more out of it.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for insights and clarity in any life situation. Some of the information has powerful life changing implications. Nalin in Ohio

“Once I learned what my core emotion was and is, I, all of a sudden, saw what was motivating just about everything, if not everything, in my behavior – and I now had, not only tools of clarity and being conscious around this – but tools of working with this dynamic from the healed and higher perspective. My world changed in an instant when I had been searching for this clarity for what had felt like an eternity and had actually been playing out over many lifetimes.”
Lynn in New York
Core Emotion: Establishing and nourishing my network keeps me safe and protected.

The channeling session I recently had with Veronica and the Eloheim changed my life in an hours time! Finding out what my core emotion/fear is opened up everything for me. I can now see why my life is the way it is and what steps I can take to heal it, really heal it!

I was a bit nervous going in, but they completely relaxed me with their down-to-earth manner. The Eloheim and Veronica are just as understandable and clear in a private session as they are in the video meetings. Friendly and funny too! Not everything they had to say was easy to hear, but they are so kind, and explain things so well that I did not feel criticized or ashamed in any way. In fact by the end of the session I felt I had made new friends.

Veronica is super sweet, and when the Eloheim come through it is an interesting experience to speak with Spirit beings as you would a friend in the flesh!! I will definitely be calling them for an update in a few months! The sliding fee scale is great too! 😉 Danielle in North Carolina

With humor, heart, and wholesome laughter, The Eloheim offers a profoundly simple understanding of our core emotional theme inviting clarity in consciousness, which addresses all areas of our creating, allowing neutral observation to energetically manifest bliss, joy and the knowing of, “The moment is plenty!” Nardine in Australia

My healed core emotion is “I AM….”
This is an evolved version which at first felt as though at my core: “I am not enough; my presence does not matter.” That healed to “I am enough” through Eloheim’s suggestion that we use the triggered state of our core emotions, which show up in every interaction and self judgment, to become a tool for Consciousness. They said that if there is something so consistently present, why not get friendly with it? Why not notice when I am triggered (small, disappeared and scared) and bring the Light of Consciousness to that experience, thereby shifting the habit from pain to awareness? Gradually, judgment is changed to self love, which feels better enough to encourage the continued work of living more in the healed swing of the core emotion pendulum.

Judgment and love don’t live in the same room.

At a private session lately, the title of my core emotion changed again. I was led to be aware that my wanting to be enough was predicated on others being the gauge of my state of being.
To simply say to myself, “I am….” requires present moment, alert stillness. There is no judgment in this, only availability to whatever wants to be felt, loved, noticed, or done. Margy in Sonoma, CA

My core emotion is the fear of being alone. Learning about my core emotion has really helped me to put the events and choices of my past in perspective in a way that now makes total sense. Moving forward with this information I now use awareness of my core emotion as a touchstone that brings clarity to my current decision making process. John, Sonoma, CA