Guardians: Be aware of the bottoms of your feet and your back and bottom on the chair. Touch and bend at your hips. Come into the present moment. Any answers or questions that you’ve brought, set them aside for now. Be here, period.

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Visionaries: In spite of any craziness you feel, your trajectory feels good to us. Continue to be aware of where you park in your favorite familiar suffering. This has been a deep, unconscious pattern for so long, and it is still asking for your emotional attention. But it is not unconscious any more, and now you’ve got this big hole in your life where you used to stick everything. So we asked last time: what do you do instead? That was a big request, to face the deepest habits you have. When you notice it, the temptation is to go into “I suck.” Instead, take small steps, even if small steps feel too powerless in the overwhelm you naturally feel. But we assure you that, even if you feel like a mess, your trajectory is solid.

Eloheim: State your favorite familiar suffering out loud. Because it is such a deep pattern, it has the energy of a secret. It comes from the depth of you and it has accumulated over so much time that it has a moldy energetic. When you are parked there, it’s icky, but then you don’t have to take risks. Your familiar suffering is part of your soul-list of things you want to deal with, and you’ve had a tendency in the past to re-queue the hard things on the list. But now you have the ability to face the hard thing, to take that risk. It is time to refuse to believe that your familiar suffering will keep you safe.

But when you attempt to leave familiar suffering, don’t just go across the street to another parking lot of fear or “I suck.” Imagine these two parking lots, with a road in between heading up and out. Be on the road. It’s not easy because habit will keep asking you to park. But the road is new and it will give you something. What’s on the other side of familiar suffering is uncertainty but also infinite possibilities. Being on the road is experiencing, “It’s all me.”

As with any repetitive behavior you wish to break, you have to catch it in order to change it. To keep moving on the road, keep checking in with yourself and use the tools: the notebook tool, step-by-step, what is true now, short factual statements, I’m tempted to. Yes, and. You choose what’s going to be your dominant experience in each moment.

Fred: (Gestured being at the end of the road and inviting to us to come up). We LIVE in infinite possibilities; there is no assumption of limitation here, and the unknown is not scary. Join us. Cut the anchor to familiar suffering. Cut the chain. Your familiar suffering zaps your enthusiasm for life, so let it go. Do you want to continue to have the survival instinct be your dominant experience? There’s a lot more to BE than just be afraid! Instead, you can hang out with, “I don’t really know, but I’m OK with that.” You can magnetize. You can act on your “yes.”

The Girls: Be gentle and patient with yourself in this process. You are changing something that you had figured out a way of drawing comfort from, so be tender with yourself as you make that change. Familiar suffering convinced you that IT was comfort. But it was just habit. True comfort is knowing your truth regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in. Let your consciousness and your truth now be your comfort, even if your truth is “I don’t know.”

A slave suffers, and that suffering becomes their whole life, with only little joys here and there. The slave eventually forgets that there is another option and, if they are suddenly set free, feel frightened and uncertain. To deal with the fear and uncertainty, they look for a new authority figure or a new suffering. You are also slaves – to your familiar suffering. As you shift this, it’s normal to feel afraid, but it’s also important to not look for more suffering. Make the choice to live free.

Matriarch: Each one of the Council presents different facets of this important message. Find the one that resonates most with you, and let it sink in. Know that you are admired, loved, appreciated. You are unique in your own beautiful specialness. You are known, seen, heard. All of your desires, dreams, work, growth – all of that is witnessed and cherished. You are supported – with a whole crowd of souls cheering you on. You can join that crowd and cheer yourself for the amazing thing you’re doing. Appreciate the offering you’re making as a human, which is making a conduit for your soul to experience earth in all its glory.

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