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April, 2016

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Are you an Information Gatherer?

If you’re one of those people who have read every book, watched every video, and followed a myriad of different teachers on any or all subjects that interest you, then you are what Eloheim terms “an information gatherer” and this conference call is for you.

In this call, Veronica and Eloheim talk about the ramifications of being an information gatherer, including how it leads to our favorite familiar sufferings, uncertainty, and being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information we have gathered, which usually leads to not knowing how to use said information before we give up and move on to the next piece or teacher.

These quotes come from the callers’ sharings in reference to information gathering:

It’s “hamster wheel mind manifested.” Kerri

“I was a heavy duty information gatherer.” Miche

“I like to talk myself out of things” Chris — to which Veronica added — “that I already have the answer to.”

“I turned that [information gathering] into my favorite familiar suffering. I never sat still anywhere to gain anything.” Richard

There’s a preprogrammed thing –the survival instinct — that says run away from discomfort and uncertainty, Veronica said, and the only way only way to get to insight is to go through the discomfort to the other side.

Along with the information gathering process, there is also a tendency to use the body to set boundaries instead of using our words or actions because we don’t want to abide in the discomfort of uncertainty. This boundary setting comes out in many different ways through our bodies. Stomach and skin issues for example. Missy Crazy was also referred to in this discussion as a response to setting boundaries far too late in the process. Do you ever find yourself in the Missy Crazy zone?

At the end, Eloheim popped in to talk to the group and had a brief question and answer session with those on the call. During this time, a new tool was created in response to a question about pivoting. Eloheim calls this one the “Shift Your Weight” tool.

60 minute audio recording
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May, 2013

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Finding “Comfort” In Familiar Suffering ~ 5-22-2013

Guardians: Be aware of the bottoms of your feet and your back and bottom on the chair. Touch and bend at your hips. Come into the present moment. Any answers or questions that you’ve brought, set them aside for now. Be here, period.

Visionaries: In spite of any craziness you feel, your trajectory feels good to us. Continue to be aware of where you park in your favorite familiar suffering. This has been a deep, unconscious pattern for so long, and it is still asking for your emotional attention. But it is not unconscious any more, and now you’ve got this big hole in your life where you used to stick everything. So we asked last time: what do you do instead? That was a big request, to face the deepest habits you have. When you notice it, the temptation is to go into “I suck.” Instead, take small steps, even if small steps feel too powerless in the overwhelm you naturally feel. But we assure you that, even if you feel like a mess, your trajectory is solid. Continue Reading…

Your Favorite Familiar Suffering ~ 5-8-2013

The study of familiar suffering contained in this session has been so helpful for me. I found myself right back in my favorite familiar suffering – disappointment – yesterday and realized I needed to re-listen to Eloheim explain how to shift that energy. Vital information for navigating out deepest habits. Continue Reading…


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