The study of familiar suffering contained in this session has been so helpful for me. I found myself right back in my favorite familiar suffering – disappointment – yesterday and realized I needed to re-listen to Eloheim explain how to shift that energy. Vital information for navigating out deepest habits.

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Guardians: (There were technical mishaps for 20 minutes) So how did you handle the technical difficulties? Were you in “how it should be” or were you in “what is now?” What were you contributing? Practice emanating your truth regardless of what is happening, the gift of your truth – not anxiety, worry, fretting, habits. Let your real truth show up. You never know how things are going to go, so drop preconceived notions. Allow yourself to experience now, as it is. You can center yourself immediately by feeling the bottoms of your feet.

Visionaries: Focus, as a microscope does: Go from blur into clarity, from chaos into detail, from the din of background noise into a crisp awareness. We are at a place where having “preferences” is not so interesting anymore. You no longer need this tool because you’re now in “it’s all me.” Make all situations your first choice. You still need to set boundaries, but don’t dismiss what is happening. Getting entrenched in preferences can get you into rigidity and into resistance. See the bigger picture of you and your soul”s creation. If it’s in your life, roll with it. This isn’t “go with the flow”. It’s saying: “if it’s here, it’s me”. Then discover WHY it’s there, even if it”s just a compare you-to-you moment.

Eloheim: Disappointment is tied to your unique familiar suffering. You get triggered, throw up your hands, and then go to disappointment. But what if familiar suffering and disappointment weren’t options anymore? What do you do with the urge to go there? You can go to your truth. You go to short factual, statements. You take small steps towards what you want. Step-by-step is very important in these changing dynamics, as your physical body changes, and as time changes. It is how you will navigate. Ask: “what is the smallest step I can take to move out of the desire for familiar suffering?” And enjoy each step.

Be aware of your unique familiar suffering. Find your big, bad bogyman. For example, “I’m not enough” or “I’ll go to anger first.” Be aware of the specifics – don”t lump it all in one container. (You can use the notebook tool) Familiar suffering and disappointment are like emergency brakes. The reward is that, when you put the brake on, you don”t have to deal with the challenge of the new, of uncertainty. You all engage your brains in ways that park you. If you have insight, you say “yes, but…” as if what you”re getting isn’t good enough, or just because you”re thinking too much. Disappointment won”t disappear entirely, but what neighborhood are you hanging out in? Are you parked in the neighborhood of familiar suffering? Would you wish your child or pets to be stuck there? Would anyone want to join you there?

Instead, go to “yes, AND…” Honor what is present and add to it. Roll with it. Saying “yes, and…” will steer you away from familiar suffering. Explore what else is there; explore what is new. Stay away from stories and just be willing to be open and vulnerable. Allow revelation. And then be comfortable with the fact that you can”t prove, document, or reproduce the validity of what you experience.

This isn’t about “going with the flow” which is about wandering aimlessly. “Rolling with it” is about taking acting with awareness, intention and boundaries. But be aware that free will is changing for you. It is no longer important for you to assert things. Instead it’s about being real with what is true in the moment and allowing IT to inform you. It”s dropping past opinions and allowing the current version of you relate to the moment: “What do you have to show me about me? Tell me about me.” Be comfortable with uncertainty, see with new eyes, and allow the moment to open in front of you. Break the mold of familiar suffering by knowledge (what is true now), fascination, and taking that smallest step.

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