It always fascinates me how a new Council member joins us.

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There’s something quite powerful about the first time!

I created this package so that the audio recordings of all of the first appearance meetings are in one, easy to access, place.

To start, I have a vintage Eloheim session that somehow never got lost or misplaced in all the years since I recorded it. I had to convert it from a cassette tape!

I have channeled Eloheim publicly since 2002. However, I actually channeled Eloheim for the first time in 2000. There was a two-year gap where I resisted connecting with Eloheim. During that time I tried, once, to channel Eloheim and I actually recorded it!

This package combines that recording with the sessions that introduced the other Council members. It’s a total of nine recordings and includes the following meetings:

Eloheim – 11/26/2000
The Visionaries – 06/10/2009
The Guardians – 12/02/2009
The Girls – 01/06/2010
The Matriarch – 02/03/2010
The Warrior – 03/17/2010
Fred – 06/30/2010
The Witness – 08-22-2012 only channeled once
The See-er – 02/20/2013 only channeled once


Price: $16.00

Here is more information about those sessions. Click on the Council member’s name to see video clips from the sessions and read more:

This is a recording I did by myself almost two years before anyone ever heard me channel Eloheim. It is the only recording of its kind. I just did this one and then set the whole thing aside out of insecurity and various other triggers….It’s a little island of Eloheim! You will recognize Eloheim in it, but there are many aspects of it that won’t be as familiar. For instance, Eloheim speaks in the first person and uses the word God rather than Soul’s perspective. The Eloheim sense of humor and personality are on display. It’s quite fascinating. It’s a huge thing for me to share it. It really brings up a lot of the feelings from that time. Of course, it is also an incredible Compare You to You moment!

The Visionaries
The meeting started off in a normal way. Shortly into the meeting Eloheim lost their train of thought. They asked the group what they had just been talking about and NO ONE could remember. (Pretty funny actually)

So, Eloheim settled into exploring WHAT that was all about. The result of their exploration was inviting a new energetic to come in and speak. This was not just an aspect of Eloheim. This was, as Eloheim describes later in the meeting, one of Eloheim’s guides.

Eloheim wasn’t satisfied with that description and goes on to speak at length and quite emotionally about their relationship to this new energetic.

When the Visionaries came in a few things happened.

  • They sat right on the edge of the chair which means that they were sitting much closer to the camera than Eloheim does. It makes for a strange video, but there you go!
  • My eyes were kept closed for their entire talk.
  • They use language differently and have a different cadence to their speech. I found my jaw moving in strange ways to accommodate this.
  • They are even louder than Eloheim especially at the beginning of their talk.
  • It is impossible to convey the energetic that accompanied the Visionaries. Their message is still rippling through the folks that were present.

    The Guardians
    This week’s meeting was WILD. It started off with me sharing a difficult situation in my life. I was crying and you can likely hear it in my voice. THEN, a NEW GROUP, The Guardians came in.

    They are a very different energy to channel and boy was it strange. Then, Eloheim and The Visionaries contributed their perspectives to the discussion of ensouling the emotional system, the merging of the 3rd and 4th chakras, and finishing the questions from last week’s list.

    It was an emotional night learning about emotions!

    The Girls
    Talk about a change of pace! The Girls “crashed the boy’s party” because “it was about time some feminine energy” joined our circle.

    I am always fascinated by how new energies choose to use my physical body to convey their messages. The Guardians can’t speak easily, but they move my arms a lot. The Visionaries sit on the edge of the chair and speak REALLY LOUDLY. Eloheim is so familiar to me that it is hard to pick out something, but I can say that their energy is quite masculine. The Girls immediately sat back in the chair, got comfortable, crossed my legs, and settled in for a chat.

    The Matriarch
    Introduced themselves, and explained that while the Girls hold the energy of the Goddess, they hold the energy of the planet, the Gaia. They explained that they are not Gaia but hold the energy of Gaia.

    Note: This was also the first appearance of Fred, but no one knew it for a while. They popped in, said, “There is hope,” and then were gone! They did not make their “official” appearance until June 30th.

    The Warrior
    Channeling the Warrior for the first time (and for a good long time after that) was so intense that I wasn’t really able to document it properly at the time. I remember that it felt as if my entire body had stretched a few inches and snapped back into place. The next day I was sore from head to toe. The Warrior has a very special place in my heart and he even has his own book.

    After the intensity of the Warrior, I told Eloheim I wouldn’t add any more Council members. Eloheim made it clear that the Council was seven members and that they needed Fred to join us. Turns out, once again, Eloheim was right! Still, I was hesitant (stubborn) until I wasn’t.
    Channeling Fred kicked my butt. I was FREEZING cold and in bed most of the day Thursday, but I felt great Friday.

    Fred seems to create a lot of physical reactions. Here are some of the experiences people are having:

  • I got very, very hot as soon as Fred started to talk
  • Fred really clicked with me. His delivery was sort of hilarious, but so direct and targeted. Very intense. I had a lot of physical sensations. Especially around my 2nd chakra.
  • Fred is beautiful! The energetic for me was my soul entering in it’s purity without interference with my mind, personality, and other lives. Whatever that means is a mystery!!!!
  • You could tell something intense was going on, but didn’t know what. Fred sounded like a 7th chakra robot. Short and direct.
  • The Witness
    A couple of years went by with just the seven Council members and then The Witness made one appearance. The Witness spoke in a quick, clipped cadence and offered a message of “witnessing” our progress. Eloheim was speechless with awe that The Witness had joined us.

    Eloheim hasn’t been this emotionally moved since The Visionaries were first channeled. Afterward, Eloheim was so HAPPY that I finally had to tell them to shut up so I could get some sleep!!!

    The See-er
    When the See-er showed up, people reported HUGE body sensations. Some people reported re-listening to the See-er just for the energetic “ride” it took them on! Eloheim explained that, from deep within each person’s upper chest area’s spinal column, they pulled out an energetic tube filled with our deepest essence. They reached inside from the front, grabbed it, and pulled it into the torso. The See-er explained, we PULL from you the awareness of the actuality of yourself. Not the idea of yourself, not the I-might-be-someday-if-I’m-good-enough of yourself. But the actuality of yourself, the unchanging reality and essence, the unchanging reality that never leaves, the unshakable foundation that you have built every incarnation around. We witness your Essence to you, to be seen and activated so that you will know WHO YOU ARE. It’s time to know this Knowing of you.