Sedona Retreat
April 2016

“Applicable, practical, actionable? OK, we did our job!” ~ Eloheim

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“A summary of years’ worth of teachings. An anchoring of the present. And a huge plop of things to come.” Mark, retreat participant

“You want to change the world? Change your your energetic. Own your energetic leadership.” ~ Eloheim

Tied up with a magnificent bow, during this retreat Eloheim pulled together all of their teachings from the previous ten-plus years. Using everything we have been learning with them, Eloheim showed us, step by step, how to walk the pathway of energetic leadership as Monks in the Marketplace straight into Levels 7-8-9. This is one not to skip over.


First Day: This was a massive “plop” meeting that began with a review of the Body-Personality-Awareness teachings. Eloheim dove deeply into the teachings, using the white board to illustrate the Body-Personality-Awareness relationships and the necessary balance of all three.

Boundaries and preferences were further explored, as well as the topics of Clarity, Jesus, Wizards, Saints, Time, and Level 9 – Choiceless Choice.

A mind-blowing first day for everyone.

Second Day: This day took the plop teachings even deeper, again using the white board. Eloheim expanded the Personality portion of the previous day, saying that this is where living as homospiritus begins.

Drawing a two-sided chart, Eloheim described Personality as divided into the Hamster Wheel Mind (HWM) and Kid on Christmas Morning (KOCM). It either triggers you and keeps you bouncing around or delights you as you choose neutrality and fascination to explore a situation. The new chart lists the differences between Stories which use the HWM, our brain, and “you” statements to explain and understand, and Reporting which uses KOCM, our heart, and “I” statements to express an experience.

This day was extremely profound and connected many dots for everyone.

Third Day: The day began with a spontaneous dance party before the meeting, which delighted both the participants and Eloheim.

The talk encompassed Preferences, Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Clarity, and Your Inner Truth as expressed in the physical world. Star Trek’s holodeck, Jesus’ link to Level 9, and the community’s own choice to follow Veronica into Level 9 were also discussed.

Here are a few Eloheim gems of the day:
“Your physical world is responding to your choices. It’s your truth expressed.”
“When you’re in the moment, vulnerability is you expressing your true self.”
“Vulnerability connected to outcome is manipulation.”
“As you choose the Reporting side of the equation, the world will present to you as the current version of you. The dominoes will stand up.”

Eloheim again strongly requested that we help Veronica and the community by sharing our experiences in the Facebook groups so that others can see the dominoes standing up and how all this works. They suggested beginning our vulnerable sharings this way, “Such and such happened, and I am feeling blank.”

“We feel we have done our best work here.” Eloheim

Final Day: A trek to an outdoor location for the channeling was in order for Sedona so that is what the group did on this last day of the retreat.

The entire Council was present for this channeling and each offered their perspective, love, and encouragement on the culmination of our journey with Eloheim, based on our desires to see shifts and access our potential as humans.

The Guardians talked about the ancient landscape and time, the Visionaries spoke about Eloheim’s role as a non-physical teacher and ours as trailblazers, and then Eloheim gave a message about Vulnerability and Truth. Fred was thrilled at venturing outside and spoke about the vast potential the human form has, and the Warrior, of course, had to tease about needing chairs and electronics in the wilderness. The Girls answered a query about Clarity and then the Matriarch ended the retreat in her own gentle, loving way.


This is an important, mind-expanding recording not to miss. Everything we’ve ever learned from Eloheim is wrapped up and tied together here. Even for those who have not followed Eloheim for very long, the benefits are immense, it requires only common sense and a willingness to receive new insight. This will change how you live from here on out.

Listening more than once is desirable and will result in even more insights.


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