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Day five

Well, really day 4.5. I woke up about 4am and had a chat with Eloheim. I realized that I needed some support processing a few things that had come up for me. Eloheim ended up crafting an entire teaching to answer my question and (of course) tied it into the teachings from the previous channeling.

E and I talked for over an hour. Thankfully I managed to sleep afterward. I was a sleepy head in the morning as I shuffled out to the group. Mindy propped me up by making breakfast and all the laughter and powerful conversation did the rest.

Tiffanny helped me by drawing up one of the diagrams that E had made the night before so that E could refer to it without having to redraw it.

I showered and we all settled in for the channeling session. It was a second white board session continuing on from the day before and incorporating all that E and I had talked about during the night.


I truly believe it will help you tremendously.

After channeling was lunch (thanks to Tiffanny) and a group conversation where we tried out our new skills. SO COOL!

A couple of folks went off to get a massage, I went to bed, and I’m not sure where everyone else is! I just woke up after a deep nap and the house is quiet again.

The rain comes and goes along with beautiful clouds. I’m out on the back porch writing this (thanks laptop!) I feel super calm and peaceful. What a wonderful experience this is!





We don’t have any specific plans for tonight yet. We have another channeling session in the morning.

Day Five Continued

Dinner was a mixed bag. I loved mine; some didn’t. Afterward Tiffanny and I walked (YES!!! My hip is feeling so good we walked) to Staples to pick up some art supplies so that she could capture the white board teachings that E offered.


We had a funny experience with the awkward Staples employee who pointed out that me handing him my credit card “wasn’t needed since 2009” as that’s when they got the machine where you slide it yourself. Then when I slid the card I was instructed to hand it to the clerk, which I found hilarious. It seems that you really needed to be there for this story to be funny…. Trust me it WAS!

Back to the house. We managed to freak ourselves out a bit as three of us didn’t notice Tiffanny open the front door so we got a bit scared when we saw it open. As I’ve said, this house is HUGE and it was dark inside. Lots of giggles as we navigated to the kitchen to drop off the groceries and left overs.

We finished our first puzzle while chatting about the channeling sessions.


Day six

Woke to a sunny morning. I got in the hot tub about 6:30am and was joined by Mark and Mindy.


Lots of birds and beautiful clouds kept us company as we visited and enjoyed the start of the day.

Breakfast was so much fun as there were plenty of options. We started in on our new puzzle and somehow got the idea to each suggest a song. The songs turned into karaoke. Then the Karaoke turned into a dance party. Talk about a great way to start the day!




The channeling was simply incredible. Eloheim feels they have offered us their best to date and I agree. Stupendous information immaculately presented.

I’m resting now and the rest are hiking. More later!


I will post more about our trip in the coming days.


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