Four sessions held in February 2014

This package includes audio and video ON DEMAND of the four sessions held in February 2014


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2014-02-09 Burbank

Our first visit to Southern California was AMAZING. Eloheim did mini sessions with many of the folks who attended and it really was incredible. The Burbank session is only available through this package.

2014-02-12 Sonoma

This very special meeting included Eloheim doing mini sessions with each person present. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to sit with Eloheim, this is the meeting for you! I loved to see Eloheim read the energy of each person without needing to ask questions or hear their stories. So powerful!

Guardians: The present energy is like horses lined up at the starting gate of a race. There is an anticipation of a changed state. But experience the moment – be IN you – even as you know the starting bell can ring at any moment. Change will occur in new ways of knowing yourself, new ways and opportunities of walking in the world. Let your default be the acceptance of what is. Don’t argue with the creation in front of you. Own it. Then choose your reaction. “This is FOR me. This is an opportunity.” Doing this becomes more and more important. Practice it all the time, so it become a default position.

Visionaries: “It is what it is, therefore it is here for me.” Practice this so that you are ready for the moment when it really matters.

Eloheim: There is a newness happening. Feel into a new level of you. Live in Level 6 (what trigger?) as much as you can. Wake up in Level 6.

Don’t use control to try to feel safe. Rejoice in uncertainty, serendipity. In calamities, there is an opportunity for you to be a leader. Use the work we’ve been through. Ask “what am I choosing?” – moment by moment. “Of course this is happening! It’s what is needed

2014-02-16 Q&A with Eloheim

We held our monthly Q&A with Eloheim on the 16th. Eloheim answered questions which were submitted online. Then Eloheim did a short talk for our new introduction to Eloheim video. The energy in the room STOPPED as Eloheim was talking. It was so powerful! Eloheim “was kinda in a mood to talk” invited John and Mary who were in the room to ask questions. The “Fireside Chat” was PROFOUND. The conversation started with climate change, disasters, uncertainty, energetic instruction/construction/healing, opportunity, static free living, the uselessness of worry, information overload, Eloheim’s plan for the advancement of their teachings, a potential format for the next retreat, and SO much more!

2014-02-26 Sonoma

This meeting was really two very different meetings in one. The first section was The Guardians, Visionaries and Eloheim discussing the idea that personal growth/spirituality “should be easier.” They put a tremendous amount of energy into explaining their views on this idea. It seemed to really shift the energy because it opened the door for Fred to come in and speak powerfully about his desire to teach us even more about the Levels of Creating and fractal living.

Guardians: You are still asking, “why isn’t it easier?” Don’t look for easy. Easy give you: “this is not what I expected; this is wrong.” Instead, you can look for ease – which is moving through life without generating static, and being open to creativity and possibility.

Visionaries: When you are in discomfort, don’t say “this should be easy” and go to old familiar-suffering habits. Victim or creator? These are two different paths. Even when things go well, don’t rest in worry. Instead, rest in neutrally observing your surroundings, be fascinated by what you find, staying out of outcome, and staying in the new non-adrenaline feeling. The two paths feel very different. Don’t jump between them.

Eloheim: This “easy” idea usually has to do with life stuff, human stuff. At times, you can feel that living should be easier because you can feel overwhelmed, can feel like a victim. This is why we’ve given you tools. Break it down into smaller steps. Short factual statements. See where you can move things; find the movable piece.

As a result of the work you’ve been doing, there can be long stretches of peaceful quiet and space. When you experience quiet, don’t go looking for something around you; don’t look for adrenaline; don’t get involved in saber-rattling. Level 6 is non-duality. Just go deeper into the quiet space. Understand that you will emanate the truth of yourself in a new way.

“You can’t have change without change” has a new nuance now: You are changing, therefore change is happening. You will be affected differently by things than you were before.

Fred: (Talked about the Council’s fun meeting about the confusing “easy” energetic). “I want things to not trigger me so much” is much more understandable than “I want it to be easy.”

Every moment has depth. The levels aren’t about an ascending order, but about going INTO the moment with. Only then do you feel like a creator, a master of possibilities. But you first need to own the fact that the moment has potentials. In the quiet, see what else the moment has for you and go through all the levels. Acknowledge the lower levels. Don’t live from there, but see them. It takes effort to stay in level 2, so where’s the movable piece? You can create a little hole can collapse the whole wall. You can get better at knowing what make the fear voices get quieter.

The levels teaching is just a door opening; it’s not the end of the road. It opens you up to the real stuff. OUR thing is to take you from using just one of two perspective, to multiplying the perspectives from which to explore. In order to see infinite possibilities, you have to be able to assume many different vantage points, including alternative timelines, alternative expressions, soul’s perspective, etc. The more you work the levels, the more you open up to other perspectives. Infinite possibilities means seeing a moment with all of your alternate expressions and soul. But it’s not “instead” of being here as a human; it’s “through.” You want to do it from HERE. That’s the whole point. What are the potentials here? Find a level that you can consistently operate from. Level 6 is an internal, breakthrough level. Level 7 (It’s all me) is expansive. So, if you’re very psychic, level 7 may feel at first unsafe and overwhelming.

Girls: Fred is not your average channeled being. Fred is literally a Galactic presence. The first time he arrived, he took Veronica to the edge of the universe. It’s amazing that he is here at all, so let what he says sink in deeper than the rest. He really is just opening a door. We purposely gave him a goofy name, and have fun with him, so that he could be experience-able to you. If he came in without humor, it would blow your circuits. As a Galactic presence, he manages and brings in the entire collective, which you are all in.

There were two parts of this meeting: In the first part, the “I wish it was easy” discussion, you listened well and dropped that lingering level 2 energetic. This is what allowed Fred to offer what he did.

Price: $29.99