This very special meeting included Eloheim doing mini sessions with each person present. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to sit with Eloheim, this is the meeting for you! I loved to see Eloheim read the energy of each person without needing to ask questions or hear their stories. So powerful!

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Guardians: The present energy is like horses lined up at the starting gate of a race. There is an anticipation of a changed state. But experience the moment – be IN you – even as you know the starting bell can ring at any moment. Change will occur in new ways of knowing yourself, new ways and opportunities of walking in the world. Let your default be the acceptance of what is. Don’t argue with the creation in front of you. Own it. Then choose your reaction. “This is FOR me. This is an opportunity.” Doing this becomes more and more important. Practice it all the time, so it become a default position.

“It is what it is, therefore it is here for me.” Practice this so that you are ready for the moment when it really matters.

There is a newness happening. Feel into a new level of you. Live in Level 6 (what trigger?) as much as you can. Wake up in Level 6.

Don’t use control to try to feel safe. Rejoice in uncertainty, serendipity. In calamities, there is an opportunity for you to be a leader. Use the work we’ve been through. Ask “what am I choosing?” – moment by moment. “Of course this is happening! It’s what is needed

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