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October, 2016

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2016 Timeline of Eloheim’s Teachings

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June, 2016

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The Epic That Is Humanity

The Entire Council Shares – The Epic That is Humanity

In this one hour audio recording, the full Council, as channeled by Veronica Torres, shares their infinitely loving and uplifting message about our role as Souls experiencing Earth

Veronica channels seven different energies that make up what is called The Council. Each Council member provides a different perspective on humanity’s exploration of Earth and how to access the full potential of being human. You will come away with no doubts about how much you are loved and how important you are to life itself.

In this order, please enjoy the Council and their messages:

The Guardians: Their job is to set the energy of the group. The Guardians tell us it is an “utter joy” and “a privilege” for them to help us.

The Visionaries: They hold the entire scale of possibilities, the blueprint for humanity. The Visionaries ask us to “ride the wave of change.”

Eloheim: The original energy channeled by Veronica shares the story of how life on Earth first began with the desire for expansion, a desire to know itself, and a charge from “All-That-Is.” They said, “No matter how challenging or frustrating this is, there’s a part of you always seeking to grow more.”

Fred: A galactic presence, Fred’s job is to make us think of things differently, more fractally. And they remind us, we are “perfect” in every way.

The Girls: The feminine aspect whose role it is to remind us we are “super-duper lovable.”

The Warrior: “We are here to help you face your fears with courage.”

The Matriarch: A loving, maternal energy, the Matriarch cradles the truth of us in her arms. She holds the exquisite, full version of us as we explore ourselves on Earth.

One hour audio


Price: $8.00

February, 2016

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Empowered Evolution


Eloheim is unfolding a grand teaching they called EMPOWERED EVOLUTION. Join us on the journey by becoming a subscriber! SIGN UP BONUS of an extra month of recordings!! Join today!


Inspired By Eloheim

feb 2016

The teachings of January 27, 2016 and the first Weekend with Eloheim of 2016 are sill rippling through me. Wow, are they incredible. I am fundamentally changed after those sessions. Listen to them here.

LIVE Conference Call with Eloheim & Veronica

Live conference call with Eloheim and Veronica.
Monday, February 8th, at 4pm Pacific.
Join us and ask Eloheim YOUR question!

Register now and receive ALL of these benefits PLUS the conference call!

$49 special package

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Starter Package $49

January, 2016

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Eloheim Package


Eloheim has spent the last 14 years unfolding a grand teaching. Each channeling session has offered additional insights and clarity as we access a COMPLETELY new way of living on planet Earth.

We are opening the door way to life as Homo spiritus. This isn’t just a “woo woo” notion.

Eloheim is guiding us, step by actionable step. This is Empowered Evolution.

This package is designed to offer key components from Eloheim’s teachings. The ebooks and recordings will jump start your journey. The private one-on-one with Eloheim and Veronica will facilitate a deep dive into your personal evolution.

$147 – A Deep Dive Into the Eloheim Teachings

Thirteen Items

Order Today!

Price: $147.00

Item 1: 25 minute private session with Eloheim and Veronica

10 minutes with Veronica to set the energies and gather background information and then 15 minutes with Eloheim to answer your questions and offer insights into your next steps. Eloheim can cover an EXTRAORDINARY amount in 15 minutes!


Item 2: The Choice for Consciousness, Tools for Conscious Living: Volumes 1-3

Eloheim specializes in creating easy-to-apply tools to shift the underlying energetic in any situation. 53 of these tools have been gathered into this three-volume ebook. You can begin using these foundational Eloheim teachings!

Volume one of the series contains 22 tools which help you recognize where you are experiencing victimhood. With that awareness, you can begin to live as a creator.

Volume two’s 16 tools help you to live as a creator of your life by illuminating your relationship to the moment. This volume shows you how to work with your new awareness to create the life you want.

Volume three includes 15 tools to help you learn to fully take responsibility for your reactions to your creations. The tools fall into four categories: • Readiness for change • Managing your energy • Seeing things a new way • New relationship to money


Item 3: Eloheim Essentials (90 minute video)

What are the key Eloheim teachings as chosen by those that have been following the material for years? Watch this video to find out and hear Eloheim expand upon their teachings developed over the last 14 years.


Item 4: Make Uncertainty Work for You (90 minute video)

This vital call introduces the Uncertainty Spectrum. Uncertainty is a fact of life, and we spend much of our life being afraid of it – thanks to our preprogrammed Survival Instinct.

Eloheim explored how we can move from fear to fascination while in uncertainty. Eloheim said, we want to help you understand, once and for all, “How all this works.”

Constant uncertainty is not always danger. A healthy relationship to uncertainty offers you access to the field of infinite possibilities.
Eloheim and Veronica had many conversations to devise and refine the information presented here. Not to be missed!


Item 5: Past Life Bleed Through (90 minute audio)

As we live more consciously and increase our sensitivity to our surroundings, we being to experience past life bleed through. This hallmark of the spiritual journey is not without its challenges. Learn how to navigate the emotions and memories from other lifetimes and harness them to facilitate your evolution. We have the opportunity to ascend ALL of our lifetimes! This lifetime leads the way.


Item 6: Energetic Billboard (53 minute audio)

So much of our communication is non-verbal. What story are you telling the world? Living consciously includes being aware of the energetic signals you are broadcasting. Learn to “read” your energetic billboard and shift its message to ensure you are offering the world the current version of you! This call features the introduction of a new tool: The AHA Journal. This tool offers wonderful support for the information gatherer in all of us.


Item 7: Body, Personality, Awareness: EIGHT HOURS of audio/video

These calls will connect you to the leading edge of Eloheim’s teachings.

Feeling overloaded, overwhelmed, or stuck? How do you stay centered while being pulled in so many different directions by family, work, projects and life? There is a step-by-step way to regain your center and live with your body, personality, and awareness in balance.

Eloheim explains it all (using a finger puppet and other props) beginning with the FUNNIEST channeling We’ve ever done. I’ve included SIX calls on this topic as Eloheim took the concepts into new places and went deeper and deeper during each call. This material CHANGED MY LIFE. I’m so pleased to offer it to you.

In these videos you will learn:
• Eloheim’s definitions of body, personality and awareness.
• The strengths of each and which tasks they should stop doing immediately.
• How the balance of the three allows you to consistently connect to the now.
• Correction of the personality/body relationship (break the cycle of triggers and fear).
• The freedom and free time that is gained when the awareness is not drown out by the personality.
• Consistent access to the current version of you.
• Liberation from the burden of the overwhelmed personality.
• Discovery of the immense contribution the body has to offer.
• How to catch the “Mr./Missy Crazy” voice and transform it.
• AND much more!


Item 8: The Epic That is Humanity (60 minute audio)

A love letter from The Council. Veronica channels seven different groups which are known collectively as The Council: Eloheim, the Visionaries, the Guardians, the Warrior, Fred, the Girls, and the Matriarch. This recording includes a message from each as they offer their perspective on humanity’s exploration of Earth and how to access the full potential of being human. You will come away with no doubts about how much you are loved and how important you are to life itself.


Item 9: Private Facebook Group

You are invited to join our private Facebook group! Become part of our vibrant community as we consciously evolve together. We offer friendship and support as you connect to the life you have always dreamed of. Veronica is active in the group on a daily basis!


Item 10: Think Less, Feel More (92 minute video)

The Industrial and Technological Revolutions had suppressed our connections to nature, plants, animals, and the seasons and replaced that with scientific methods, which required the need to prove and reproduce results. We elevated thinking over wisdom and insight. Thinking so much has not served us. At this point in our evolution, we are able and desiring to reconnect to the heart. We are asking the heart to join the conversation and to be a part of making decisions. This call will teach you to think and feel in BALANCE.


Item 11: Success (75 minute audio)

As we evolve, we must evolve ideas that no longer serve us. Our relationship to “success” is an important place to begin. During this call, Eloheim probes deep into the notion of success, discussing its relationship to outcome and how our past versions of self often hold outdated ideas that were implanted in us by the authority figures in our life. They reveal that dreams of success are often those of our teenaged self and that the background “shoulds” running in our minds make us out to be the bad guys in our own life, smothering any feelings of success.


Item: 12 Finding common ground (71 minute audio)

We share the Earth journey with billions of other people. The Internet allows us to learn more and more about each other. That knowledge can bring up difficulties and confusion. Eloheim shows us how to seek common ground (starting with “we all breathe”) and do our part to build a world that supports the unique expression we all contribute.

Item 13: Get Clear on the Actionable Step – The Spreadsheet Tool (one hour video plus worksheets)

Try to sign your name with 25 pencils at once. How did that work? Living with a cluttered mind is just as ineffective.

The focus of this call was on how to clear mind clutter. It’s no secret that we humans have busy, busy minds, minds full of thoughts about the things we have to do, want to do, didn’t do, and past memories. These thoughts keep insight from being accessible according to Eloheim, and so they are teaching us to sink into the moment in order to allow insight to show up.

Eloheim explains the process of clearing our mind clutter using their spreadsheet tool. This new tool cuts through the confusion, breaks down the crowded thoughts, and brings the actionable step into clarity.

Order Today!

Price: $147.00

Introduction to Eloheim






Break Through to the New You!
Empowered Evolution with Eloheim

Imagine the 10 year-old you trying to do your job
or raise your children.

Feels pretty impossible doesn’t it?

This is very similar to what happens on the energetic level
when you allow habits to dominate your life.

That’s letting an old version of you be in
charge of your current moment.

You have done too much work on yourself to give habits that much power.

These packages are full of paradigm-shifting teachings
that offer fresh insights on every aspect of your life.

Eloheim’s practical tools for conscious living will
empower you to transform your life, and
bring the highest version of you into each interaction.

You are ready!!
The time is NOW!!
Join us for Empowered Evolution!


Join live conference calls
with Veronica

Live support from Veronica as you use
Eloheim’s teachings to change your life!

Eloheim in London
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August, 2015

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Back from London

We had POWERFUL sessions in London. Five sessions – 16 hours of channeling. Do the math, these are the longest channeling sessions I’ve ever done. Eloheim didn’t want to leave!!

“As a photographer one of my jobs is to watch for ‘that’ shot and in so doing by default have my eyes constantly darting around people watching during the meetings I saw. I noticed and liked the outward looking nature of all the people who attended and the Eloheim group in general. Everybody was very giving, very receptive and above all very friendly.

If you watch the recordings or attend the meetings in person you can be assured of a warm welcome and hopefully come away feeling that anything is possible. It occurs to me as a newbie that if you are open minded and honest with yourself as well as others you can only benefit from the experience”

Tim Hollings – His photography website here Scroll down for some of his photos from the event.

Order the entire event

Price: $32.00

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Off to London

I’m off to London today!!!
Eloheim in London Channeling Schedule:

We are using the Regency Suite meeting room at the Columbia Hotel for the channeling sessions. Columbia Hotel 95-99 Lancaster Gate London W2 3NS United Kingdom Telephone: 020 74020021

You can arrive as early as 9:00am to visit with each other and get settled. Channeling will begin promptly at 10am.

Channeling sessions on August 8, 9, 11, 15 and 16

You can register in advance on my site or pay at the door.

I arrive Thursday afternoon and will be staying at the hotel through the 17th. We will celebrate my birthday with a lunch on the 10th at a pub near the hotel. Hope you can join us! See you there!!!


April, 2015

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FREE 90 Minute Eloheim Channeling


On April 15, 2015 we held a Round Table conversation with Eloheim reviewing tools and teachings Eloheim has given us over the last 12 years!

You can watch the video of this event below.

The specific ideas discussed were chosen by folks that have been following the teachings for some time; these are the core concepts that have helped them evolve their experience of being human as well as bring more peace and healing to their lives.

This is a wonderful introduction for those new to the Eloheim teachings. If you would like further “newcomer” information, please visit this page. The tools Eloheim mentions can be explored more fully in our The Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living book series. Click here for more details.

The videos are FREE to watch. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so using this link.

Choose your amount  


April 15, 2015, 11:30am – Round Table conversation with Eloheim

Video player

Video player

Video player

If you would like further “newcomer” information, please visit this page. The tools Eloheim mentions can be explored more fully in our The Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living book series. Click here for more details.

Choice for Consciousness Series of Books



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