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August, 2015

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Back from London

We had POWERFUL sessions in London. Five sessions – 16 hours of channeling. Do the math, these are the longest channeling sessions I’ve ever done. Eloheim didn’t want to leave!!

“As a photographer one of my jobs is to watch for ‘that’ shot and in so doing by default have my eyes constantly darting around people watching during the meetings I saw. I noticed and liked the outward looking nature of all the people who attended and the Eloheim group in general. Everybody was very giving, very receptive and above all very friendly.

If you watch the recordings or attend the meetings in person you can be assured of a warm welcome and hopefully come away feeling that anything is possible. It occurs to me as a newbie that if you are open minded and honest with yourself as well as others you can only benefit from the experience”

Tim Hollings – His photography website here Scroll down for some of his photos from the event.

Order the entire event

Price: $49.99

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Off to London

I’m off to London today!!!
Eloheim in London Channeling Schedule:

We are using the Regency Suite meeting room at the Columbia Hotel for the channeling sessions. Columbia Hotel 95-99 Lancaster Gate London W2 3NS United Kingdom Telephone: 020 74020021

You can arrive as early as 9:00am to visit with each other and get settled. Channeling will begin promptly at 10am.

Channeling sessions on August 8, 9, 11, 15 and 16

You can register in advance on my site or pay at the door.

I arrive Thursday afternoon and will be staying at the hotel through the 17th. We will celebrate my birthday with a lunch on the 10th at a pub near the hotel. Hope you can join us! See you there!!!


April, 2015

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FREE 90 Minute Eloheim Channeling


On April 15, 2015 we held a Round Table conversation with Eloheim reviewing tools and teachings Eloheim has given us over the last 12 years!

You can watch the video of this event below.

The specific ideas discussed were chosen by folks that have been following the teachings for some time; these are the core concepts that have helped them evolve their experience of being human as well as bring more peace and healing to their lives.

This is a wonderful introduction for those new to the Eloheim teachings. If you would like further “newcomer” information, please visit this page. The tools Eloheim mentions can be explored more fully in our The Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living book series. Click here for more details.

The videos are FREE to watch. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so using this link.

Choose your amount  


April 15, 2015, 11:30am – Round Table conversation with Eloheim

Video player

Video player

Video player

If you would like further “newcomer” information, please visit this page. The tools Eloheim mentions can be explored more fully in our The Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living book series. Click here for more details.

Choice for Consciousness Series of Books

March, 2015

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Weekend with Eloheim #2 Recordings

Our second Weekend with Eloheim was amazing! Eloheim decided that everyone needed nurturing so each person got a mini-session to determine what sort of nurturing that person specifically needed. It was beautiful as everyone was able to take something for themselves from each session.

Watch the recordings right here on my site or download to your device. Nearly five hours of channeling.

Price: $24.00
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FREE Live Chat with Veronica & Eloheim Replay

On Thursday the 5th of March I decided that it would be fun to hang out with the community so we did a live Google Hangout!

I channel Eloheim starting at 1:20:00 or so!

We covered lots of topics and had a great time!!!

October, 2014

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Channeling: What it is, What it’s like


October 1, 2014 Interview

This was our first Google hangout! It was great!

I’m using this format on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:30am Pacific. I will interview various interesting people and channel Eloheim as well.

Our first show was an overview of the history of my own spiritual journey, how I connected with Eloheim, what it’s like to channel, and various stories about my experiences in the last 12 years with Eloheim. Mary George shared how she connected with the group and what is has been like assisting Eloheim and me with all of our projects (webcasts, books, etc.) over the years.

I channel during that last 30 minutes or so giving Eloheim the chance to share THEIR experiences too.

June, 2014

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April 2014 Sessions


Four sessions held in April 2014

This package includes audio and video of the four sessions held in April 2014.


Price: $19.99
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April, 2014

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What do you want from us? 2014-04-23

I would like to begin this post with a big THANK YOU to Kerry who has been summarizing the sessions for me for a LONG time! She did an incredible job and I’m so very grateful. Her schedule has shifted so she is stepping away from this for the time being. THANKS KERRY!!!

April 23, 2014 – Audio and Video replay or download ON DEMAND

Price: $6.99

The April 23, 2014 session began with the Guardians talking about the opportunity we are now in. The Visionaries continued this theme speaking about focusing our attention.

Eloheim then introduced a new idea, our “template” which represents a sort of energetic name tag that we wear and make sure that others know about. Things like “I can’t afford it,” “I’m not supported,” “Don’t expect much from me,” and other ideas that are showing up very powerfully now that we have cleared so much of our baggage and are generating so much less static.

Eloheim also provided and energetic check in for the community and asked for feedback about what we want from them. (See Video)

Fred continued this idea speaking intensely about being spiritually passionate and the “spiritual survival instinct.” Asking, “What does it want?” Fred reminded us that we are attempting to experience being human in a brand new way! Are you coasting?

The Girls give their perspective on how they see us “being human.” Very funny!

The Warrior told a long story! It’s been awhile and it was really fun!

The Matriarch concluded in her beautifully, comforting manner.

April 23, 2014 – Audio and Video replay or download ON DEMAND

Price: $6.99
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Moving Forward



31 individual clips, a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes that can be listened to in any order, taken from Eloheim’s Q&A sessions from 2009 until mid-2011.

Audio recordings, listen ON DEMAND or download

Price: $14.99


01. Become a more confident creator 10:51
02. Being in the moment with routine tasks 1:29
03. Big life changes, uncertainty, and solidity 4:37
04. Boundaries – not control 2:00
05. Clearing static on your path 1:12
06. Creating from unhealed core emotion 6:05
07. Dealing with fears and phobias 8:44
08. Dealing with the past in a new way 3:16
09. Energetic prosperity 7:20
10. Even if you don’t know 4:09
11. Fitting in and the truth of you 4:36
12. Hard vs suffering 7:23
13. Healing core emotions 3:08
14. Heart chakra 12:55
15. Hidden programming 6:49
16. I need a new life 7:10
17. Labels and who you really are 4:02
18. Lay it down and walk away 4:27
19. Let the cake bake 9:49
20. Looking in a different way 5:32
21. Make your choice from consciousness not fear 4:04
22. Making the shift and making it last 7:22
23. Manifest and magnetize intensive 5:50
24. Moving internally or externally 2:41
25. Natural caring vs. service 2:00
26. Onions that come around again 4:09
27. Opening up to your soul’s perspective 7:31
28. Overriding addictions 5:34
29. The oil spill where are you gushing 5:19
30. Who am I and underpinning issues 4:06
31. Working with “difficult” kids 4:46
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March, 2014

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A Chat on Business, The Soul, and More!

After the animals talk, Eloheim was super chatty. Here is the recording of that chat.

Information about connecting with clients, bringing in more soul, thoughts on easy, and more!
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