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March, 2013

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Grief and Regret upon the Death of a Loved One

Once a month we visit Sebastopol, CA. Our Sebastopol sessions are quite different as Eloheim does individual sessions with the people who have questions. These sessions often include energy work. This question was from a person joining the group for the first time. She shared that her brother had died 10 days before and that they hadn’t spoken for 12 years. Eloheim guides her to a new way of interacting with this grief. Continue Reading…

February, 2013

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First Channeling of the See-er ~ 2-20-2013

Wow, our February 20, 2013 session was sure special! We had the first channeling of the See-er. This energy was VERY powerful. Here are some comments I received:

While listening (online) to the last meeting when the new energy came in, I felt what was happening. My body reacted with spasms, shaking, pulsing, shivering. However it wasn’t scary, I welcomed it. I had tears of joy and the sense, “Yes, I am ready, I have been waiting for it.”

The indescribable feeling I experienced at last night’s meeting was a powerful activation of my heart chakra. It was also a powerful validation of the step-by-step process of vulnerability, trust and revelation I’ve experienced in my journey into conscious physicality in my own body-world.
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Q&A with Eloheim ~ What’s My Purpose? ~ 2-17-2013

Eloheim answers the question, “What’s my purpose?” and explains how to share more of ourselves with others. From our monthly Q&A with Eloheim. Continue Reading…

December, 2012

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Levels of Creation ~ Fractal Living

Eloheim is very excited about the January 2nd channeling event. They instructed me to make this diagram. If you want to learn more about their teachings on the Levels in advance of the session, watch the YouTube video below the image: Continue Reading…

December 21, 2012

The Council all spoke to where they wish to continue to take us in 2013.

Guardians: The transformational journey – evaluating your habits and static with consciousness – is what we are all about. This is a powerful time for releasing things that no longer serve you, but make a general request instead of getting involved in details. “If it’s not serving me, it goes. And I will not track it.” Don’t chase it down. These things are naturally ready to fall, like leaves from a tree, in order to free up the energy for spring and re-birth.

Visionaries: Really, this is just another Friday, but because of the human deadline that you’ve created, it’s also an opportunity to use the energetic upswelling. 2013 is about riding the upswing, releasing more, taking 100% responsibility for your reactions to your creations, taking 100% responsibility for your emanation, what you’re broadcasting. Our vision is for you to become so sensitive to your emanation, your inner life and inner conversations, that you play it like an instrument. Your emanation is the place where you are most powerful, and where you can most do “service.” You commit to it, and then you find more to commit to.

Eloheim: Came up with a new exercise that illuminates static. There is a five-person band, each with a percussion-type instruments to represent static. One person sits in front of them, identifies what they want but don’t have, then states individual issues that they think get in their way. “Where are you, insight” you ask, while the static band drowns everything out. The static band playing loudly is also what the Council has to dig through – not only to find what we want, and also to find the underlying, authentic static. Because you need to know what is truly in your way in order to do step-by-step to get what you want. The physical set up in the room also allow participants to visualize both the habitual neural-pathways, and possible new pathways. It’s about catching yourself right away, so the old neural-pathway doesn’t automatically ignite.

Even when the static is playing, you should go inside yourself. Asking “what is true now?” cannot be taken away from you. You can go there even when you are triggered and still listen for insight. It’s all about you and your relationship to yourself. In that relationship, you will find the Oneness. It is a very personal thing, a very personal journey. In just breathing, your emanation can come out of you. You don’t have to “do” anything. This is your real empowerment.

Fred: Fred stressed that every day is special. Right now is awesome. Every moment is a moment to be fascinated. Small choices add up.

Girls: You will always have the option to be mean to yourself, for one reason or another, so make a commitment to leave that behind in 2013. If nothing else can be managed at the moment, at least have a neutral relationship to yourself.

Warrior: Pointed out the luxury we have to CHOOSE to be mean to ourselves, or not. A soldier in battle has others being mean to him and has absolutely no choice abut that. Imagine yourself on the battlefield, being your own enemy, knifing yourself with each and every “I suck!” Unlike a real soldier, you have the freedom to decide not to do that. Many of you go around energetically bleeding, with wounds all over you, because you never bandaged them up. But it’s hard to ascend things that “suck.” So refuse to feed those habits; get them to go away and not come back. You have a choice about your internal dialogue. “What is true now” is your shield.

Matriarch: We see you as your ascended selves. Your ascended self is not some other place. It may be covered up by your noisy static band – but it’s right here with you. It’s not something you have to find, but to uncover. Experience the Now purely. Catch glimpses in moments, and then allow those moments to expand.


Five sessions held in December, 2012

This package includes audio of all five and video of four sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


Price: $19.99

Violence to Self and Others ~ 12-16-2012

We held our monthly Q&A with Eloheim on December 16th. The focus was Eloheim answering this question:

As a parent the Connecticut tragedy hits home as particularly heinous. What perspective should we view the event from (what is the silver lining here?). Also, it seems the gunman dying during the crime is getting off extremely easy. What repercussions, if any, does this soul face? What is the process for all of the souls involved in this event?

Continue Reading…

FULL SESSION VIDEO: A New Way to View Static and CLEAR IT! ~ 12-12-12

This session is about dealing with the static between you and your circle of possibilities, between you and your ascended self.

Guardians: You are creating every moment. As a creator, you get to decide your experiences – primarily through your reactions (which are usually habitual and unconscious). Your soul has a great power – to guide, to influence your experiences, to create, to enjoy – a power that you want to tap in to. 2013 is about you discovering the truth of you in your entirety. For now, become very, very responsible for your experiences. There is still some baggage and static that you put between you and what you want in your life, and between you and your infinite possibilities. Continue Reading…

Further Integration of the Soul ~ 12-05-2012

A very unusual meeting! Eloheim created an exercise to help us get out of habit and connect with insight!

Guardians: Go into that place that draws you here to this meeting, that draws you to spiritual transformation. Where is that part of you? Don’t have a vague relationship to this; KNOW what it is that drives you. Is it outcome-based? What are you getting out of this process? Become more conscious of your journey of consciousness. You need to know ‘why’, and this will help you down the road.

Visionaries: The aspiration of Oneness. “How often can I experience others without being pulled off my own center”? Continue Reading…

Eloheim in Sebastopol ~ Monday, December 10th, 7:00pm

Eloheim channeling LIVE in Sebastopol! Monday, December 10th.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts. 6780 Depot Street, Sebastopol. 7:00pm.

Cost: $15

Hope you can join us!!! Continue Reading…

Integrate Your Soul and Body ~ 11-28-2012

At the beginning of Eloheim’s section of this meeting, Eloheim explained that we have “plop” meetings and “process” meetings. This is a plop meeting! In it, Eloheim introduces the new subject of Integration. The video is extra long to cover more of this important topic. The entire meeting can be ordered below. Continue Reading…



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