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May, 2012

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Women Feeling Safe, Men Feeling Awesome ~ 5-23-2012

During our May 23, 2012 meeting, The Council summarized the “levels” and talked more about how to move into levels six and seven. There was also an extended discussion of how the body reacts to living in the new levels. The video clip is Eloheim talking to Randy about her interactions with her husband and explaining the idea that, “women want to feel safe and men want to feel awesome.”

Guardians: Breathe down into your hips and, when you exhale, think of dropping unwanted energy out of your tailbone. As you ensoul, the experience of your body is going to change. The human body is capable of an incredible assortment of experiences and it will start to participate in the physical journey beyond what you’re currently experiencing. You may, for instance, become sensitive to some things. When you have ESP-type hunches, acknowledge them: “That’s new. I wonder what it is?” Listen to what the body is asking. Keep asking “What is true now? What is the body wanting? What is the body showing me? What is the body offering me?” As it shows you the things that it cares about, is interested in and fascinated by, watch the survival instinct popping up.

Where you are right now, energetically, is like a train with the engine just turned on. The engine’s started but there’s not enough friction and traction to move forward immediately, and it takes some time to get going. It’s just a transition for, once the train gets going, almost nothing stops it. And when you HOLD during a generating event, that allows you to put your intention into those wheels, so you can build up that traction.

Eloheim: Reviewed levels 1-7. Level 5 was a real ownership place and you rested in this place for some time. “This trigger is mine. I will not share my trigger with anyone!” Level 6 takes that a step further by owning the generating event, now no longer a trigger. You don’t even go to where triggers are; you just stay in the generating event. Taking ownership of the generating event is taking ownership of your transformation.

Think of level 6 as a long gradual ramp of movement towards level 7 – a very gentle, long, spiraling ramp. Take it step by step, piece by piece, moment by moment, as you move along that ramp because now the body is involved. During this long ramp, start building trust with your body. Be aware that it will react and do things that are unexpected. When that happens, don’t go back to the lower levels in your reactions. Make friends with the body; be in allowance. Build a trusting relationship with it the same way that you would build trust with a frightened once-abused dog.

There were various discussions with attendees. One of the issues was experiencing an intense flashback of victim energy. Because, as you ensoul your body, the intensity with which you re-experience things is going to go off the chart. You start tapping into how powerful your soul is. It’s going to feel more intense because more of your soul is present experiencing it with you. That’s where you as the personality self has to shepherd it. If you need to, take a time out. Add “I am tempted to…” to add some calmness and space. Adding that phrase literally changes your brain

When you change, you’re going to get normal survival instinct reactions. So when you find yourself, say, crying, you can say, “Wow, here is my body reacting to my spiritual choice.” That’s making friends with the body. That’s building trust, building a bond, with the body. It’s you saying “It’s safe to do this.”


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Learning New Things From Old Energies ~ 5-20-2012

Our monthly Q&A with Eloheim was held on May 20th. We had great questions and Eloheim tied most of the answers to their new teachings on “generating events.”


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Questions answered during this session: Continue Reading…

Clearing the Path to Oneness ~ 5-16-2012

The discussion began with Guardians guiding the group to accommodate the soul’s presence in the body, especially in the hip area. They guided us through a breathing exercise and reminded us that ensouling the body will create profound changes in the physical body.

The Visionaries pointed out that by not resisting “WHAT IS” we are open to oneness. This is the time to introduce oneness to the body. They further elaborated on abiding in the “Generating event.” They see this as the clear path to living from ascended state and they hold the vision of that for us.

Eloheim asked us to let go of three things which most of the over-achieving light workers often tempted to feel.
“Oh God! I’m missing the ascension bus.”
“I’m not doing enough.”

To do so, we have to face the challenge of “getting big.” Both the triggers and generating events feel uncomfortable. Generating events make way for transformation where as triggers keep us in the loop of suffering.

Fred spoke about ensouling the body.

The Girls spoke of building the root chakra foundation. They described their supportive presence as we face our generating events, they reminded us that we are not alone in this.

The Warrior explained that we have everything that we need within us to live from our soul’s presence in the body, now we are just getting rid of the baggage that is in the way of us knowing that truth. He described how we can stop generating more baggage which clears the way to oneness and ensoulment.

The Matriarch pointed out that our ascended self is coming forward as we take off the layers of the costume we wear.


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Living in Level 6, Moving to Level 7 ~ 5-9-2012

Before the May 9th meeting, I asked Eloheim to teach something that would “stretch” me. I got my wish! The video below is the Guardians starting the meeting by explaining how to live in Level 6 and how that gets us to Level 7.

This is ROCKING MY WORLD!!! The Guardians, Visionaries, and The Warrior were especially powerful.

Learn about Levels 1-5 by watching this video:

Learn about Levels 6 and 7 in this new video:

This meeting is about abiding in level 6 – ‘what trigger?’ – where one encounters a generating event but doesn’t go into the reactive habit of being triggered.

It’s time to take a little jump here. Transformation requires having a genuine willingness to lay down the old stories. Living in level 6 means consciously erasing the presence of a trigger by your reaction to it in the moment. You catch yourself at the generating event and OWN it. “I’m in a generating event. This is happening FOR me.” You monitor your reaction so quickly and so thoroughly that you erase the actual trigger. See how quickly you can make that choice and not accumulate baggage and static. You may still experience body reactions and anxiety, but you can hold that consciously as well.

Visionaries: As a human, you will always encounter generating events. Will you choose to go into trigger, or will you choose conscious awareness and acceptance? The latter is living in level 6. Level 5 (“This trigger is mine”) is a resting place, but level 6 is a transit level, a bridge to level 7 – Oneness and non-duality. In level 6, you leave behind all your learned reactions to the world. You go INTO your experiences more deeply.

Eloheim: Irrational fears are coming up for some. There is intensity in the energy, but you can use it as fuel, rather than fear. “I am willing” is about opening up and being willing to experience something new. It’s letting go of control. But when you go into something new, fear will be there. Fear is an indicator that you are challenging the survival instinct; it’s not a gauge of whether or not you should do something. Since change and fear go together, listen to the part that says. “This is good!” Listen to that. Let the “sparkle” be the louder voice. Then be in step-by-step. It’s not “Will I ever…?” but “What is NOW?”

You are uncertain by nature and making friends with uncertainty is a big part of the spiritual journey; your relationship to uncertainty a hallmark of where you are in the Ascension journey. Own the fact that the only control you have is in your reaction in the now moment. Be calm moment by moment and milk the nuances that are there. Sink deep into your truth. And when you know your truth, you don’t need to sell anyone on it, you can just sit in it and let it emanate out of you. Be still and sink. If things come up, if you find something big in your lap, sink deeper. Go deeper into the fractal layers, where there is more space and more potentials.

If you deal with your survival instinct, if stay attentive in level 6, then level 7 – oneness, and the glories that exist therein – unfolds naturally. You don’t get there by wishing it or by hoping. You get there step-by-step and being with what is in your lap. And then, in level 7, your natural being starts to emerge and your awareness expands. You find you can expand to anywhere on the planet and experience the earth as if it’s your physical playground.

Your correction to reactions to generating events clears a space. Don’t refill the space with more stuff. Keep it open and then fill it with high vibrational responses and insight from your soul. This is the break-open place that was talked about last week. Abide in it, go deep, and fall through into the deeper layers of experience.

Warrior: When you have generating events, you need to stand courageously and not make them into triggers. You have movie versions of this, when armies are lined up just before the fighting begins, and there is one leader gesturing “hold.” The action is held is a state of quiet readiness. You go deep – so that you’re clear on what’s going on – and then move purposefully. Hold, then move purposely. Don’t let habit slap you around. Killing your habitual ways of responding is abiding in level 6. If you attentively move through it, if you purposely abide there, then level 7 will be yours.

Matriarch: Nothing stands in your way but you. Generating events WILL happen and when they do, hold. You don’t have to react and you don’t have to search for an answer immediately. “What is true now? It’s happening for me.” Abide in the discomfort. Hold and then choose for the “aha.”


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What You Let In, You Emanate Out ~ 5-2-2012

In this meeting, there was emphasis on the break-open place; being in the moment without preconceived notions, and open to your soul’s insight.

Guardians: We feel a fierce attention to the moment, a fierce desire for transformation. There’s an “I’m here” energy, which we powerfully see in your lower chakras. It makes a fertile field for growth and change, and there’s so much energetic support for that now. To keep your balance, keep your focus, put your presence in the moment. In the break-open place, you stay in the moment’s experience without duality.

Visionaries: You hold the break-open place by being aware that your survival instinct (mind) will be in conflict with you and so you know how to handle it. It is not in charge of your spiritual journey. You can tell it; “Yes, I hear you, and it’s not interesting to me. Go count the white blood cells, please.” Saying a conscious “no” to habits of thinking helps create the break-open place, and allows it to become more frequent. Don’t define it; keep it open. Just stay open to what it true now, in non-duality and non-adrenaline. Be in “now” without feeling jeopardized or confused. Now – Be – Is. Then allow life to flow into the break-open place. Allow synchronicity and the experience of “ah-ha to ah-ha.”

Eloheim: Discussed the break-open place with the attendees. Noted how it is accessed when you stay in your truth.

The experiences you find in your lap can come from four levels of your being: conscious, unconscious, sub-conscious (childhood, unhealed core emotion) and the soul level. The soul level has agreements and relationship appointments that you are often not conscious of. Your main responsibility is how you react to what has been offered to you – from whatever level your experiences comes. Be in the break-open place as you have your experiences. Be as neutral as possible.

The “following” part of ballroom dancing is a good example of dancing with insight. In following, you don’t need to know where to go next because your partner leads you. Be aware that you can have a positive experience without knowing where you are going, and just be in the moment without control or certainty. The break-open place is a place of discovery and awareness, new in every moment. This open experience can be somewhat fragile at first, so don’t attempt to stay in it. Don’t attempt to grasp it with the mind. You can say “I want to live from this place,” but then let it go. Ask for insight first, even if you think you know the answer. Ask for insight on how to allow things to move and flow. The occasional peak experiences can fuel the raising up of your whole vibration, eventually. But listen to the body while you are in it, as it takes time for the body to adjust. Acknowledge the “wows.” Build up a level of confidence in your ability to affect your world and experience.

What you let in, you will emanate out, so be conscious of what you let in. For things like news, the internet, relationships, food, etc., ask: “Is this giving me something that I want to give to the world?” You are a emanating a collection of experiences, so choose with that in mind.

Pain and illness: You can use the break-open point as a way to be in the now, even if you feel pain. You can say “yes” to the pain if that is your experience in the moment, and then pay lots of attention to it. Actively engage with it in an open way. Don’t resist it. Use short, factual statements: “I have back pain.” “I have a bill I can’t pay.” You can repeat a true statement over and over as long as that is the truth in each moment. Sit in the truth and see where you are tempted to go. Stay out of stories. See what insight comes in.


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The Opposite of Victim Mentality??? ~ 4-25-2012

The most important need of the current times is staying in our own energy and the Council continues to guide us further into living from that place.

The Guardians acknowledged the presence of our heart chakra emanation. They asked us to give ourselves the permission and opportunity to use everything as a learning experience. These ideas create within us the space for discovery and exploration of self. As we look into the world and see triggers, know that they are our teachers and an opportunity to learn about our self. This facilitates us accessing Level 6. (Level 6 is: What trigger?)

The Visionaries spoke about the consistency we are now experiencing in our emanation as we take our truth to the world. Its not about “Am I in my power?” It is now: “I AM in my Truth” which is a very powerful place. They further encouraged us to notice our energetic emanation as we interact with people in the world and ask, “What are they showing me about me?”

Eloheim explained more about the heart chakra, reminding us that the 4th chakra is, “YOU experiencing the world.” They pointed out that we often associate emotions of heart break, sadness and loss with the heart chakra but they are really memories and energetics. They are the memories which resist what IS. The heart chakra is more about knowing of self and delighting in our truth and experiences. When we accept what is, we might experience some physical pain yet we allow ourselves to move towards transformation and healing. There is NEW learning. If when we are in memory we are in the loop of the resistance and suffering. The choice for consciousness is challenging, but familiar suffering is never ending.

An effective affirmation and realization is, “Some kind of a disastrous blockage thing to my
plans is no longer the interesting place. It’s more fascinating for things to work out and have to experience that new place of worked out.”

Eloheim also addressed body issues. They discussed reprogramming body responses and changing the relationship to body’s habitual responses, especially pain and fear. This is a very important key to staying in our own energy.

The Girls enhanced the point of respecting, loving, and using the wisdom of our bodies by making the most of the body’s experience and remembering to be in appreciation of being incarnated in to physical form.

Fred pointed out about the spontaneous nature of souls and the Earth experience is chosen by souls who are of an extremely curious nature.

The Warrior explained that coming to Earth is considered “rocking the establishment” in the soul world. By coming to earth we are up for spontaneity and surprises as we go fulfilling our desired experiences.

The Matriarch reminded us about the beauty of the step-by-step process. Taking smaller steps and breaking it into pieces and exploring that in a way that it does not ask so much of us. Being present to that small step is how we influence the passage of time.

To order the entire meeting for $2.99 (audio download and video replay) please visit our shopping area and scroll down to 4-25-2012.

April, 2012

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Waiting on Someday? The Energy of Overeating and Addiction.

I received this email in response to this meeting:
“I have struggled with addiction type issues my entire life. I was overweight as a child and had many encounters with drugs and alcohol as I got older. I am also a therapist who has a deep understanding of addiction philosophy and treatment. I have never found the magic ah ha that seemed to explain addiction to me. I have found that nutritional support does wonders for me personally and years of therapy and spiritual practice have allowed me to live basically addiction free but the underlying issue has never really been addressed.

When Eloheim spoke to an attendant at Wednesday’s meeting about the energy of “someday” it was a huge gate latch for me. I have always lived with someday. I remember as a young child tearing out pictures from the Sears catalog of homes and furniture and thinking that someday I would have a nice home/life. As an adult someday I would be happy, someday I would find love, someday I would be ok. I understood in the moment I heard Eloheim speak that the survival instinct had helped me stay here as a child by instilling the idea of someday deep inside me. It was a great gift to me then as my childhood was less then ideal.

However, as an adult it has been a huge impediment to living in the now moment and the source of deep discontent within me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this insight. I know it will change my life.”

Summary of the Session 4-18-2012

The Guardians continued to remind us to be in our truth. They reminded that it is built into the human being to perceive life as a victim; that life is happening to us. They suggested it would be very powerful to ask continuously, “Where do I feel like a victim here?” The most effective way of dropping the habit of victim hood is to continuously “be aware” of it and to OWN it when it comes up.

The Visionaries pointed out that the only barrier to living in our own energy is forgetting to be aware of our truth. We still seem to have the energy of “I refuse to accept the uncertainty about (such and such) in my life.”

Eloheim pointed out to be really aware of “preconceived notions” and “wanting a certain outcome.” They reminded us that the tools, What’s my left eye brow doing? and I refuse to give this moment away help us to come back to the moment.

It’s our responsibility to not agree with body’s adrenalin, fear-based responses. Eloheim advises to catch ourselves and observe when we are tempted to do so.

The Girls spoke about the tool, I deserve and asked us to be really conscious of all the reasons that survival instinct brings up to hold us back from living our truth; in observing the survival instinct, we take away its power. Use the tool, What is, is as the truth that allows us to grow rather than resisting what is.

Fred shared an interesting insight. He asked us to imagine the vastness of the universe and then imagine the smallest nature of the molecular world at the same time. When we do that we get to see that all the daily problems we as humans face are put in their appropriate position in the wholeness scale.

The Warrior reminded that most of the experiences in which we emanate our truth, set boundaries by staying in our own energy are not life or death situations, especially in the way our current society is designed. This awareness can help us to be at ease with our survival instinct and help us stay in our own energy. We are being trained to meet our triggers and uncertainty in a healthy way rather than habitual way. When we walk in this fashion, community gathers around us because of the emanation we offer.

The Matriarch gently asked us to remember every moment to NOT to give away this moment for anything other than for emanating our truth.
If we can do it here together in the conscious community that means we can do it alone as well.


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April Q&A With Eloheim ~ 4-15-2012

Another awesome Q&A with Eloheim!

Do you have a question for Eloheim? Ask it in a private session or during our next Q&A on May 20th at 1:00pm Pacific.


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Questions answered during this session:

I am triggered almost instantaneously by my Mother-in-law. We have lived next door to each other the last two years and I will be moving in the next few months. However, I feel on some level that I am here to heal our relationship before doing so. I have made a lot of progress such as setting boundaries and owning things about her personality that drive me crazy, and I still can’t accept her. Is there something else I am missing or is it simply time to move on?

So this Density vs. Duality consciousness has been interesting. My personal life is growing ever more graceful as I pay more attention to it. My job situation went from about bad as you can get and still have a job to I should be moving into a new position relatively soon and I am actually excited about it. I do have to point out that I have had to relearn my approach to basically everything in my life because when you are in Density consciousness then the old Duality approach not only doesn’t work but it doesn’t even make sense anymore. Even things like our “Tools” have to be reassessed because something like “Setting Boundaries,” which is absolutely vital in Duality living, doesn’t even apply in Density living.

So far, the most helpful tool has been to keep reminding myself that there is no “Other.” If I take the Other out of it then there really isn’t even a context for which my “Trigger” to even exist in. Which brings me to my question. My current “Elephant in the Room” is my ability to choose outside of “normal” or “possible.” I feel good about my ability to freely choose in every area of my life but that one and I think a lot of that comes from my lack of clarity on how to approach my creation. So can you help me better understand the relationships here or whatever is going to help me align with crossing this threshold?

Could you please comment on the type of energy I am projecting now?

I’ve finally stopped smoking and am doing really well, It’s been 6 days and the physical withdrawal is now gone and yet there’s this feeling of needing something, a type of emptiness. What is this emptiness and does my giving up smoking have anything to do with my back pain which happened at the same time?

Every morning for weeks as I wake up I feel as if I’ve been berating myself for hours. I can hear the tail end of the criticism as I wake up. What can I do to remedy this? How can I feel better when I wake up?

The other night I was waitressing and a customer got very upset with me because I brought him the wrong appetizer. He proceeded to yell loudly at me in a very crowded dining room. At first I was bewildered by his reaction, but then I ran to the tools. The first tool I used was pulling my energy back to myself, next I jumped to “Wow, what is this going to teach me”, then I jumped to what is my right elbow doing, and then I started to get really mad. Finally he yelled at me to “keep my head in the game” and I replied, “Yes Sir” and walked away. I’m a very good waitress and his reaction bothered me for at least a week. A couple weeks ago the Warrior was talking about cleansing the wound. I tried to cleanse this but got lost in the process. Can you give me some direction on how to use this tool effectively?

I’ve been learning lots of new stuff, but not yet found a way to make money. So I’ve just starting doing things I enjoy with no idea if they’ll bring in any cash. Does that feel like a good move energetically??

I have been accepted to provide a live half-hour segment for an upcoming national SomaShare webinar. A two week window of time is opening to prepare. I find myself so excited that ideas flow and disappear before I can jot them down. I am grateful. Please help me be completely whole in this quest.

I wanted to share that during the last few meetings I have felt a better connection with the information. I understand the material in a much clearer way unlike I have before and that’s a weird feeling because some of the stuff we already talked about I thought I already understood but I didn’t compared to the clarity I have now. Thank you. I have a fear of space/ the universe…like even seeing photos of it or seeing it on tv…it’s uncomfortable. Can you look at the energetics of that for me?

St. Peter was in my dream! He was lifting me off my feet and dancing me around!! VERY strong hands on my hips holding me firmly. Besides all the dancing fun – was there a message?

Earlier this week I had an unexpected perspective shift on oneness — I was speaking with Kerri when suddenly I found myself viewing our conversation from a different part of the room, watching her speak to an empty chair as if I was sitting in it. From my vantage point I was able to see and even feel her commitment to the belief that she in fact was talking to someone else. It was then that suddenly, like the mirror she was reflecting back at me, I then saw myself once again sitting in my chair, listening intensely to words coming from……. no one. I was alone in the room now, where I saw my own commitment to this same belief that Kerri was also present. The analogy I gave Kerri upon having this experience was similar to that from the end of the movie “Fight Club”, where Edward Norton’s character begins to realize he and Tyler Durden are one, and he begins revisiting scenes from the movie with the two of them in which Tyler was actually not there (ie- hands “no one” a beer and it drops to the ground).

Experiencing this triggered a response in me that I did not expect. Previously, I saw the idea of oneness as something completely different than I do now; perhaps a “safer” version of the same idea which was in place to protect me from the response from my survival instinct.

I suppose the question I have now is, how can I explore this deeper so that I am not so triggered by it? I can recollect the experience like any other dream or memory, but I cannot recall the feeling. While in the moment this feeling was a bit overwhelming and somewhat frightening, in hind-sight I’d say it was the most exciting perspective shift I’ve had to date.

I have manifested a beautiful love relationship opportunity and because of this I had dragged myself into all kinds of emotional reactions, reckless reactions and jumped to all sorts of outcomes. But now I have to wrap up some unfinished business with getting a divorce and that has posed a battle with the custody of my child and I want to move to Texas while her family is in MI. I know that If i am happy my daughter will be, there is a possibility that the court will prevent me from moving here out of the state, I am finding it very difficult to figure out how to stay in the moment through this situation what tools would be best for me to stop seeking certainty and running to outcome in this, I really really really want to move.
Does it look likely my friend to step forward for us to have a relationship or is he still going to “keep it low” and keep working?

It seems that I’m not being able to motivate myself to be 3D-active. I don’t know if I’m on track being in an easy flow or if I need to be pushing myself into action. Is there something more – or something new – I need to be … Doing…or being with myself in a different way. Is there something energetic that is happening that I need to address?

Don’t Modify Your Truth! ~ 4-11-2012

The Council has been stressing the importance of being in our own energy in the last few sessions. The teaching continues in depth with this session.

The Guardians spoke at length about being in our own energy especially while interacting with the world outside. The idea that someone else will take care of our needs and wants is a common conditioned pattern in our society. Being in our own energy needs to really sink in as we address such root assumptions energetically rather than intellectually.

Only by being in our energy we can KNOW wholeness and once we know our wholeness we can authentically experience the Oneness.

They spoke about how to be in our own energy and at the same time be compassionate about other people’s situations. All that is required is to be in our truth; by modelling in our authentic truth we give others a vibration to match.

The Visionaries reminded us that our energy fields are asking for the transformation. That “request” is answered by The Council’s detailed explanations of the importance of being centered in self. Our truth begins with “I” and the Truth is short and clear. Once we know our core truth, we can work it into every other area of our lives.

Eloheim engaged the group in a discussion of examples of being in our own energy. The group came up with interesting and challenging experiences to share. Eloheim explained that the word “but” modifies our truth energetically. They advised us to let go of using that word and instead reconstruct the expression of our truth in a more empowering way.

They also reminded that when we change habits which are conditioned from many years and alternative lifetimes, we are literally using a new part of our brain. It’s important to be patient with ourselves and use any opportunity for changing the old patterns constructively.

The Girls pointed out the terror of taking off the costume which hides our truth. The love for the SELF and the insatiable thirst for the expression of WHO WE ARE is more REAL. Even when it feels uncomfortable, physically, emotionally, habitually, commit to the constant expression of Truth.

Fred came up with a very important insight: We are not afraid of that which fascinates us. We have preconceived notions about what is safe and what is not safe. It’s very important to be aware of our preconceived notions about how the world is, or how things are going to go.

The Warrior went deep as they reminded us to be alert, aware, and to stand in the INTEGRITY of our TRUTH and presence as we confront even the most dense unconscious patterns. They illustrated an example from their childhood as they fought in courage and made it through a difficult situation with tough opposition. They gave a valuable insight – “Don’t resist or deny the truth rather Use the truth to your advantage.”

The Matriarch admired our attention to the truth of the moment. They acknowledged that the freedom to be in our truth feels very expanded.

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How To Be In The NOW ~ 4-4-2012

This meeting continued The Council’s powerful study of how “being in your own energy” makes profound changes in your life. The video clip is the Guardians starting the meeting. It got more and more incredible from this point. If you are a Fred fan you will like this session, he had a LOT to say in this meeting.

This session continued the exploration of being in our own energy while we share our space with others.

The Guardians pointed out the balance point within the body, the place of centeredness within
in which we can abide peacefully with uncertainty, triggers, and discomfort. They explained that we have come to the point of “What is.” They encouraged us to further explore self-discovery by dropping resistance to the NOW and being willing to allow ourselves to stay in our energy even when the society, habits, and the survival instinct tempt us to go into other people’s energy.

The Visionaries expressed that the first step of willingness to be in our own energy is the most important. The fear is not that we are afraid that it won’t work out the way we want it to, it’s the fear of “it will be more than I can handle.” They stressed the importance of our commitment to the path that we really desire and reminded us to stay committed even when our world gets bigger. As we become more conscious and the more we stay in our energy, the deeper we can stay in causeless joy.

Eloheim discussed examples from group members of staying in their own energy. Eloheim pointed out that we often run from discomfort yet abide in suffering. It’s important to use the Compare you to you tool whenever our “big thing” pops up, so that we can be aware that we are experiencing our issue from a different level.

The Girls pointed out that when we are in the discomfort it’s important not be mean to ourselves. As we go deeper into layers of unconscious patterns we need to add in a deeper focus of “don’t be mean to yourself” within our evaluation. Our truth doesn’t have to be a negative thing, we can evaluate it constructively.

Fred shed more light on Level seven, as we are heading towards non-dualistic Earth life. He expressed that we are completely rewriting the design of the Earth experiment. If we can dictate the physical surroundings from a non-dualistic perspective, knowing our wholeness and oneness , nothing is outside the realm of possibilities. Staying in our own energy is the absolute way to get there. The Council is helping us to get to that point by offering tools to support each step of the journey.

The Warrior reminded that us that if we wonder why we are here, the answer is: to KNOW the experience of this world from non-duality perspective. “Why am I?” will never serve us, “I AM” is the key of non-duality exploration.


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