The discussion began with Guardians guiding the group to accommodate the soul’s presence in the body, especially in the hip area. They guided us through a breathing exercise and reminded us that ensouling the body will create profound changes in the physical body.

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The Visionaries pointed out that by not resisting “WHAT IS” we are open to oneness. This is the time to introduce oneness to the body. They further elaborated on abiding in the “Generating event.” They see this as the clear path to living from ascended state and they hold the vision of that for us.

Eloheim asked us to let go of three things which most of the over-achieving light workers often tempted to feel.
“Oh God! I’m missing the ascension bus.”
“I’m not doing enough.”

To do so, we have to face the challenge of “getting big.” Both the triggers and generating events feel uncomfortable. Generating events make way for transformation where as triggers keep us in the loop of suffering.

Fred spoke about ensouling the body.

The Girls spoke of building the root chakra foundation. They described their supportive presence as we face our generating events, they reminded us that we are not alone in this.

The Warrior explained that we have everything that we need within us to live from our soul’s presence in the body, now we are just getting rid of the baggage that is in the way of us knowing that truth. He described how we can stop generating more baggage which clears the way to oneness and ensoulment.

The Matriarch pointed out that our ascended self is coming forward as we take off the layers of the costume we wear.


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