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July, 2012

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Too Much STUFF? Conscious Culling Tool ~ 7-15-2012

We had a great Q&A with Eloheim on July 15, 2012. The focus was “living your truth” and the various questions allowed Eloheim to offer many perspectives on the process. Early in the meeting they talked about putting the “stuff” you might be done with in a big plastic bag and leaving it in the middle of the living room as a way to help you see if you are REALLY done with it or not. The video clip offers expanded insight on this idea and includes additional ways to use it. Continue Reading…

Sebastopl Q&A ~ 7-14-2012

Once a month we travel to Sebastopol, CA for a Q&A with Eloheim. These events are quite different from our Wednesday night gatherings. In Sebastopol, Eloheim tends to do more work on physical body and relationship issues. Continue Reading…

The NOTEBOOK TOOL and How to Create Power Phrases ~ 7-11-2012

Our July 11, 2012 session was so powerful. Eloheim spent a large portion of the session following up on the “Notebook Tool” that was introduced on June 30, 2012. Eloheim crafted the Notebook Tool for Randy to help her with long-standing challenges around money. Randy had LIFE CHANGING experiences as a result of using this tool. I have received more emails about this tool than any other. People all over the world are reporting HUGE HUGE HUGE changes after using this tool for only a few days. Personally, it changed my life.

However, Randy’s journey with this tool didn’t end during this session. Hear what happened next and how it created even deeper transformation by listening to this YouTube video. I put the initial description of the tool, Randy’s first report, and her follow up to the experiences that happened after the 7-11 session, in one video.

Continue Reading…

Paperback Books ON SALE on Amazon

Amazon has our PAPERBACK books on sale!

Four of our books are on the 4 for 3 promotion.

This means that you can get all four and only pay for three!

I don’t know how long this offer will last as it is an internal Amazon promotion.

Here are the links:

Choice for Consciousness, ONE ~ $9.99

Choice for Consciousness, TWO ~ $9.99

Discovering YOU ~ $6.95

What Will Happen in 2012 and Beyond? ~ $5.95

They also put the Warrior’s book – The Journey of Consciousness, A Warrior’s Tale – on sale (not in the 4 for 3 promotion) for $10.34.

Money Issues? Lingering problems? Try this tool! ~ 6-27-2012

Wow, this session knocked my socks off! The unfolding transformation generated by this discussion is SO powerful!

Profound session which shed light on living from the expanded sense of Self in a way that is high vibrationally consistent in our everyday/moment experience. Continue Reading…

June, 2012

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Summary of Eloheim’s teachings

I’m working on our new book, Birth of The Council: Vol. 2. Reading lots of transcripts! During one meeting, Eloheim was asked to summarize their teachings and I thought you might like to read the answer: Continue Reading…

The Warrior’s Take on “First Choice” Tool ~ 6-20-2012

The channeling session of June 20, 2012 continued the exploration of the new tool: “This is my first choice.” This session was PACKED with great examples and energetically was WOW! It took 24 hours for me to come all the way back to myself.

I decided that the Warrior was due for a YouTube video and selected his section this week. I could have picked nearly any 10 minutes section; the whole meeting was a highlight reel.


Audio downloads of the five meetings held in June, 2012


Price: $8.99

Discovering YOU ~ Eloheim’s Latest eBook, Now Available ~ $1.49

I’m thrilled to announce that Discovering YOU is now available as an ebook for $1.49.

Are you “drained from doing too much”? Are you trying to answer the question, “What am I here to do?” Do you feel trapped and confused by your life? Are you wondering how you can take care of yourself AND meet your responsibilities?

Kay was feeling the same way when she contacted Eloheim for a private session. Eloheim’s answers to Kay’s inquiries are so powerful and apply to so many different life situations, I knew before the session was even over that they had to be offered in book form.

Follow along as Eloheim offers Kay a new, empowering perspective. Eloheim’s insights include 12 tools specifically tailored to help Kay (and you!) discover “What is true now?” and how to use that truth to live more fully.

From Kay:

“Eloheim is a straight-talking, humorous resource for my soul and for any and all who feel lost within themselves. I was questioning within my being who I am as an essence, and my place in this world; this session helped guide me to the important spark of light and influence that I emanate….! ( As opposed to the sometimes random feeling of being just another cog in the wheels of life.)

Eloheim as channeled through Veronica helped point my feet in the right direction.

The information here while simple in its wisdom had a profound effect on me claiming my birthright as a divine co-creator of my wildest dreams!!”

To order this eBook for $1.49, please follow this link:

Discovering YOU contains the transcript of Kay’s session, 12 tools and 68 definitions of terms and concepts.

That Was My Plan All Along ~ The First Choice Tool ~ 6-13-2012

Eloheim has instructed me to offer the recording of the June 13, 2012 session FREE! This meeting contains so much foundational material with an amazing discussion of the First choice tool; a description of LEVEL 8; and clarification of the relationship between you, your soul, and God!

This meeting consisted of Eloheim, only, talking in depth about the “this is my first choice” tool.

The point of the tool is that it interrupts the habitual patterns in the brain. ‘This is my first choice’ gets you out of habitual responses and into alignment with what is. “I am a creator and I am not hiding from that truth, and all the things that are being created can teach me something.” It’s happening FOR me. Then ask for insight from your soul.

The “first choice,” the acceptance, puts you on a new stepping stone. “I am brand new here; what is the opportunity?” Being a new person on each step, you re-evaluate based on the place you are in now. With “first choice,” you are clean; you don’t generate static and are aware of your opportunities. You own it and work with it, and this allows things to unfold in a wonderful way. Magic starts to happen. In level 8, your creation perpetuates. And, since it’s always your first choice, you’re not putting any static between you and your creation perpetuating.

Baggage and static: Your baggage isn’t all bad. Your baggage is you, what you’ve accumulated and accomplished in your life. The point is to not allow baggage to create static in the moment or in new situations. You bring your whole package into the moment, but then the choice is there: static or no static – static or empty space? To choose no-static, be willing to abide in the uncertainly and discomfort in order to see what’s on the other side. Be present. When you accept your creations, you don’t generate static. Looking at it doesn’t create static. Static is created by unconsciousness and resistance to what is.

This tool is not about victimhood or abuse. “This is my first choice, period.” Or “This is my first choice, I created it – and I’m NOW setting a boundary!” And it’s not about self-victimhood either: “I created this, so I suck.” “I suck” is the largest static generator of all; it creates a literal barrier between you and magnetizing your needs and desires. You are magnetic beings and you will magnetize good things to you if you clear static. So accept the package of you, the baggage of you, and make new choices.

You are doing one of the bravest things there is to do in the universe right now. This is not for sissies. Earth is not for wimps, by a huge margin.

Here is the FREE video of the June 13.


Audio downloads of the five meetings held in June, 2012


Price: $8.99

Sebastopol Q&A with Eloheim 6-9-2012


Audio downloads of the five meetings held in June, 2012


Price: $8.99



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