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March, 2012

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Living from AHA to AHA Rather than Trigger to Trigger ~ 3-9-2012

The focus of this session stressed the importance of being in the emanation of our truth consistently. Eloheim created a very interesting exercise to generate situations to help us practice this.

The Guardians – Were rather intense as they reminded the group to stay in their individual energy fields. They explained that we are at a very important place in the ascension timeline right now. Maintaining our “centered in self” focus as we dig deeper into big patterns will reveal further layers to explore with each new level of expansion.

The Visionaries – Reminded us that the the energy of 2012 is very important and it requires strict spiritual discipline to take advantage of this opportunity. This lifetime, which is the culmination of many lifetimes of hard work and spiritual focus, aligns with a time when we are culturally and socially free to abide in deep self exploration and emanation of our truth.

Eloheim conducted an exercise with the group by calling each person to the microphone to answer four questions:

1) What does an AHA feel like?
2) What a trigger feels like?
3) How do you feel right now?
4) What was the thing that was distracting you from the exercise?

The exercise was conducted to highlight that “BEING CONSCIOUS and centered in our emanation” needs to be in every moment, in every situation, in every interaction, when we are alone and also in our dealings with the outside world. This is to facilitate living from level 5 and neutral observation.


Audio downloads of the five meetings held in March, 2012


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Interview of Veronica and Eloheim by Shelli Speaks on 3-10-2012

If I Had…Then I Would – Sneaky ways we are mean to ourselves ~ 2-29-2012

The session of February 29th continued last week’s theme of “judgement is being mean to yourself,” this week’s session focused on the sneaky ways we judge ourselves and the ramifications of those judgements.

The Guardians stressed that we are in a very important time. We are rooting ourselves in level 5 and learning to abide in that level comfortably. We need to watch where we are tempted to think, “If I had…” They advised us to ask, “What is it that I look for from others and why haven’t I given to myself?” This question can reveal the places where we feel lack and help us realize our true, abundant nature.

The Visionaries pointed out that since we are living from a high vibrational place, we cannot look for someone else to fix our triggers. It’s important to love ourselves well and realize that we are already all that we look for from others. We cannot ascend the parts that we do not love. Fully embodying, “This trigger is mine” is totally different way of being in this world.

Eloheim spoke about the “sneaky ways we are mean to ourselves.” One of the ways we are mean to ourselves is by being caught in “preconceived notions” about what happiness, joy, and bliss are like. We often look outside of ourselves with those notions and be hard on ourselves for not matching a certain ideal. Mostly we have preconceived notions about “what we might require” to walk the path of ascension. It’s important to be comfortable in the “step by step” process.

The Girls stated that we have this inbuilt deep desire for change, so we WILL change no matter what, we decide at what speed we wish to change. It’s important to let go of the notion that there is something wrong if the speed of change is not up to our expectations. Instead it’s important to relax knowing that the transformation IS happening whatever the speed.

Fred encouraged us to continue to believe and lay new neural pathways of beliefs that “physical matter” can be modified by using free will. He reminded us that it’s important to manage our survival instinct’s strong reaction to this idea.

The Warrior continued the story of his journey when he was young sharing how step by step his experiences were allowing him learn to be more of “who he truly is.” He spoke about looking outside of himself to know he is “ok” and the result of that exercise.

The Matriarch expressed that one day we will know that it was never possible for us to “suck,” how amazing each step, each transformation, each effort, and each experience actually were, and how complete and whole we were/are in all of these experiences. She reminded us that it’s important to go step by smaller step, each smaller step we take gives us opportunity to know ourselves from that perspective which facilitates a deeper knowing of our self.


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February, 2012

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Judgement of SELF and OTHERS ~ 2-22-2012

Insightful session on the nature of judgement and its relation to us as the absolute creators of our reality.

The Guardians reminded us that the ascending human is a bright light in a dark space and that it’s very important to let ourselves to be FULLY seen with our complete emanation of TRUTH. They asked us to utilize the opportunity of their presence to let go of anything we KNOW we are done with. Especially the patterns of the survival instinct which try to limit our exploration of potentials and keep us small.

The Visionaries highlighted that our energetic emanation with others is going through a radical transformation. We need to LIVE in level 5 NOW as opposed to visiting it from time to time.

Eloheim gave amazing insights on the concept of judgement. Whenever we judge someone, the unspoken, unconscious part of judgement is us being mean to ourselves by judging our VERY CREATION. Everything we see in our physical reality is there because we OBSERVED it into creation, as we judge someone we not only block the path of open evaluation of all that is in the moment, we also condemn our own creation of the moment. But when we are out of judgement and open to all that is, we can actually feel, know, and see the connection to the experiences and the experiencer. We can know how the creator and the creations are interconnected. Thus we can move to neutral observation. The best way to move out of judgement is by saying, “That’s Not for me, What’s True NOW?”

The Girls expressed that there is a belief in us that, “If it’s not easy its wrong.” The way to get out of it is to realize that we can be in ease with the process and there is a way of movement through the experience which is not based on duality.

Fred shared his exploration and insights about how can we manipulate our physical environment. He stated that the physical form appears dense but it is not, and we are often challenged by the idea that we can change our physical reality. He encouraged us to start laying down the NEW neural pathways by saying to ourselves, “I can hold the TRUTH of physical form being malleable in ways that I have never experienced before.”

The Warrior shared a new story from his young days highlighting how an “error” in judgment played out.

The Matriarch thanked us for our attention and our willingness to go through this intense journey
and allowing for the meeting to energetically unfold with the pace that the Council desires it to be.


Audio downloads of the six meetings held in February, 2012


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Success, Failure, Dealing with the Survival Instinct ~ Feb. Q&A ~ 2-19-2012

Once again, we had an AMAZING Q&A with Eloheim. It is truly stunning to receive questions from all over the place and have them all seem to flow into a theme which Eloheim expands upon during the session. This was a long meeting at 110 minutes filled with powerful explanations. A “don’t miss” download!

To join us for our next Q&A with Eloheim on the 18th of March, please follow this link. $15 includes the live event, the audio download of the session, and the webcast replay.

My vibration has obviously changed since I moved into my new place, so now living here feels disrespectful at times. I still love my room, and I think this apartment is wonderful, however – one of my roommates is a walking vortex of toxicity, and marijuana is constantly smoked in the apartment. When I moved here, I was still doing drugs. My desire for drugs and alcohol went away in January. I can’t ask anyone to change their habits or their personality, so it’s obviously time for me to start looking for another place. I just want to live alone. The idea of having roommates never made any sense in the first place. I hate living with other people. I want to look for a studio apartment, and this is bringing up a whole lot of baggage up, especially around money. I don’t think I have pulled in more than $200 in the entire month so far, and I am starting to feel suicidal again. I just really don’t understand why my life won’t work already. Why does there have to be a catch to everything?

Are my bloated stomach issues related to shame and not accepting my shadow aspects, or something else?

I get triggered around really confident women and I’m not sure how to work with this trigger. Your insight please!

I have been having problems with my right hip for years now. It seems like I can’t resolve this issue in any way. I feel stuck which probably goes hand in hand with my business situation and abundance. Just this week I uncovered a trigger that “nothing works out for me”. This seems to be a trigger that impacts so many areas of my life.

In the past year I’ve dealt with a lot of different body issues that has triggered intense anxiety and fear. When one gets resolved, another pops up. I see the trigger so clearly: body hurting triggers fear and anxiety. The thought pattern is mostly around: I’m always going to be in pain and suffer. And/or if I do something to help my body I’m actually going to hurt myself. This past month I’ve had burning sciatica down my left leg and a little in my right leg. I’ve been trying to figure out how to heal myself and why this keeps coming up. I’m considering doing an injection called Prolozone. It’s a natural alternative to cortisone that triggers the joints/tendons/muscles to heal themselves. I’m exhausted and drained. Can you please comment on these body issues and how best to deal with the sciatica?

I want to thank the Council for showing me the Hamster Maze in my life, My relationship that I have always allowed back into my life, Now that same man has decided to walk out of my life for a silly reason once again. I want to emanate a different script so I do not attract a partner who leaves. It seems whenever I am having job opportunities flow to me and it looks like I could have job stability then the man marches right out the door. Can I have success in my career corner as well as a happy love relationship. I am tired of the hamster wheel. This relationship is in its 12th year, time to close this chapter perhaps.

Am I dealing with all my past-life death scenarios all at once or something?

When the upcoming transformation to 4d occurs……will there be a war or a pole shift before the event.

I have 2 recurring dreams, and this is one of them. I discover a pet, one of mine from the past or one I’ve never seen before. Once I found a whole room full in far too small cages. For some reason, It has been forgotten about for weeks/months and is starved of food water and companionship, though still alive against all odds. Usually I/we thought it had passed away (after all, we had buried it) and yet there it is, just waiting. The horror, guilt and grief is overwhelming and all encompassing. I don’t remember ever forgetting to look after my animal companions. What’s this really about?

Based on what you were talking about last week I am assuming the goal is to feel self-confident in being the conscious creators of our lives and not victims of it so my question is…How do I, and I am being serious, take my current 35 years of failure to manifest my inner world changes into my outer world to build my self-confidence in being a conscious creator of my life and not a victim of it?

Hello and thank you in advance for helping me to sort this out. Ever since my daughter moved to California at the end of last year, all my friends are telling me that I will move there too. I do not mind, I just do not see how. Is it coming soon and what would be a cause for me?

I have breast cancer. I have been working with triggers and possible emotional causes. Is there anything I am overlooking or maybe avoiding, don’t want to see?

Like others last month, my teeth are disintegrating from the inside and I will lose several, per my dentist. Is there anything I can do to save them? I am seeing a cranio-sacral person at the moment.

Whenever I see a puncture wound whether on myself or on someone else…it’s not so much the blood that bothers me but it’s any wound of some kind that makes me feel like I am going to pass out….I have a hard time even cleaning my own cuts…. is this past life maybe?


Audio downloads of the six meetings held in February, 2012


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Questions answered during the 2-19-2012 Q&A

What’s the best thing you have learned from the Council? 2-15-2012

The 2-15-2012 meeting was very different. Eloheim was the only Council member to speak. They began the meeting by asking each person to write down the answer to the question, “What’s the best thing you have learned from the Council?” Eloheim then collected the answers and had each group member read someone else’s response.

Eloheim used this exercise to help us understand that we are deeply connected to each other and our answers show us, “It’s all me” (Level 7).

Eloheim asserted that no matter how stuck we may feel, we are transforming and addressing the recurring habitual patterns from a different energetic place.

Some of the most transformational tools discussed in this meeting:

What is true now?
Balancing chakras
Love yourself
This trigger is mine!
Shifting between levels consciously
Neutral observation
Compare me to me
Letting go of shame
Clarity vs. certainty
Uncertainty as the place of potentials
Setting boundaries
Insights instead of thinking

At the end of the session, Eloheim asked everyone to write down the next thing they wanted The Council to teach. This clearly illuminated the point that “We are one” because everyone wanted to move to the next level beyond “This trigger is mine” (Level 5). The group is looking for wholeness, how to maintain bliss, how to feel oneness as a state of being, and how to have a deeper connection with each other.

Eloheim pointed out that in order to live from aha to aha, we need to shift away from living from trigger to trigger. For that transformation to happen, our relationship to habitual cellular patterns of the body as the survival instinct kicks must change. They provided step-by-step instruction on this shift.


Audio downloads of the six meetings held in February, 2012


Price: $9.99

Habit and Free Will, How do they relate? 2-8-2012

The 2-8-2012 session focused on Eloheim using the white board to describe the relationship between habit and free will. They illuminated how this fits into their teachings on the Levels of fractal living.

I wrote this short essay about how this work is moving in my life:

The temptation to victim hood is SO strong. Familiar suffering is painful, yet so easy to choose. The idea that “this trigger is mine” feels difficult because I have to remind myself of it so often, I have to consider it almost constantly; it’s a lot of work.

What other choice is there? Return to feelings of victim hood, failure, despair, and the like? That’s the only option I see. It’s NOT an option….yet it is a place that I have to pull myself back from.

This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine

What do I do with it? Step by step. Do something new with it. Any new even small thing. Choose a different reaction. Take responsibility for the reactions you are having. Choose and choose again and again.

I know I’m breaking not only 43 years of habitual response, but lifetimes of victim hood patterns.

It’s the height of overachieving lightworkerness to think that I should be able to change these responses (to my greatest triggers) overnight and with no effort or consistency.

I’ve been able to access Level 6 on a number of occasions. It’s an interesting place. Wednesday night, the strap on the laptop case came undone and it plummeted to the pavement. I had ZERO trigger. It would either work or not. I was completely in neutral observation about it.

I don’t stay there and here is a hard part. When I go to Level 1 or 2 after even a glimpse of Level 6 or even some time in Level 5……boy am I triggered.

I’ve struggled with feelings of failure in my life. This “not holding the desired level” brings up failure feelings big time.

So, I get triggered, slip out of level whatever, then double down on the trigger by going to “failure.”

This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine

Oh and that other trigger is mine and the trigger that that trigger brings up is mine and then the resulting trigger that those triggers brought up are mine too.

Level 7 is “it’s all me.” The Council has said many times that “we can’t ascend parts of ourselves we don’t love.” Each transformed trigger opens the doorway to Level 7 a little bit more.

Knowing how different Level 6 feels, I can’t being to imagine what Level 7 is like. I’m going to lay the foundation for that experience, one trigger at a time. Step by Step.

Guardians began the meeting by stressing on the importance of our free will’s role in the transformation we desire. They reminded that we came to earth to attempt to ensoul the human form; to be teammates with the soul to co-create our earth experiences.

The Visionaries spoke about the curtains that we need to lift so that we may move beyond limited views and begin to live as the expanded self. They asked us to watch for the unconscious patterns where the curtains are still closed. This is the time to LIVE the TRUTH of ONENESS in the physical form with infinite possibilities to create from.

Eloheim used the white board to explain the difference between FREE WILL and HABITUAL REACTIONS .
Habits are like a continuous flowing river and we, as the personalities, are paddling a canoe on the river. Our freewill is the paddle with which we consciously choose which direction we want to go. In Level 6 (What trigger?), as we live from neutral observation, it’s more like we are on the shore and watch the river flow by. They discussed mastering the river of habit by addressing examples and questions from the group.

The Girls spoke about the importance of self-love in this journey, as it is the main force behind consciousness which helps us to break the habitual responses.

Fred shared his experience of neutral observation of the Universe as it moves for us, exploring how we can experience ourselves in varieties of settings.

The Warrior reminded that it’s our responsibility as personalities to take care of our bodies. We are the owner of the Body and we get to decide how best to assist it in the process.

The Matriarch highlighted that our expertise with the physical body infused with soul’s perspectives and insights on life experiences is the way of balanced Homo spiritus living.


Audio downloads of the six meetings held in February, 2012


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Look At Life With New Eyes ~ 2-1-2012

During the February 1, 2012 meeting, The Council addressed the importance of moving beyond the last pull of survival instinct to take the firm, strong, steps towards living our true emanation in the world. The energy of this meeting went to an entirely new level. It’s difficult to capture in the written word!

The Guardians spoke about their expansive, non-physical perspective on the energies.

The Visionaries asked us to “go live” with our emanation in the world and demand our emanation be reflected in our lives.

Eloheim spoke about standing up to the last grasp of the survival instinct and reminded us that the energetics of 2012 support us in walking away from old habits and patterns allowing us to emanate the truth of who we are in physicality. There were many, powerful examples from the group which Eloheim used to illuminate their teachings.

Eloheim pointed out that it’s very important to walk our emanation in the world and approaching any lingering old energy dynamics with the new eyes. Addressing an example from the group, Eloheim stressed fully expressing our truth in the world and not allowing other people’s opinions to tell us who we are. We have an opportunity to say “quality YES’s” and “appropriate NO’s.”

The Girls asked us to never forget how important it is to love ourselves and know that the world is not only full of triggers but to remember that there are so many amazing, beautiful things in the world to experience.

Fred reminded us that the opportunity that is provided to us right now is to live the truth that the universe was created for us. It’s all FOR us. It all IS us. This information cannot be processed by the mind, but can be known by the soul. When we realize I AM ALL, the limitations disappear.

The Warrior required us to grow a strong backbone to silence the last bit of survival instinct screaming to keep us limited in fear. They reminded that we are the expression of the beingness and the out breath of the creator.

The Matriarch encouraged us to trust in the completeness and magnificence of our true nature which they always see in us.


Audio downloads of the six meetings held in February, 2012


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January, 2012

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There’s Nothing Like YOU! The Universe Moves FOR You! 1-25-2012

The session of January 25, 2012 was so powerful. It included a long discussion of mother/daughter relationships and the challenge of how to fit the BIG new you into your old life.

Received by email:

Hi Veronica, I just wanted to tell you that this meeting was amazing and especially insightful to me…a lot of pieces of the puzzle slipped into place. When Eloheim was talking with Devon about how the new version of her felt so uncomfortable trying to fit back into her old life, I realized I’ve been feeling the same way. So much internal change has happened for me in the past year…really, the last 6 months. I’ve been wondering why I’m not drawn to be with old friends and nothing feels quite right any more. I’ve been trying to fit the new me into the old package!!

Eloheim’s words helped me realize that I need to do some adjusting to my world (I’ve already put up all new artwork!) and I think it’s more about letting the world see who I am now and to stop trying to make myself fit the way it was. I guess I was really ready to hear that because last night I heard a huge “gate latch” click.

Thank you so much, and please pass on my deepest thanks and gratitude to Devon and Randy Sue. I hope Randy Sue is coming to the retreat because I really want to meet her…the topics that she speaks about with Eloheim always resonate quite profoundly with me and I have such gratitude to her (and everyone) for her willingness to be so open.

much love,



Audio downloads of the five meetings held in January, 2012


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The Difference Between Planning and Outcome ~ 1-18-2012

The Council’s main focus was to remind us about catching those last bits of unconscious triggers within, mainly by discussing the effective use of “This Trigger is Mine” level 5 awareness.

The Guardians were pretty intense as they asked us to watch our emanation in each moment, especially as we encounter our triggers. They advised that checking our energetic emanation is a great way to bring our attention to this moment, to our creations, and to taking responsibility for our reactions to our creations. They asked us to consider, “How can i take further responsibility for this emanation that is occurring?”

Visionaries reminded us, as our internal world is reflected in our external reality, it is important to look for our unconscious triggers. These can often be found by looking in the places were we make assumptions. Only by going through level 5 awareness will we get to level 6 which is, “The complete and utter willingness to stare at our triggers” and when they try to put their hooks in us, know that they are here for growth.

Eloheim spoke in detail about the difference between planning and focusing on outcome. SEE VIDEO BELOW The group offered powerful and humorous examples for Eloheim to work with.

Girls spoke about the discovery of additional layers we will encounter as we process a trigger. Triggers can be revelatory moments that continue to unfold.

Fred spoke about the flexibility of our consciousness as we navigate between fractal levels and he is facilitating the process of moving in a non-linear way to facilitate us experiencing ourselves in a new way.

The Warrior was straight forward about owning our truth and speaking our truth, even if it is at times, “I don’t know.”

The Matriarch brought our attention to the need for balance as we let the world in, the balance of setting boundaries and being open to new experiences. This balance will give us a foundation of wholeness as we interact with the external world.


Audio downloads of the five meetings held in January, 2012


Price: $8.99

Questions Answered During Eloheim’s January Q&A

If you are interested in asking Eloheim a question during our February 2012 Q&A, follow this link to register!
Questions answered during the January 2012 Q&A with Eloheim:
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