The session of February 29th continued last week’s theme of “judgement is being mean to yourself,” this week’s session focused on the sneaky ways we judge ourselves and the ramifications of those judgements.

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The Guardians stressed that we are in a very important time. We are rooting ourselves in level 5 and learning to abide in that level comfortably. We need to watch where we are tempted to think, “If I had…” They advised us to ask, “What is it that I look for from others and why haven’t I given to myself?” This question can reveal the places where we feel lack and help us realize our true, abundant nature.

The Visionaries pointed out that since we are living from a high vibrational place, we cannot look for someone else to fix our triggers. It’s important to love ourselves well and realize that we are already all that we look for from others. We cannot ascend the parts that we do not love. Fully embodying, “This trigger is mine” is totally different way of being in this world.

Eloheim spoke about the “sneaky ways we are mean to ourselves.” One of the ways we are mean to ourselves is by being caught in “preconceived notions” about what happiness, joy, and bliss are like. We often look outside of ourselves with those notions and be hard on ourselves for not matching a certain ideal. Mostly we have preconceived notions about “what we might require” to walk the path of ascension. It’s important to be comfortable in the “step by step” process.

The Girls stated that we have this inbuilt deep desire for change, so we WILL change no matter what, we decide at what speed we wish to change. It’s important to let go of the notion that there is something wrong if the speed of change is not up to our expectations. Instead it’s important to relax knowing that the transformation IS happening whatever the speed.

Fred encouraged us to continue to believe and lay new neural pathways of beliefs that “physical matter” can be modified by using free will. He reminded us that it’s important to manage our survival instinct’s strong reaction to this idea.

The Warrior continued the story of his journey when he was young sharing how step by step his experiences were allowing him learn to be more of “who he truly is.” He spoke about looking outside of himself to know he is “ok” and the result of that exercise.

The Matriarch expressed that one day we will know that it was never possible for us to “suck,” how amazing each step, each transformation, each effort, and each experience actually were, and how complete and whole we were/are in all of these experiences. She reminded us that it’s important to go step by smaller step, each smaller step we take gives us opportunity to know ourselves from that perspective which facilitates a deeper knowing of our self.


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