The focus of this session stressed the importance of being in the emanation of our truth consistently. Eloheim created a very interesting exercise to generate situations to help us practice this.

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The Guardians – Were rather intense as they reminded the group to stay in their individual energy fields. They explained that we are at a very important place in the ascension timeline right now. Maintaining our “centered in self” focus as we dig deeper into big patterns will reveal further layers to explore with each new level of expansion.

The Visionaries – Reminded us that the the energy of 2012 is very important and it requires strict spiritual discipline to take advantage of this opportunity. This lifetime, which is the culmination of many lifetimes of hard work and spiritual focus, aligns with a time when we are culturally and socially free to abide in deep self exploration and emanation of our truth.

Eloheim conducted an exercise with the group by calling each person to the microphone to answer four questions:

1) What does an AHA feel like?
2) What a trigger feels like?
3) How do you feel right now?
4) What was the thing that was distracting you from the exercise?

The exercise was conducted to highlight that “BEING CONSCIOUS and centered in our emanation” needs to be in every moment, in every situation, in every interaction, when we are alone and also in our dealings with the outside world. This is to facilitate living from level 5 and neutral observation.


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Interview of Veronica and Eloheim by Shelli Speaks on 3-10-2012