The 2-8-2012 session focused on Eloheim using the white board to describe the relationship between habit and free will. They illuminated how this fits into their teachings on the Levels of fractal living.

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I wrote this short essay about how this work is moving in my life:

The temptation to victim hood is SO strong. Familiar suffering is painful, yet so easy to choose. The idea that “this trigger is mine” feels difficult because I have to remind myself of it so often, I have to consider it almost constantly; it’s a lot of work.

What other choice is there? Return to feelings of victim hood, failure, despair, and the like? That’s the only option I see. It’s NOT an option….yet it is a place that I have to pull myself back from.

This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine

What do I do with it? Step by step. Do something new with it. Any new even small thing. Choose a different reaction. Take responsibility for the reactions you are having. Choose and choose again and again.

I know I’m breaking not only 43 years of habitual response, but lifetimes of victim hood patterns.

It’s the height of overachieving lightworkerness to think that I should be able to change these responses (to my greatest triggers) overnight and with no effort or consistency.

I’ve been able to access Level 6 on a number of occasions. It’s an interesting place. Wednesday night, the strap on the laptop case came undone and it plummeted to the pavement. I had ZERO trigger. It would either work or not. I was completely in neutral observation about it.

I don’t stay there and here is a hard part. When I go to Level 1 or 2 after even a glimpse of Level 6 or even some time in Level 5……boy am I triggered.

I’ve struggled with feelings of failure in my life. This “not holding the desired level” brings up failure feelings big time.

So, I get triggered, slip out of level whatever, then double down on the trigger by going to “failure.”

This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine
This trigger is mine

Oh and that other trigger is mine and the trigger that that trigger brings up is mine and then the resulting trigger that those triggers brought up are mine too.

Level 7 is “it’s all me.” The Council has said many times that “we can’t ascend parts of ourselves we don’t love.” Each transformed trigger opens the doorway to Level 7 a little bit more.

Knowing how different Level 6 feels, I can’t being to imagine what Level 7 is like. I’m going to lay the foundation for that experience, one trigger at a time. Step by Step.

Guardians began the meeting by stressing on the importance of our free will’s role in the transformation we desire. They reminded that we came to earth to attempt to ensoul the human form; to be teammates with the soul to co-create our earth experiences.

The Visionaries spoke about the curtains that we need to lift so that we may move beyond limited views and begin to live as the expanded self. They asked us to watch for the unconscious patterns where the curtains are still closed. This is the time to LIVE the TRUTH of ONENESS in the physical form with infinite possibilities to create from.

Eloheim used the white board to explain the difference between FREE WILL and HABITUAL REACTIONS .
Habits are like a continuous flowing river and we, as the personalities, are paddling a canoe on the river. Our freewill is the paddle with which we consciously choose which direction we want to go. In Level 6 (What trigger?), as we live from neutral observation, it’s more like we are on the shore and watch the river flow by. They discussed mastering the river of habit by addressing examples and questions from the group.

The Girls spoke about the importance of self-love in this journey, as it is the main force behind consciousness which helps us to break the habitual responses.

Fred shared his experience of neutral observation of the Universe as it moves for us, exploring how we can experience ourselves in varieties of settings.

The Warrior reminded that it’s our responsibility as personalities to take care of our bodies. We are the owner of the Body and we get to decide how best to assist it in the process.

The Matriarch highlighted that our expertise with the physical body infused with soul’s perspectives and insights on life experiences is the way of balanced Homo spiritus living.


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