During the February 1, 2012 meeting, The Council addressed the importance of moving beyond the last pull of survival instinct to take the firm, strong, steps towards living our true emanation in the world. The energy of this meeting went to an entirely new level. It’s difficult to capture in the written word!

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The Guardians spoke about their expansive, non-physical perspective on the energies.

The Visionaries asked us to “go live” with our emanation in the world and demand our emanation be reflected in our lives.

Eloheim spoke about standing up to the last grasp of the survival instinct and reminded us that the energetics of 2012 support us in walking away from old habits and patterns allowing us to emanate the truth of who we are in physicality. There were many, powerful examples from the group which Eloheim used to illuminate their teachings.

Eloheim pointed out that it’s very important to walk our emanation in the world and approaching any lingering old energy dynamics with the new eyes. Addressing an example from the group, Eloheim stressed fully expressing our truth in the world and not allowing other people’s opinions to tell us who we are. We have an opportunity to say “quality YES’s” and “appropriate NO’s.”

The Girls asked us to never forget how important it is to love ourselves and know that the world is not only full of triggers but to remember that there are so many amazing, beautiful things in the world to experience.

Fred reminded us that the opportunity that is provided to us right now is to live the truth that the universe was created for us. It’s all FOR us. It all IS us. This information cannot be processed by the mind, but can be known by the soul. When we realize I AM ALL, the limitations disappear.

The Warrior required us to grow a strong backbone to silence the last bit of survival instinct screaming to keep us limited in fear. They reminded that we are the expression of the beingness and the out breath of the creator.

The Matriarch encouraged us to trust in the completeness and magnificence of our true nature which they always see in us.


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