The session of January 25, 2012 was so powerful. It included a long discussion of mother/daughter relationships and the challenge of how to fit the BIG new you into your old life.

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Received by email:

Hi Veronica, I just wanted to tell you that this meeting was amazing and especially insightful to me…a lot of pieces of the puzzle slipped into place. When Eloheim was talking with Devon about how the new version of her felt so uncomfortable trying to fit back into her old life, I realized I’ve been feeling the same way. So much internal change has happened for me in the past year…really, the last 6 months. I’ve been wondering why I’m not drawn to be with old friends and nothing feels quite right any more. I’ve been trying to fit the new me into the old package!!

Eloheim’s words helped me realize that I need to do some adjusting to my world (I’ve already put up all new artwork!) and I think it’s more about letting the world see who I am now and to stop trying to make myself fit the way it was. I guess I was really ready to hear that because last night I heard a huge “gate latch” click.

Thank you so much, and please pass on my deepest thanks and gratitude to Devon and Randy Sue. I hope Randy Sue is coming to the retreat because I really want to meet her…the topics that she speaks about with Eloheim always resonate quite profoundly with me and I have such gratitude to her (and everyone) for her willingness to be so open.

much love,



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