The Council’s main focus was to remind us about catching those last bits of unconscious triggers within, mainly by discussing the effective use of “This Trigger is Mine” level 5 awareness.

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The Guardians were pretty intense as they asked us to watch our emanation in each moment, especially as we encounter our triggers. They advised that checking our energetic emanation is a great way to bring our attention to this moment, to our creations, and to taking responsibility for our reactions to our creations. They asked us to consider, “How can i take further responsibility for this emanation that is occurring?”

Visionaries reminded us, as our internal world is reflected in our external reality, it is important to look for our unconscious triggers. These can often be found by looking in the places were we make assumptions. Only by going through level 5 awareness will we get to level 6 which is, “The complete and utter willingness to stare at our triggers” and when they try to put their hooks in us, know that they are here for growth.

Eloheim spoke in detail about the difference between planning and focusing on outcome. SEE VIDEO BELOW The group offered powerful and humorous examples for Eloheim to work with.

Girls spoke about the discovery of additional layers we will encounter as we process a trigger. Triggers can be revelatory moments that continue to unfold.

Fred spoke about the flexibility of our consciousness as we navigate between fractal levels and he is facilitating the process of moving in a non-linear way to facilitate us experiencing ourselves in a new way.

The Warrior was straight forward about owning our truth and speaking our truth, even if it is at times, “I don’t know.”

The Matriarch brought our attention to the need for balance as we let the world in, the balance of setting boundaries and being open to new experiences. This balance will give us a foundation of wholeness as we interact with the external world.


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