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Questions answered during the January 2012 Q&A with Eloheim:

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I’d like to ask about domesticated dogs. How can I tell the difference for when they’re exerting their free will or when they are script holding? Do they have core emotions and alternate expressions like humans? What is the number one thing domesticated dogs want us humans to know?

Something is telling me that music needs to be a lifestyle. I love making music, and now that it is 2012, I know that I have to do something with it. I am still scared of my (singing) voice. It is big, and I don’t know how to use it unfiltered when other people are here. I can use it in the studio, and with people I am working with, but I get so frustrated that I can’t even seem to let myself sing at a decent mid-range when roommates are around. It feels inappropriate, and it can lead to a lot of anger when I really need to sing. And I need to sing pretty much every day, on some level. I do sing every day on some level, but I want to be unfiltered, for the very first time. Is this ever going to go away? It doesn’t feel like it. If I were to sing unfiltered every day, at the top of my lungs, I know that my world would bring in more of what I needed to support that, faster. I know how vital it is… I really want some help with this issue, because it’s not going away, and I feel that it is going to be extremely important and valuable for my life. I have a fantastic voice, and I see it getting a lot of attention. One of my biggest dreams is to have my own private home recording studio so that I can make music all day in private. Is this simply a matter of preference that I want to sing alone, or exclusively with collaborators? In other words is this something that needs to be changed?

I am suffering from so called “dizziness”(vertigo) from my childhood. Initially in my childhood, it was started as total blackout for me for couple for minutes, and when it over I found myself lying on the ground, don’t have any memory how I fell. It happened in 3 years gap, gradually it also transforms in to head reeling in the later years. In last couple of years it was happening every week. I consult with doctors, they saw my reports and said all reports are normal. They prescribed some medicines, till the time I was having the medicines the dizziness are low, but not completely over. Then I changed to Homeopath, Acupuncture etc… but nothing gives permanent cure, all gives temporary relief. So my question is: Is there any energy blockage kind of thing in my body, which wants me to release it. Or do I have to bear this life long?

As a death transition worker, I’d like to know what, if anything, helps transformation to Homo Spiritus during the human death process, and are our core emotions and/or triggers taken with us to the next chosen body?

I feel I am blocked in my solar plexus is there something that is still unconscious in me that’s holding me back from doing more, if so what is it and what tools would help me get out of my way and do more?

First I want to thank both you and Veronica for my last session. My life is literally functioning differently now and I am still playing catch-up. It has been a very crazy and good few weeks. So my question is, you have described physicality as basically a “Holo Deck” or our “world” is the reflection of what we put out energetically, our inner life expressed. So what I want to know is what is the real relationship between us and the people, and all other things, we encounter in our individualized physical realities? Are they “Real” people and if so how real?

After a Car accident in Portland, I left my body, went through the life review, and decided to return. However, not all of the aspects of me did. Some, evidently, decided to remain (yonder) – and are content where they are. It is time to call these aspects back. 1) How might I go about re-collecting/reclaiming these parts? Are there specific ways to find them – and entice them back? 2) And, when they do come, will they bring with them the memory of where they have been and the consciousness so we may all benefit from that respite from the 3D world?

In November I had a cold that lasted the better part of the month. Now I’ve got another one and have been sick for the past week. Is this all clearing or am I just sick? I know I’ve still got issues with lack but is there maybe something else going on that I’m not even aware of?

I was invited to Sherlock Holmes in the theatre, and I felt myself being called by a different time line as the WW2 fighting scenes were very realistic from the emotional perspective from the side I was fighting much against my will. It reinforced the vibration of my family. It made me sick in the alternate expression; and the remembrance affected me for quite a while last night after the show. I found much of the movie commercials beforehand of a devastating vibration though I was able to work through that using breath and being internal quiet. How can I better moderate the pull of alternate expressions?

Would you, please look at the energetics of TMJ on my right side to help me release the cause of this long term pain in the jaw.

I know I sound like a broken record. I know I create my reality. This trigger is mine. Migraines. I know we’re not supposed to want to get out of our triggers. This week I’ve felt like a study in suffering; how much can she take before she’s had enough? I don’t want to know the answer to that question. Whatever I’m supposed to learn from this – IT’S NOT WORKING! I want to learn it in another way. I created this, now how do I un-create it?

My current year-long relationship is really working my core emotion: “Am I good enough for you/this?” My boyfriend says he loves me and wants to spend his life with me, but he watches porn yet won’t have sex with me, and calls me needy and insecure for wanting an occasional compliment or more than one hug or kiss a day. A month ago, he moved out to the sofa and hasn’t even been sleeping next to me, yet he insists everything is fine. There is so much good here that I don’t want to give up – he’s got a huge heart, is playful, loves animals, is amazing with my 2yo son though he doesn’t want to be called daddy. He’s my best friend, and I really want him in my life. Despite the good, I haven’t been able to get past this intense continual feeling of heartache and rejection. I can own that he’s my creation and reflection, and that the heartache and sadness are my own reactions to him, but it’s been deeply painful for me despite the joys. I don’t think I’m insecure and needy for wanting to be wanted, cuddled with or made a priority, but trying to give up those desires (he says he needs me to back off) hasn’t been working – I just end up exploding after 2-3 weeks every time I force myself to stop asking him for anything. What am I not seeing? Where do I go from here? I know this is a huge opportunity for growth but haven’t gotten past the pain. Is this dynamic somehow affecting my ability to get off of welfare, as well? He thinks I’m crazy and creating drama, and I’m honestly starting to
wonder if he’s right… Can this work?

I think I started channeling but am not 100 percent sure but could you take a look and see if you see anything on that subject for me. Did Veronica doubt it in the beginning and how did she overcome the doubts?