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June, 2015

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Glendale 2015 ~ Family and Relationships

Do you have a family? Are you in a relationship? Are you looking at a major life change? THIS IS THE SESSION FOR YOU!!!

In June 2015 we traveled to Glendale, CA for a two-day channeling event.

FIVE members of the same family sat with Eloheim on Day one. On Day two, a couple worked with Eloheim individually and together. Four other people who were facing change in their lives got insight from Eloheim. AMAZING!!!

4.5 hours of channeling. Watch here on my site or download to your device!

Price: $24.00

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March, 2015

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Weekend with Eloheim #1 ~ Level 7 and Evolving Relationships

Nearly FIVE hours of channeling on the most expansive and mind-blowing topics I can recall Eloheim talking about. Eloheim offered incredible insights into Level 7. What an amazing new beginning we have come to!! Not to be missed!!

FREE video clip is Eloheim talking about evolving our relationships, not wearing masks, dealing with ex partners, and showing up as the truth of you. Small changes can make a big difference!

Watch all three channeling sessions ON DEMAND right here on our site!!!

Price: $24.00

January, 2014

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Conversation with Eloheim on Relationship

Eloheim on Relationship

Conversations with Eloheim: Relationship

15 Questions Answered in this 49 minute conversation – #5 in the Conversations Series

Watch ON DEMAND and/or download

Audio and video: $8.99 (for both)

Price: $14.99

Questions answered:
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November, 2013

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Companionship vs. Connection ~ 2013-11-13

Visionaries: As you move into the end-of-the-calendar season, be on guard about the habits of the holidays. Be aware when you’re choosing habit. Ask: “what really enriches me? What truly fuels me?” The new year also brings in a wave of transformational energy. The sense of another year being gone can push on you in new ways. Let the wave buoy you up into Awareness, not knock you down into habit and patterns. You want all the fuel you can get right now, to ride the wave that pulls you upwards.

Eloheim: We observe you trying to be certain about your uncertainty – by making a list of all that you are uncertain about, etc. The tendency to look for certainty about your uncertainty is a coping mechanism. But what genuinely helps is to just own the moment. “I am not trying to avoid now, and I’m monitoring the choices that I’m making about the fact of it.” Nothing is happening in error. It’s all experience that is enriching you. So let whatever is happening now BE what you want, instead of approaching it in distrust, instead of being in outcome. Uncertainty is your natural state. “I’m confused. YES.”

When you find yourself tempted to get into habits, try a new “instead.” What do you do instead? What fascinates you? Notice your patterns and don’t choose old patterns to go with the new energy. Commit and recommit every moment; catch yourself looking for certainty. Rest in “I don’t know, and that doesn’t scare me. I am uncertain about everything, and that’s just fine”. Uncertainty means “I don’t know yet.” It doesn’t mean danger. Being uncertain all the time is actually a beautiful thing. Uncertainty is where true creativity and connection are possible.
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March, 2013

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Interacting with Unconscious Friends and Family ~ 2013-03-17

Our monthly (3rd Sunday) Q&A with Eloheim was March 17th. We had a great time!!! Join us next time here.

I really enjoyed how Eloheim was able to tie multiple questions together and build on the answers as the meeting went along.

It really shows how Eloheim brings the teachings of the entire session into one question.

Questions answered during the March 17, 2013 session

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January, 2012

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There’s Nothing Like YOU! The Universe Moves FOR You! 1-25-2012

The session of January 25, 2012 was so powerful. It included a long discussion of mother/daughter relationships and the challenge of how to fit the BIG new you into your old life.

Received by email:

Hi Veronica, I just wanted to tell you that this meeting was amazing and especially insightful to me…a lot of pieces of the puzzle slipped into place. When Eloheim was talking with Devon about how the new version of her felt so uncomfortable trying to fit back into her old life, I realized I’ve been feeling the same way. So much internal change has happened for me in the past year…really, the last 6 months. I’ve been wondering why I’m not drawn to be with old friends and nothing feels quite right any more. I’ve been trying to fit the new me into the old package!!

Eloheim’s words helped me realize that I need to do some adjusting to my world (I’ve already put up all new artwork!) and I think it’s more about letting the world see who I am now and to stop trying to make myself fit the way it was. I guess I was really ready to hear that because last night I heard a huge “gate latch” click.

Thank you so much, and please pass on my deepest thanks and gratitude to Devon and Randy Sue. I hope Randy Sue is coming to the retreat because I really want to meet her…the topics that she speaks about with Eloheim always resonate quite profoundly with me and I have such gratitude to her (and everyone) for her willingness to be so open.

much love,



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June, 2011

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The Celebration! An Eloheim Inspired Coming of Age Ceremony

Today I begin a new series of posts with guest author Randy Sue Collins. This new series will focus on YOUR stories about how Eloheim’s teachings have affected your life. Do you have a story to contribute? Please email it to eloheimchannel@yahoo.com.

From Randy Sue,

One Wednesday night, I asked Eloheim about the confusion I was seeing in my 19 year old daughter. She was feeling lost and didn’t know how to get back on her track.

Eloheim read my energy and said part of her confusion was due to feeling stuck as a little girl place in our relationship and I was not helping by wanting to keep her there.

During this tearful conversation Eloheim suggested since our culture does not have this kind of ritual, that we create some kind of ceremony celebrating her passing into adulthood.

So I did, and what was created became a day of love, open hearts, rousing conversation and amazing transformation.

We had 19 people in our circle who witnessed the ceremony that included Devon cutting the ribbon which was tied between our wrists symbolizing Mommy/Little Girl moving to Mother/ Adult Daughter. Also the lighting of 2 candles symbolizing her passing childhood and entering adulthood, ending with everyone in the circle handing Devon a rose while telling about what has changed for themselves at 19 and wishing her well in her adult life.

That was a very powerful part of the ceremony. Everyone had something wonderful and heartfelt to say in our sacred circle. The energy was safe, warm and trusting which enabled even those who normally would not open up to bare their souls and shed some tears.

It was a beautiful thing to see and we followed up with a feast for all. I would recommend anyone having some sort of passing-into-adulthood ceremony for their child when the child is ready to receive it. It’s not about what age they are, but when they are ready to cut the ribbon.

Randy Sue Collins

If you would like to hear the meeting where Eloheim and Randy Sue had this conversation, please follow this link and choose the 5-11-2011 session.

December, 2010

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Teach Children To Emanate Their Truth 12-19-10

Hello everyone! We had a great Q&A on December 19, 2010. The free video clip is Eloheim answering the question:

In what way can I serve my children without constantly coming into conflict with what their father thinks is always best for them and without weakening my own position?

A great video which goes on to talk about how to emanate your truth and how to model emanating your truth to others.

Follow the Read More link for the video and the list of all of the questions which were answered.

REMINDER: We hold a Q&A on the third Sunday of each month at 1:00pm Pacific.

12-19-10 ~ 88 minutes ~ December Q&A

Questions answered during this meeting:

In what way can I serve my children without constantly coming into conflict with what their father thinks is always best for them and without weakening my own position?

I have been exploring self love through the healing of an illness over the past year. My recovery process forced me to stop and rest. Subsequently, I have had to take over a year off from working. I now feel like I’m ready to look at rejoining the work world among other things. Yet, I feel so awkward and fearful… The questions swimming in my mind are: What kind of a job should I look for? Will a job be there for me? Will the type of job I need be okay for sustaining my health? How do I go about doing this now?

I have recently been experiencing a strong feeling of distancing myself from my current “life”…any insights would be lovely…thanks

I have a question that is really bugging me while at the same time being kind of taboo. I strongly dislike children (and babies), always have, even when I (technically) was one myself. I say technically because I always felt like an adult trapped in a child’s body. No matter how many horrible incidents there were, now I’m an adult and supposed to like them… right? Well, I don’t, and I wonder if this is a past life influence leaking into this life.

How can I be the completeness of me with my parents?

I’m in love with Fred (one of the members of the Council). Exactly what is it that Fred is doing up there? (Smile.)

I am not where I want to be and don’t have what I want and after over a month of being as open as I possibly know how to be, the only clarity I have gotten is that I have even less interest in the 3D life as I did before, which is surprising but not what I would consider helpful. So my Soul is obviously trying to tell me something but I don’t have a fricken clue as to what that might be. So what is my Soul trying to tell me and I know how to slow the process down but how can we speed it up, a lot?

My body’s immune system apparently is shot and I’m experiencing a lot of strange virus symptoms, fevers, aches and pains. I know I’ve gone through major shifts this year so I’m trying to accept that I’ve challenged myself. Is there a conscious way I can support myself and my body to come back into balance?

I had a question regarding emotion and consciousness; it seems that both of these cannot exist in the same space. Whenever I feel emotional about something, I find it hard to do anything other than be in the moment of that emotion, be it anger, frustration, etc. I am aware in the moment that if i take a step back and try to look at the bigger picture than I will probably feel better, but I find it incredibly hard to do so. It’s as if I prefer to sit in the emotion in an unconscious way. Of course I would very much prefer not to handle it this way, but I am unsure of how to stop the “flow of emotion” to be able to do this. Do you have any insight on this?

My question is about my childhood. I have been recently having a lot of dreams that have me as a child in them, but I’m watching myself in third -person in the dreams, and I was wondering if there is any meaning to having so many dreams with that theme. But also, another element about my childhood is that I don’t have a very good memory of it at all, and I’ve always wondered if there was any explanation for that? And do these two things tie together at all?

I feel like I’ve been trying “fit in” for so many years -trying to stay under the radar and not have people look at me like I’m strange, different, doesn’t fit in – that kind of thing. I don’t think I really know what being the truth of me really is or means.

I feel like I do appreciate what I have in my life but most is not what I would prefer. I would drop probably 95% of it like a hot potato if I could manage to manifest what I would prefer so I guess I am not sure what more to do.

Are the Guardians and council I experience outside of me or a part of me?


Audio downloads from the six meetings held in December, 2010


Price: $7.99

November, 2010

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By the way you LOVE yourself you will be known! 11-10-10

Hello everyone!
REMINDER: Our Q&A with Eloheim is coming up on Sunday the 21st at 1:00pm Pacific. Do you have a question for Eloheim? This is your chance to ask it.

The Eloheim and The Council channeling session of November 10, 2010 included an extensive exploration of “the most powerful tool” The Council has given us: Short Factual Statements.

The Warrior continued their story including meeting the new King who turns out to be a Queen (whom the Warrior seems to be quite enamored of).

The video clip this week is the Girls explaining:

You show people how to love you by the way you love yourselves!

Loving yourself well allows other people to know how to love you.

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October, 2010

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Is This A Healing Relationship? 10-27-10

Hello! The meeting of October 27, 2010 was long and full of powerful information. In the video clip below, Eloheim addresses the ideas: Is this a healing relationship? Do I want your film in my camera? The lack we feel when we consider changing relationships or ending friendships. The freedom this lifetime offers for choosing our location and companions. AND MUCH MORE!

The meeting also included Eloheim explaining how creating our reality works with large events like the World Series. They also gave further information about how to clear static from our lives.

The rest of the Council shared their insights including a new addition to the Warriors’ band!

What am I going to lose if I tell the truth in this moment?

Not having a good relationship with yourself if the greatest form of lack we know.

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