Hello! The meeting of October 27, 2010 was long and full of powerful information. In the video clip below, Eloheim addresses the ideas: Is this a healing relationship? Do I want your film in my camera? The lack we feel when we consider changing relationships or ending friendships. The freedom this lifetime offers for choosing our location and companions. AND MUCH MORE!

The meeting also included Eloheim explaining how creating our reality works with large events like the World Series. They also gave further information about how to clear static from our lives.

The rest of the Council shared their insights including a new addition to the Warriors’ band!

What am I going to lose if I tell the truth in this moment?

Not having a good relationship with yourself if the greatest form of lack we know.

10-27-10 ~ 97 minutes

Guardians: Worked with our energy fields and asked us to bring forward the things in us we most want to transform.

Visionaries: Expanded on the work the Guardians did, with a deep explanation of our current experience in bringing our truth to the forefront.

Eloheim: Expanded even further on the idea of recognizing and experiencing the truth of you, especially in relationships with others. The journey into the truth of you is an inwardly focused journey, and less and less of the general populace will understand what you’re doing. You have to be able to say, “I want healing above all else and I trust myself to know what healing is.”

The Girls: Last week, The Girls asked us to notice a time during the week when “the film in our camera” was something that we liked. They asked for examples and then discussed them.

Warrior: Continue their tale, fast-forwarding to the place where people have asked them to come and take care of a strange beast. This beast is a new beast, and as an analogy, we have something new within us that is coming forward to be seen.

Fred: Talked with us about portal management, and gave us a mantra, “I choose to have my portal be the shape it was when it was first installed.”

Matriarch: Closed the meeting by telling us that we are all of our past, present, and future selves, simultaneously. They experience us as our embodied souls, full of all of our now and our alternate expressions.


Audio downloads from the five meetings held in October, 2010


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