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December, 2013

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FRED: Leave Habit and Let Yourself Fly

FRED encourages us (in a VERY funny way) to let ourselves FLY!


This video is the very end of our 2013 retreat.
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November, 2013

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You Have THE Ticket! ~ 10-23-2013

I really enjoyed the October 23, 2013 session. Powerful ideas powerfully expressed! The YouTube is Fred being super Fredish!

Visionaries: We’ve been observing how a question gets answered, and how often our answer doesn’t give you what you are looking for. You all have some questions that haunt you, that plague you. They are different for each of you, and that difference is fascinating. But many of you don’t actually know what your true question is, so the answer is not satisfying. You don’t know how to put it into a clear, crystalized, question – for us, or for yourself. It’s in your nature to be curious. How do you create a question from a questioning state?

Eloheim: You seem to have an unsolvable issue. It is: “Why can’t I…?”… and then whatever it is for you. But you have to figure out what the real question is. Because, at this point in your process, the answers are becoming very individualized. You need to excavate; you need to get beyond the surface. Go underneath, and keep digging.

Don’t use the same words that you’ve long used for your question. Rephrase it. It’s not about “trying” again; it’s about having a complete change of perspective. You can use your big question, or your big thing, in an equal sign way, to stay small. You can say “I suck here” and then stop. Continue Reading…

September, 2013

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What if Fred Incarnated? ~ 2013-08-28

In the August 24, 2013 Morning Message, Eloheim talked about “What if Fred incarnated?” Fred decided to address this. The results were illuminating! This was also the last meeting before our retreat and The Guardians offered tips on how to connect to the retreat energy if you are not able to join us in person. There is also a powerful teaching on vulnerability in this meeting. Continue Reading…

April, 2013

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Fred shows us level 10 energy AGAIN!

Eloheim gave us all tips for handling Fred’s energy and then Fred did it again! WOW! If you missed the first time that Fred showed us the energy of levels 10 and up, learn more here. Continue Reading…

December, 2011

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There is MORE here! 12-07-2011

This meeting pulled together and explained so many things for me. My entire summer makes so much more sense now.

The theme of the meeting: There is more here! Live from fascination and exploration instead of fear and limitation to create from infinite potentials.

The Guardians began the meeting by inviting us to be centered and focused in the moment to facilitate the opening available in the gathering.

The Visionaries spoke about the different layers where truth can be met as we experience our multilayered reality. We need to be aware of the truth of the moment in order to consciously experience what Fred is facilitating.

Eloheim used the white board to explain the Matriarch’s Step by Step process and Fred’s fractal living idea. (video below)

The new Step by Step process was contrasted to the old way of moving in a linear fashion toward the desired goal. The Step by Step process allows us to use a lot of different “stepping stones” as we move forward in our circle of possibilities. Each stepping stone offers us the opportunity to re-evaluate our truth of the moment (including our desires and goals) while using the Compare you to you tool. In this way we let go of our addiction to certainty. At each stepping stone our whole world, including our baggage and static, can change which opens doorways for new ways of relating. As we integrate more of our self-knowing, we get to choose our stepping stones simply because they delight us rather than from some fear based impulse towards certainty. We get to explore with fascination rather than creating in fear.

Eloheim gave insights on different levels of experiencing our reality. They explained that if something is happening, it is happening on all levels at the same time; we choose which level we wish to experience.

Eloheim highlighted that we have built in conflicts with level one experiences and since we cannot get rid of level one experiences we need to shift how we relate to them.

Fred shared his insights on shifting from one level of experience to another. Instead of defaulting to triggering reactions to the sudden shifts we can use free will to navigate between levels making the entire integration process a lot comfortable which allows us SEE more than what meets the eye.

The session offered great practical tools to help us live in the moment fully as we consciously manifest and continue to know ourselves deeply.

Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


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Multiple Time Streams ~ 11-30-2011

This session was very helpful in supporting the changes we are going through. It shed more light on working with the possibilities, changes, and expansion that “Fred’s Project” is offering to us.

Guardians – explained the powerful energetics of the last session using a “grating cheese” metaphor. The information Fred is bringing to us is pushing us through a transformational matrix not unlike how cheese is pushed through a grater. The result is lots of branched off ideas to work with. The other side has opportunities for new ways of “seeing” and the POWER to perceive the potentials lies in the MOMENT.

Visionaries –  reminded us to “recognize the expansion you have done as you utilize the ‘compare you to you‘ tool.” Compare you to you brings us into the WOW of expansion. Recognizing that we are living in expansion will help as we experience the unfurling process. “Wow” is the path, not how, why or when.  Arriving at “wow” in the moment connects us to the expanded SELF.

They went on to explain that we are doing 3d based energetic jump. Every week The Council will be laying down more of this energetic layer. Since we are in a transformed environment, how we feel in the moment is important not the specific outcome. Specific outcomes are there as script holders at this point. It is the act of moving towards the desired outcome which is far more interesting than the actual embracing of the desired creation. The most important tool right now is recognizing the deep level of the transformation and being aware of the process we have done.

Eloheim -spoke about the importance of three steps in this journey

1) Finding within the “physical sensation” which goes with the idea that infinite possibilities are possible.
2) The idea of being in the WOW of “comparing you to you.”
3) Taking responsibility for our reactions to our creations.

They explained that we are like the  different drops in one hose. how we land can be unique. but launching point will be pretty much the same. We may not have anyone relating to our exact experience, but we are accompanying each other in this journey. They waned us to feel a sense of support around the feeling, “Yes it is unusual, yes it is weird, but this unfurling is happening step by step.”

Fred – was pretty intense as he explained that he has anchored the infinite possibilities for us to tap into in the moment.
He invited us to focus on the truth that we are NOT confined to ONE expression, one possibility and the importance of being in the fascination of one level of fractal birthing the next. One step birthing the next in this unfurling of the energetics, in moving towards our desired manifestations. Inviting ourselves to be in this truth, in this moment  of the infinite possibilities will help in connecting to the potentials he has anchored.

Some powerful words from The Girls in this regard. “Desired outcome is not the place you want to judge yourself on. You want to abide in the WOW of compare you to you.”

The Warrior reminded us of being to be conscious of the survival instinct and catch it whenever it pops up, being aware of the different ways the survival instinct is trying to influence us in these new circumstances will help us create more consciously.

Matriarch – expressed how, at times, the step by step unfurling can feel frustrating. They expressed that they are totally with us in exploring this new vista of potentials.


Audio from all six channeling sessions held in November, 2011


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November, 2011

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Fred’s Project Continues ~ Infinity Squared ~ 11-23-2011

This meeting kicked my ASS. I haven’t had this much trouble handling the energetics since the first night the Warrior came in. I was left feeling like my vertebrae were four inches apart and that all the cells in my body had vast spaces between them. The main subject was Fred’s new project of showing us the infinite perspectives that each moment holds.

Here are some of the ‘POWER’ full insights expressed.

‘Commit to the Potential of this Moment ‘ – The Guardians

“Knowings don’t have to have intellectual back up. It is not provable or repeatable. When you can relax into the Knowing without requiring intellectual back up, you start to bring online your Fractal sense of Processing” – Fred

“Fear not that you lose that sense of truth. This process deepens the knowing of yourself. It does not take away your knowing of yourself. Sometimes what is true now can be ‘I don’t know.’ Not having a concrete certain answer does not invalidate the inquiry” – Warrior.

The Guardians began the meeting by asking us to commit ourselves to the potentials of the present moment. To be in the moment as we gather together in the energetic interaction with each other. Being fully present with our emanation can help us be more open and receptive to what is being shared and what can be brought forward to be shared.

Visionaries held the whip as they reminded us rather intensely (with lots of winks of course) the need to compare “us to us” as we process some of the deep stuff in our clearing list. They highlighted the importance of self-love, using all the tools and commitment to LOVE ourselves and clear the baggage as we are offered the beginning of our next stage in our evolution, as we are beginning to create in total newness while integrating the infinite perspectives.

Eloheim explained at length the newness of Fred’s work, the big role that Fred is playing right now in bringing Quantumness to our experience, and how it can feel strange at times to our linear minds and the body. Eloheim also gave heads up on what might come next or what might already be happening to some of us, helping us to integrate the experience with ease.

Fred was rather clear about mind’s limitation in understanding the infinite perspectives and how tuning into our “knowing” will benefit us in processing on a fractal level the information offered to us. He explained “knowing” further as something that can be felt and it cannot be repeated or proved.

The Warrior was brief and profound as he explained the choice to be on the higher ground of awareness and described the confusion the survival instinct can cause in questioning the process as we abide in “I don’t know” while exploring the moments of uncertainty.

Girls reiterated the importance of the moments of self-love and creator awareness as the key to moving forward. They advised us to take weights off our shoulders by loving ourselves enough to refine what we are doing.

The Matriarch expressed her deep appreciation for the co-creation of this opportunity of expansion; they ended the meeting by holding the energy of gratitude for what is.

This is clearly one of the powerful sessions with Eloheim and the Council.


Audio from all six channeling sessions held in November, 2011


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July, 2011

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The Night It All Changed! Fresh Perspective on the Physical ~ 7-20-2011

Our channeling sessions continue to ramp up and get more powerful each week. The session of July 20, 2011 included Fred saying, “This is the most important question we have ever asked you,” and the Matriarch saying, “You were here the night it all changed.” Wow!

The Guardians: Led us in an exercise to practice bringing our soul’s perspective into our bodies. “Allow the awareness of your surroundings to be drawn into your physical body.”

The Visionaries: (YouTube video below) Summarized their teachings. Laid the foundation for the rest of the meeting. “A fresh perspective on the physical.”

Eloheim: The Council’s focus at this time is to help you integrate your soul’s perspective. Answered many questions from the group about the ways they are connecting to their soul’s perspective. Follow up on the conversation from the previous meeting about aging parents.

The Girls: Clarified an idea that Eloheim had a hard time putting into words using car and gambling metaphors! (That doesn’t happen every day) “We feel you on the edge of a big jump.” Explained how The Council sees our energy and how they use what they see to help us.

Fred: “You are dancing on the edge of uncertainty and surprise. Look for places in your life where you are uncertain so that you can dance in them. Can you dance and delight in uncertainty and surprise? We have never asked you a more important question.”

The Warrior: “Go back to, ‘What is my current truth?’ in the long journey of surprise. Seek the truth of the truth of you, it’s a good companion.”

Matriarch: “You were here on a night when everything changed. You can’t turn back the tide of this energetic shift.”

Download the audio recording and/or watch the video replay of this meeting:
86 minutes ~ $2.99


Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


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How to Experience Oneness Even When You Don’t Understand Others ~ 7-13-2011

Powerful session! So many amazing ideas are covered in this recording:

The Guardians: Allow yourself to know you’re part of the all, part of the one. Let yourself fully embody the part that you have decided to experience. The ascension path connects you to your body more deeply. The physical is the pathway to Homo spiritus.

The Visionaries: (YouTube video below) Profound description of “oneness.” A review of service mentality: Are you reaching over the “big issue” in your life to tell someone else how they should be living?

Eloheim: Reveled in how powerful the Visionaries’ message was. Reviewed and clarified the idea that “it can’t be happening in your external world unless it’s true in your internal world” using the example of the Rupert Murdoch news organization hacking into cell phone records. How to apply the “Go to the bathroom” tool when you find yourself in a conversation full of judgements. Reviewed the “10 things” tool with an example from the group about how well it is working. Eloheim closed their section with an AMAZING talk about aging parents, our “heart’s desire” for a good mommy, how we can be a good mommy for ourselves, and how we can release mommy and daddy from the role that they were never able to fill.

The Girls: “Since you are always looking for growth, it is really easy to find places where you wish you were parented differently. Nurture yourself. What can you do in this moment to help you with the desire for a feeling of being nurtured?”

Fred: “We feel an embraced, supportive, loved, I see you, energy in the room.”

The Warrior: Talked about his love for his wife Marianna and described her strength. Spoke about leadership, “True leaders know the truth of themselves.”

Matriarch: “Energetically you all feel like you are within ’embracing distance.'” Summarized the meeting and expressed gratitude to the group.


Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


Price: $8.99

On 7-12-2011 I was interviewed on the Every Day Connections program. This was a fun interview and one of the only interviews I’ve done where I didn’t channel! We talked a lot about how I have applied Eloheim’s teachings in my life. We discussed other spiritual concepts as well.

Tool Review and Defining Shadow AKA The Public Farting Video ~ 7-6-2011

Our channeling session of July 6, 2011 was very unusual. During the previous weeks’ meeting, The Warrior asked everyone to write down their three favorite tools and to bring them to our 7/6/2011 meeting. We gathered up the lists and everyone chose one randomly with Eloheim choosing for the folks tuning in online. We then went around the circle with each participant talking about the list of tools they had received.

It was fascinating to see what tools were included and to hear everyone’s comments about how they are using different tools. A number of tools were new to some of the folks attending and they were all great reminders.

If you would like me to choose three tools for you to work with, email eloheimchannel@yahoo.com.

The Guardians: Talked about how the experience of having the meeting room doors open gives everyone an opportunity to practice focusing while more stimulated. They tied this to the new “10 things” tool.

The Visionaries: “The upcoming tool review exercise is not intended to put you into a mental space. It does not require obsessive or habitual thinking. Remember to connect to insight, to ‘What is true now?’, and ‘How am I being in this moment?’ Let’s have an exercise as Homo spiritus. Allow the most truth of you to be present. Come at this from a very fresh place!”

Eloheim: Major tool review! Also spoke about shadow: If you feel shame about it, then you are generating shadow. It’s up to you to make a different relationship to shame and a different relationship to the act that generated the shame. YouTube video below.

The Girls: Talked about the “Oh, yeah! There’s a possibility for me!” expansion energy they felt as the group did the tool review. Be in “Oh, yeah!”

Fred: Checked into the group’s crown chakras which act as the portal between the body and the soul’s perspective. Declared that they are, “Looking good!”

The Warrior: Spoke of their fascination about which tools the group picked for the review. “One of the main reasons we wanted you to look at the tools is so that we could look at your energy field as you look at them.” They saw the tools move through the Heart/Power chakra combination offering the opportunity to discover, “How does this tell me about me and how does this allow me to move the truth of me into the world?”

Matriarch:“You are becoming grown-ups in the Homo spiritus sense. You bring such a sense of your authentic desire to emanate the truth of you into the way you experience the world – energetic authenticity.”


Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


Price: $8.99



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