In the August 24, 2013 Morning Message, Eloheim talked about “What if Fred incarnated?” Fred decided to address this. The results were illuminating! This was also the last meeting before our retreat and The Guardians offered tips on how to connect to the retreat energy if you are not able to join us in person. There is also a powerful teaching on vulnerability in this meeting.

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We feel summoned by your collective desire, willingness and readiness. The more you stay in a state of openness and receptivity, the more surface area you offer us, the more we can help you. For those not attending the retreat, you can intend to connect with us energetically, especially before going to bed.

Visionaries: Things are starting to feel more sensible to you, to have a real validity. You’re not always feeling that you’re not getting it or like you’re always walking uphill. And, as you start to get traction, recommit to the tools, to the “I am willing.” Don’t use the old version of you to deal with what’s new. Accept that you can’t explain your new experience, you can’t reproduce it, and it’s not always going to be there. Just see what it gives you. You can’t have brand new and certainty at the same time. So, when discomfort comes up, how will you relate to it? Can you allow it? Can you feel fascinated? Can you just be with the fact of it? Remember the tree analogy – where it feels safe and slow in the center of the trunk, but when you are at the edges of the tree, a lot is going on. You’re on the edge. You’re out of boot camp and into the real world now, with its vastly different experiences and applications. It’s all new – and uncertain.

Eloheim: We don’t understand why you think this should be easy. When you work with your triggers, you will be uneasy. It’s normal. The un-acceptance you’ve had of this state has to change. What is, is. At the retreat, don’t bring in static. You will bring some baggage, but don’t create static in the moment. If you do, notice it and then just let it drop. Dismiss it.

During this process, you can feel isolated. It’s just you – dealing with your issues – focusing on the things you don’t like – all while we’re poke at them! The only doorway out of this, the only doorway to transformation, is forthright acceptance. You grab whatever it is and say “yes” even after you’ve gone excavating deep within yourself. Just “yes.” Period. When you stay so present in the truth of your “flaws,” this creates vulnerability, and vulnerability is a magnetic state. When you looked at each other, while being triggered by us, we witnessed your vulnerability. “I still let it be seen.” Don’t assume that the judgment you have of yourself is shared by others.

The tenuous place, the nebulous place, the place of uncertainty or discomfort: It’s not explainable. Just allow it to keep unfolding. The person who is in that state is new; it is not the old you, so you may not remember how you got there. Don’t retrace your steps; the you who got yourself here is not who you are now.

Don’t assume somebody else has the answer. You are doing ballet during an earthquake, instead of running for protection. You just keep doing the ballet.

Fred: If we were incarnate, we would most want to be a mad scientist that has the freedom to explore new things. But if you have a body, you also have a survival instinct, this impulse to stay alive at all costs. So when you have a body, and face the survival instinct and face your triggers, you are doing something really incredible; it’s super-hero stuff. You do super-hero stuff every day – but you see it as lacking. That’s what WE don’t understand. All those things you say you want – all the tele-things, flying, instant manifestation — you have all that when you are not physical. It’s normal then! And you’ll have it again when you leave the physical body. So enjoy your human experience while you have it. This is the gig! When you’re here, do earth stuff! Focus on the moment. You only get this moment once. Make it count.

Warrior: The biggest thing we don’t get, and our biggest wish, is for you to turn towards your fears, triggers, discomfort, uncertainty, confusion. Turn towards it – immediately. Build that fire in you. Understand that these things are not to be tolerated for any length of time. Imagine these things as bad guys running all along the hills above your home, ready to come down and kill you. Well, don’t just let these things run around above you. Handle them! Go find them, do bad things to them – and feel good doing it!

Girls: What we do understand, but wish to change is that, when there are parts about yourself that you don’t like, you make that a reason to not love yourself at all. Don’t do that. When you don’t like things, admit them. “I don’t love this about myself, YET.” The “yet” puts you in a new part of your brain, where you acknowledge that it’s a temporary condition. You can be confused about something, but not judge it as wrong. You can OWN your confusion, and just abide there. “I’m just confused because I’m in a learning place.” If you make it wrong – if you tell yourself you’re screwing up – you’ll stop doing it, and then the survival instinct wins. Don’t use your confusion as an excuse to stop pushing the envelope.

Matriarch: There isn’t anything that we don’t understand about you. Our role is to hold the vision of you as we know you, as your soul self. So we’re not confused by your humanness. We just see you dallying, playing and exploring – inherently curious and courageous. When we see you, we see nothing that is lacking, or that needs fixing or even transformation