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Questions answered during the August Q&A with Eloheim
For a few months I have severe pain in my right foot, although there is nothing wrong with it organically. I have worked on it with my tools and in the way you recommended to Maya during the last Q&A. My current state is: what is is! No change, the foot feels like it’s crushed, the pain is immense and often hard to handle. I’d like you to shine your light on it.

I am looking forward to sitting and connecting with you for the next hour or so. I am ready & willing to receive. I woke up with a bit of physical discomfort in the left neck/shoulder area. What is this telling me other than that I slept incorrectly? What’s the best way for me to release the discomfort energetically? Is there anything I need to pay attention to specifically?

I’m about ready to move to Eastern Oregon, and the choice is/has been definitely testing my survival instinct. I have to give myself and my survival instinct some credit, because we’re doing a fairly good job of not freaking out like we used to, although there’s still fear. I’m wondering if there’s any advice you could give me, and it, to trust the process more. We’re taking a big leap.

I would like some clarity in a mix of thoughts which I’d like to bridge to a next level of understanding. There’s: I prefer an improvement of my financial flow. (change) There’s: accept what is. (don’t change) These two go together like oil and water, or like myself and triggers; they don’t. Feels like a knot in my system, like a paradox. I should first OWN what IS. But when I sit with that and ask “what’s true now?” I go, “I want to improve my financial situation..”, which sounds like: I DON’T want to OWN what is. How can we bridge that I prefer change and that you want me to NOT do that? (Thank you for your immense guidance! meaning if you’d only hummm a bit for the next minute and I would have to take that as my answer, I’d still be forever grateful for all you’ve done so far.)

I am not so sure of anything now, I decided to sign with A REAL ESTATE agency in South Carolina, this decision brought up fear, anger and uncertainty. The condo belongs to my boyfriend; he said I could stay there while I figure it out. I realized I want out of the relationship, I want my own home, I want my own car and I know somehow I must allow something to come into my life to afford to take care of myself. I feel I tangled myself into this life and I want freedom from this. I do not recognize myself anymore. Can you see what is going on for me please? I have also been having digestive issues too.

Please check my energy. What do you see that I’m not seeing?

Well, I finally gave into what I have spent my life wanting not to do and I have embraced my 3d earth life. I am now doing everything that I would be, and to the same extent, if I wasn’t doing this ascension thing. Relatively speaking, I couldn’t ask for more and my life is an easy set of paint by numbers projects going out basically until I die. I do mean that literally, I have done everything I have any interest in doing from this level of limitation as far as “life projects” go so my life has become a fairly easy and pleasant Wash, Rinse, and Repeat sort of affair so my stress level is down and it is an improvement over what it has been. The only downside I see is that, as far as I can tell, it has extremely little in common with how I would like to be living so the only question I have at this point, and sorry I don’t really know how else to ask this, is, Is there going to a point in this Earth Experience where I will actually be able to relatively immediately and specifically manifest what I want for no other reason then I want to, and if so, what other specific obligations do I need to fulfill to get me to that point or, beyond a little nudge here and there, is this experience basically as good as it gets here, because I would really like to know that as it does make a difference to me.

Last month you touched on the significance of dreams and will appreciate if you would expand a little on this subject. There are many books on the market about dream interpretation and the information there is very different. The only thing they seem to agree on is that everything in a dream is about the dreamer or aspects of the dreamer. One of my questions is: is there such a thing as Universal symbols of mind? Or are the symbols very personal for the individual. Since my dreams are communication from my soul I am extremely interested in understanding the process and would appreciate your insights on the subject.

How can I best support my husband’s process of emotional and physical healing, restoration and lifestyle changes? Is there anything I’m not seeing about myself that may be impeding or not optimally supporting his healing or even my own?

I am having more pain in the left side of my neck and the top of my head. I am doing acupuncture which helps for a couple of days and I have pain medicine which helps as well. I still have the sensitivity to noise which although it has gotten much better. I was wondering if you could take a look energetically and speak to me about what is going on energetically and what things may help the healing process. I have noticed that certain people like my mom’s voice seems to aggravate my hyperacousis (noise sensitivity) more than others.