Our meeting room has two, large, metal, roll-up doors. When it is windy, the doors will rattle in their tracks. Typically, we adjust the doors so that the wind doesn’t do that, but this time, The Council asked us to let them rattle and used that energy in their teaching.

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Guardians: Rattle yourself! Rattle yourself out of where you have been, out of your old patterns. Allow yourself to be rattled into uncertainty and get used to it. “It’s my preferred state to be rattled, to be in uncertainty, because then I know that I am not in habit”. The state of feeling rattled, of feeling uncomfortable, is actually a state full of potentials and possibilities. So be at ease with being rattled.

Visionaries: The first thing that has to go is: “it should feel different than it does,” having an argument with what is. When you ask for change in your life, then be open to change, and don’t use habits to evaluate it when it happens. Evaluate things from the now. Change requires a different processing mechanism from you because it is outside of your normal patterns. It doesn’t always feel like you wished it felt. “This change feels uncomfortable…AND….” Whatever comes after the “and” is likely to distract you from the actual experience. Start from the now. Drop your stories, and see present facts as a new starting point. Use the current version of you to evaluate and interact with the world.

Eloheim: [had several discussions with participants about how the current versions of them are playing out in their lives]. Stay in your own truth. Don’t go down to a lower vibration to match others, and be aware that your changes may challenge the people you interact with.

Some body issues are a type of “rattling.” Take the time to allow your body to have a nuanced language with you about it. Your soul’s trying to get your attention; its insights are always there.

When the current version of you addresses the truth of you, that’s a very high vibrational state. Being in your truth, in your facts – without outcome or fears – will not feel embarrassing. Let the current version of you interact with your now. Look around you, without judgment. Focus on facts. Catch your stories; these have the energy of cobwebs, so don’t let them pull on you. Just be with the facts. Say, “this is what I’m starting the game with.”


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