Eloheim is in retreat warm-up mode and offering super powerful, energetically intense, no BS, “IT’S TIME!”, information. This session blew me away.

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According to Eloheim, the theme of this meeting was “What are the other ways I can interact with my current experience?”

Eloheim spent quite a bit of time in the beginning speaking about feeling into why you came to this meeting, what are you seeking when you chose to be here and stressing the importance of staying out of outcome. They reminded us to sit in the space of the “what is true moment.” In order to have new results, we must use new neural pathways. We must be willing to let things change, something Homo sapiens always ask for but have difficulties allowing to happen. As Eloheim always says, “You can’t have change without change.” How willing are you to make room for a different experience of your problem or issue you brought to this table?

Examine what we are thinking about, what takes up most of our day. Is it past or future, worries and frustrations, fears and anxieties? Instead of “be in the moment,” a phrase Eloheim would like to see gone, use “let go of the fixation on outcome.” Stay out of the 50th step. Stay on the first step.

In the middle of the session, Eloheim spoke at length about how “fixation on specific outcome leads to suffering.” The new way is not the old Homo sapiens’ way, it is played out, and now the journey is as a Homo sapiens. The old way has no new answers. The new way is not to fixate on outcome. Be super aware of the temptation to fall back into old patterns as those voices can’t be allowed a say in your new way of being. Ride through the discomfort, and be ready for uncertainty as you walk a new path. Step by Step is the new way.

Q: I am surprised at the intensity of my reaction to something new that I want in my life. I have changed my response patterns, why is the old reaction still so strong?

Q: I am getting better at working with my anger issues and am choosing a better knife to cut through it. Any suggestions? Eloheim talked about “what is, IS” and offered a new body exercise which changes our viewpoint and reroutes your energy field.

Q: I don’t feel in my body. My life is changing so fast and so much. What is going on?

Q: No question first, just a comment about the wonderful results from our last session. My question: I am tired. Is it from the energy work I have been doing or from something else or is it a combination of everything?

Q: In my meditations, my brow chakra feels tight. Why?


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Sebastopol 2013-08-05

The truth is, when you gather like this, your vibration changes. Your awareness of you changes. Your ability to be present changes. And from that place we engage you. From the “what is true now” place we engage you. This is the moment where we engage you; we start from here, right now. So those of you who have a token and get to sit and ask a question , be sure that the question is influenced by the “what is true now” place—that it opens from the “what is true now” place.

In order to have new results you must use new parts of your brain called the neural pathways. New neural pathways must be used in order for you to have a new experience. The same answer isn’t going to get you a solution; isn’t going to offer transformation, doesn’t present change. Thinking the same thought will not get you where you wish to go. All these are ways of saying if you want things to be different, you have to let new in even when you ask your question, even when you present yourself to be examined energetically by us. Open to the opportunity that this offers you not to be witnessed in the repetition of your previous thoughts, but in the experience of the newest “you” you have access to.

Open to this moment and what it has for you. Open to this moment giving you its gift. Lots and lots of different ways of saying the same thing, but it’s important, so we repeat it letting you feel into something we have said for years now—-You can’t have change without change. It’s a ludicrous statement both ways. It’s ludicrous to have to say it out loud and it’s ludicrous that people wish to have change, but don’t let things change. Let that just sink in a new way. We know many of you have heard it many times. We don’t care. Let’s just let it sink in together. That thing that you come to us with a question about, that thing that’s in you that’s bothering you, your big issue, your big trigger, whatever confuses you. How willing are you to let your life make room for a different experience? How genuinely willing are you to let your life open so that you can have a new experience?

Now this is a question that if you answer truthfully, the answer is “not very.” Because if you already answered yes, you’re super duper willing, it wouldn’t be bugging you still. So let’s be honest. “Not very.” And there’s the crux of the matter. Let’s see what we can do about changing the “not very” truth to “a little more willing that when I walked in the front door.” Step by step. What we’re looking for together is an opportunity to change the place where you have that inquiry that says, “What I am willing to let be different in order for change to take root in me, to take root in my life, to make a difference in my world.” Sometimes it’s letting yourself think a different way [that ]is what we’ve been focusing on a lot.

We’ve been doing these morning messages with Veronica, mostly every day. We have a little conversation with Veronica and she puts it on the Internet. The major focus of that has been what are you thinking about? What are you focusing on? What are you letting take up your day? What is your contemplation? A lot of times you have a problem and you don’t make room for any new thoughts. And if you’re creating your reality, which we agree collectively you are, you’re creating the next moment from this one. Or as we’ve said it, you’re using the raw materials of this moment to create the next. What raw materials are you using? Are you using the past and the future? Are you using fears and anxieties? Are you using worries and frustrations? “Yes, Eloheim, I am,” is the answer to that question or you wouldn’t be here. And it’s okay. Part of our role is to alert you to the things you’re doing. You are doing this and now you know you’re doing it. Now the light is on, the spotlight shining right on it, saying, “this is what I’m doing.”

You’ve all heard teachers say to you, for decades now, “be in the moment.” We’re sick of it. We’re really, really, really fatigued with that term. Rather than say “be in the moment,” because it’s just overused and nobody actually knows what it means anyway – not in a lasting way. Don’t be fixated. Don’t be fixated on the outcome. Don’t be fixated on, “it has to be this way or I don’t feel safe.” That’s one way not to be in the moment – not to be fixated on the outcome. We have this tool called “This is my first choice,” meaning whatever is happening, this was my plan all along. “This was my first choice; I really wanted it to be this way. I may not exactly know why and I may not be a hundred percent convinced of it, but if I look at the world and say that however it IS, is the way I wanted it to be, because it IS the way it IS!, -it’s good to put an exclamation point after that. This changes the way you use your brain. Gotta change the way you use your brain.

The other thing we’ve been talking a lot about is the idea that you are not here to become super good Homo sapiens. “I’ll just keep at it and become the best little Homo sapiens you ever saw.” That’s not the point. The point of being on this planet at this time is to evolve into Homo spiritus which you, you might call ascension or you might call enlightenment. We don’t care what you call it. The truth of the matter is use your brain a different way to have different experiences. To have different experiences being human. Not to be the best human being you can be, but to be a completely different type of human. To actually experience this world in a way you’re never experienced it before.

We call it incorporating your soul’s perspective meaning the non-physical part of you, the infinite, immortal, non-physical part of you wants to collaborate with you on this journey of being in the physical form. The Homo sapien’s mind set, Homo sapien’s thoughts, Homo sapien’s neural pathways will never get you to Homo spiritus. You’ve got to think new thoughts. You’ve got to go a different direction. If you’re always having the same thoughts about your big issue, be concerned. That’s a red flag. Not worry, not upset, just be aware that, “I’m always thinking the same thoughts about my big issue. How in the world do I expect to have anything else happen?” Magic? Lightning bolt from the sky? Seriously. If we opened up that piano and we played a song and we played the same song every time, you wouldn’t expect different music to come out of it, would you? Say, “No.” But you’ll think the same thoughts for 20 or 30 years and expect something new to come out of it. Let’s see if we can change that, huh?