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April, 2016

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Are you an Information Gatherer?

If you’re one of those people who have read every book, watched every video, and followed a myriad of different teachers on any or all subjects that interest you, then you are what Eloheim terms “an information gatherer” and this conference call is for you.

In this call, Veronica and Eloheim talk about the ramifications of being an information gatherer, including how it leads to our favorite familiar sufferings, uncertainty, and being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information we have gathered, which usually leads to not knowing how to use said information before we give up and move on to the next piece or teacher.

These quotes come from the callers’ sharings in reference to information gathering:

It’s “hamster wheel mind manifested.” Kerri

“I was a heavy duty information gatherer.” Miche

“I like to talk myself out of things” Chris — to which Veronica added — “that I already have the answer to.”

“I turned that [information gathering] into my favorite familiar suffering. I never sat still anywhere to gain anything.” Richard

There’s a preprogrammed thing –the survival instinct — that says run away from discomfort and uncertainty, Veronica said, and the only way only way to get to insight is to go through the discomfort to the other side.

Along with the information gathering process, there is also a tendency to use the body to set boundaries instead of using our words or actions because we don’t want to abide in the discomfort of uncertainty. This boundary setting comes out in many different ways through our bodies. Stomach and skin issues for example. Missy Crazy was also referred to in this discussion as a response to setting boundaries far too late in the process. Do you ever find yourself in the Missy Crazy zone?

At the end, Eloheim popped in to talk to the group and had a brief question and answer session with those on the call. During this time, a new tool was created in response to a question about pivoting. Eloheim calls this one the “Shift Your Weight” tool.

60 minute audio recording
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March, 2014

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Have You Had FUN Today? ~ 2014-03-26

We had a great session to close out March. It included teachings from each Council member.

March 26 ~ Sonoma

Price: $6.99

Visionaries: When you try to speculate, project, predict – when you go ‘outside’ to seek certainty to comfort you, when you focus “over there” – all of that leaves you unconscious. Certainty, speculation and “over there” are energy give-aways. If your confusion involves another person, just ask them outright. Don’t speculate. Focus on what’s in your lap. Where you live is on the step you’re on. ENJOY staying within yourself and abiding in “I don’t know.” This is level 6. What does this invite in?

Eloheim: Catch yourself when you speculate. When you encounter people or behaviors that stump you, instead of going into speculation, just say “they’re fixing their fears,” just as you fix your fears. It allows compassion and heals the separation. “It’s all me.”

Be conscious of the difference between real danger and perceived danger and train yourself not to be terrified. You’ve been told to “listen to your body” but what if it’s just triggered with adrenaline? Create a dialogue with your body so that, when you have a reaction, you can decide whether there is real danger or not. When you are in tune with the messages in your body, your emanation can go out into the world. When you are out of tune, it doesn’t. Your old habits will continue to want to steer you into being out of tune. They need attention – choices – until they naturally align towards being IN tune. Abide in the reactions you’ve chosen. Level 4 keeps asking for choices. “I will spend a nanosecond longer in peace” creates a new neural pathway, away from familiar suffering. “This is MY nanosecond; I own it.” The body responds and resonates to the new alignment. Continue Reading…

November, 2013

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You are NOT the small version of you! ~ 2013-11-17

Our November Q&A with Eloheim began with me feeling VERY emotional. The exploration of uncertainty I had been doing came to an overwhelming head and left me in tears of confusion. It was extremely powerful to speak to the group about my feelings and then to further examine what was going on by writing and talking about it. It was only 11 days ago, yet feels more like several years.

The Q&A included questions from all over the world asking a very similar thing: “What do you see going on with me?” The variety of answers and support offered by Eloheim was incredible as usual.

Download and/or watch the session on demand

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October, 2013

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What Transformation Looks Like! ~ 10-20-2013

Our October Q&A was powerful!!! Join our next Q&A on November 17th.


Price: $6.99

Questions answered 10-20-2013
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August, 2013

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Allow Yourself to be Rattled! 2013-08-14

Our meeting room has two, large, metal, roll-up doors. When it is windy, the doors will rattle in their tracks. Typically, we adjust the doors so that the wind doesn’t do that, but this time, The Council asked us to let them rattle and used that energy in their teaching.

Guardians: Rattle yourself! Rattle yourself out of where you have been, out of your old patterns. Allow yourself to be rattled into uncertainty and get used to it. “It’s my preferred state to be rattled, to be in uncertainty, because then I know that I am not in habit”. The state of feeling rattled, of feeling uncomfortable, is actually a state full of potentials and possibilities. So be at ease with being rattled.

Visionaries: The first thing that has to go is: “it should feel different than it does,” having an argument with what is. Continue Reading…

Conversation w/Eloheim ~ The Body

Conversations with Eloheim: The body

Conversations with Eloheim: The Body

20 Questions Answered in this 64 minute conversation – #4 in the Conversations Series

Order the direct download

Audio and video download: $9.99 (for both)

Price: $14.99

Questions answered: Continue Reading…

July, 2013

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Posture for Receiving

We had our monthly session in Sebastopol on July 1st. Eloheim answered questions on a variety of topics. They also offered a new posture for receiving. It surprised me how vulnerable this posture allowed me to feel. POWERFUL!

Order the audio download of the session.

Price: $4.99

We return to Sebastopol on August 5th at 7:00pm and we get to continue using the new meeting room with carpet and soft chairs!!! See map below. Continue Reading…

May, 2013

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The Body and The Spiritual Journey

Our next Conversations with Eloheim will be on The Body and The Spiritual Journey. If you have a question you would like to submit on this subject, please do! It’s important that you follow these guidelines.

1) Question should be 20 words or less
2) Start it as a question i.e “How can .. ? “, “Should I” etc.
3) Phrase it as an “I” question

You can email your question to eloheimchannel at yahoo dot com or put it in the comments section of this post.
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September, 2012

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Building Trust With The Body ~ 2012-09-19

The September 19, 2012 channeling session represented a milestone as The Council is now focused on teaching us to build trust with the body. The YouTube clip is Eloheim asking, “Are you playing fear ping pong?” This began a powerful discussion by multiple Council members on how to have a new relationship with the body. Continue Reading…

July, 2011

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How to Experience Oneness Even When You Don’t Understand Others ~ 7-13-2011

Powerful session! So many amazing ideas are covered in this recording:

The Guardians: Allow yourself to know you’re part of the all, part of the one. Let yourself fully embody the part that you have decided to experience. The ascension path connects you to your body more deeply. The physical is the pathway to Homo spiritus.

The Visionaries: (YouTube video below) Profound description of “oneness.” A review of service mentality: Are you reaching over the “big issue” in your life to tell someone else how they should be living?

Eloheim: Reveled in how powerful the Visionaries’ message was. Reviewed and clarified the idea that “it can’t be happening in your external world unless it’s true in your internal world” using the example of the Rupert Murdoch news organization hacking into cell phone records. How to apply the “Go to the bathroom” tool when you find yourself in a conversation full of judgements. Reviewed the “10 things” tool with an example from the group about how well it is working. Eloheim closed their section with an AMAZING talk about aging parents, our “heart’s desire” for a good mommy, how we can be a good mommy for ourselves, and how we can release mommy and daddy from the role that they were never able to fill.

The Girls: “Since you are always looking for growth, it is really easy to find places where you wish you were parented differently. Nurture yourself. What can you do in this moment to help you with the desire for a feeling of being nurtured?”

Fred: “We feel an embraced, supportive, loved, I see you, energy in the room.”

The Warrior: Talked about his love for his wife Marianna and described her strength. Spoke about leadership, “True leaders know the truth of themselves.”

Matriarch: “Energetically you all feel like you are within ’embracing distance.'” Summarized the meeting and expressed gratitude to the group.


Audio from all five sessions held in July, 2011


Price: $8.99

On 7-12-2011 I was interviewed on the Every Day Connections program. This was a fun interview and one of the only interviews I’ve done where I didn’t channel! We talked a lot about how I have applied Eloheim’s teachings in my life. We discussed other spiritual concepts as well.



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