A Profound Conversation


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In January 2015, Eloheim introduced a new way to think about Level 7. It was a huge PLOP meeting which left most (if not all) of us scratching our heads. Eloheim moved into a different way of describing Level 7 (Body, Personality, Awareness) which got through to the group and super charged our progress.


However, I always had the “other explanation” in the back of my mind. Here’s a photo.

I remember clearly walking up my road listening to Eloheim decide which words to use. I wanted to revisit this.

I put out an invitation for folks to join me on a private call to do just that.

It was profound and deeply emotional.

The 77 minute audio recording is now available.

I really enjoyed listening today…

felt like it hit a spot…

remembering something

When E spoke of the precious sacredness of EVERYTHING in my environment being all me…it was a gate latch for me. Maybe a small gate and maybe the first of many more gates but I felt like I “got it” in a way I hadn’t before. Lots to assimilate and process and I’m still basking in the feeling of sacredness of all I create.

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