This session was very helpful in supporting the changes we are going through. It shed more light on working with the possibilities, changes, and expansion that “Fred’s Project” is offering to us.

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Guardians – explained the powerful energetics of the last session using a “grating cheese” metaphor. The information Fred is bringing to us is pushing us through a transformational matrix not unlike how cheese is pushed through a grater. The result is lots of branched off ideas to work with. The other side has opportunities for new ways of “seeing” and the POWER to perceive the potentials lies in the MOMENT.

Visionaries –  reminded us to “recognize the expansion you have done as you utilize the ‘compare you to you‘ tool.” Compare you to you brings us into the WOW of expansion. Recognizing that we are living in expansion will help as we experience the unfurling process. “Wow” is the path, not how, why or when.  Arriving at “wow” in the moment connects us to the expanded SELF.

They went on to explain that we are doing 3d based energetic jump. Every week The Council will be laying down more of this energetic layer. Since we are in a transformed environment, how we feel in the moment is important not the specific outcome. Specific outcomes are there as script holders at this point. It is the act of moving towards the desired outcome which is far more interesting than the actual embracing of the desired creation. The most important tool right now is recognizing the deep level of the transformation and being aware of the process we have done.

Eloheim -spoke about the importance of three steps in this journey

1) Finding within the “physical sensation” which goes with the idea that infinite possibilities are possible.
2) The idea of being in the WOW of “comparing you to you.”
3) Taking responsibility for our reactions to our creations.

They explained that we are like the  different drops in one hose. how we land can be unique. but launching point will be pretty much the same. We may not have anyone relating to our exact experience, but we are accompanying each other in this journey. They waned us to feel a sense of support around the feeling, “Yes it is unusual, yes it is weird, but this unfurling is happening step by step.”

Fred – was pretty intense as he explained that he has anchored the infinite possibilities for us to tap into in the moment.
He invited us to focus on the truth that we are NOT confined to ONE expression, one possibility and the importance of being in the fascination of one level of fractal birthing the next. One step birthing the next in this unfurling of the energetics, in moving towards our desired manifestations. Inviting ourselves to be in this truth, in this moment  of the infinite possibilities will help in connecting to the potentials he has anchored.

Some powerful words from The Girls in this regard. “Desired outcome is not the place you want to judge yourself on. You want to abide in the WOW of compare you to you.”

The Warrior reminded us of being to be conscious of the survival instinct and catch it whenever it pops up, being aware of the different ways the survival instinct is trying to influence us in these new circumstances will help us create more consciously.

Matriarch – expressed how, at times, the step by step unfurling can feel frustrating. They expressed that they are totally with us in exploring this new vista of potentials.


Audio from all six channeling sessions held in November, 2011


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