This meeting pulled together and explained so many things for me. My entire summer makes so much more sense now.

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The theme of the meeting: There is more here! Live from fascination and exploration instead of fear and limitation to create from infinite potentials.

The Guardians began the meeting by inviting us to be centered and focused in the moment to facilitate the opening available in the gathering.

The Visionaries spoke about the different layers where truth can be met as we experience our multilayered reality. We need to be aware of the truth of the moment in order to consciously experience what Fred is facilitating.

Eloheim used the white board to explain the Matriarch’s Step by Step process and Fred’s fractal living idea. (video below)

The new Step by Step process was contrasted to the old way of moving in a linear fashion toward the desired goal. The Step by Step process allows us to use a lot of different “stepping stones” as we move forward in our circle of possibilities. Each stepping stone offers us the opportunity to re-evaluate our truth of the moment (including our desires and goals) while using the Compare you to you tool. In this way we let go of our addiction to certainty. At each stepping stone our whole world, including our baggage and static, can change which opens doorways for new ways of relating. As we integrate more of our self-knowing, we get to choose our stepping stones simply because they delight us rather than from some fear based impulse towards certainty. We get to explore with fascination rather than creating in fear.

Eloheim gave insights on different levels of experiencing our reality. They explained that if something is happening, it is happening on all levels at the same time; we choose which level we wish to experience.

Eloheim highlighted that we have built in conflicts with level one experiences and since we cannot get rid of level one experiences we need to shift how we relate to them.

Fred shared his insights on shifting from one level of experience to another. Instead of defaulting to triggering reactions to the sudden shifts we can use free will to navigate between levels making the entire integration process a lot comfortable which allows us SEE more than what meets the eye.

The session offered great practical tools to help us live in the moment fully as we consciously manifest and continue to know ourselves deeply.

Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


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