Great examples of jumping time streams!!

First off, an update from Donna about the disappearing rock from the 12-07-2011 meeting. During the meeting Donna explained that she had a five-pound stone disappear from her bed during the night. Eloheim said, “The cat (Charlie Tuna) took it! Ask for it back.”

Donna writes:

Following last nights meeting I went home and found Charlie Tuna sleeping on the bed in the guest room. I woke him and simply asked him to return my rock, telling him that I would never again put it on the bed. He went right back to sleep. When I went into my bedroom the rock was on the bed in the same location as the night before. ———————— While this was a WOW — it was a different WOW than when the rock disappeared. I felt a little pulling downward vibrationally. A little doubting of my sanity. Just a little too much THINKING. I know I am sane so I am just going to go with the WOW!

Maya has a great story about changing our relationship to fear:

I want to share something that happened this morning that relates to the teaching about Fractals …

For the last few days, I have been having this projection/vision coming up about a stranger coming to my house and possibly breaking in …. I felt fear running through me to say the least!

This morning, while out dog walking, I started thinking about the fear I had been experiencing and allowed myself to feel it fully and realized I was at level 1 of the fractal teaching that Eloheim had just taken us through … I decided I wanted to explore different versions of that experience. What eventually happened was I saw why I had created this fear and what it was teaching me …. it was about some judgements I was holding onto …

As I transformed those judgements, I felt myself shift into a really open hearted space and felt enormous compassion for this stranger, all of a sudden knowing why (in the version I had seen) he was the way he was. From the latest Eloheim video, I felt as if I had jumped into level 4.

Soul’s guidance was then to beam rays of love from my heart to his to help him transform his own hopelessness to empowerment.

A few minutes later, by a bridge the dogs and I were about to shelter under because of the rain, I saw this stranger! I met the version 4 level of him!! We spoke for an hour and he told me he used to be a disturbed youth and now he works for the Samaritans helping others. We had the most wonderful empowering conversation.

This experience has given me what I feel is a direct experience of what Fred/Eloheim is teaching … it’s all about jumping timelines and realities and based on which level we get on, we get to connect with others in those versions too.


Maya XX

Meirav writes to share how changing the energies helped her find a missing pet.

Hi Veronica,

I just had to write you this e-mail to let you know that yesterday’s session was especially helpful for me and let you know of my WOW story.

I had a water turtle in an aquarium. The turtle grew so large that my husband decided to let it out of the aquarium, to live in our small garden instead.

However, the day after he let it go, the turtle disappeared. My husband looked for it everyday for 2 weeks in the garden but could not find it.
So based on yesterday’s session (especially the advice related to story of the cat and the stone), I did some energy work and asked Eloheim and the council to get the turtle back and to reveal its presence.

When my husband came back home I told him I did some energy work and that the turtle might turn up. After 2 minutes my husband told me that it worked ! He instantly found the turtle. This was a real WOW moment for me….

Last week I also helped a friend fix the relationship with her husband using only energy work, which was also a wow moment for both of us.

Thank-you so much for these sessions !

Have a great weekend !



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