The Journey of Consciousness, A Warrior's Tale

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I’m thrilled to announce that the Warrior’s book is now available in both paperback and ebook.

“This entire story is to help you
know who you are.”

This “fairy tale for grown-ups” follows the Warrior’s journey as he encounters castles and kings, battles and beasties, while learning to live from an open heart. The Warrior explains how to live the truth of you, how to have a healthy relationship to authority figures, and how to be vulnerable and strong at the same time.

“Anything that is presenting itself to you is presenting itself to you for growth.”
Filled with humor, sage advice, penetrating insight, and above all, profound support for your process, the Warrior’s tale clarifies your spiritual path.

“Now, it’s really fun to see the King when you stink. Why? Because what you want the king to know is that you are not just a little pawn in his game to be manipulated to his benefit. When you go to see the king, whomever the king is in your world, take who you are with you, and if that means you drop mud on his perfect floor, well, there you are.”


The Warrior is one of the seven Council members channeled by Veronica Torres. The Council’s teachings focus on spiritual growth and the movement from the fear-based to the consciousness-based operating system. They specialize in offering specific tools which will facilitate your spiritual growth.

In addition to the Warrior’s story, The Journey of Consciousness includes the following tools: Clarity vs. certainty; Feet under shoulders; How ridiculous does it have to get?; I don’t know anything; Lay it down and walk away; Mad scientist; Neutral observation; “No” is a complete sentence; Point fingers; Preferences/judgments; Script holding/Script-holders; Strongest chakra; Vulnerability vs. weakness; What’s in your lap?; What is true now?; Where am I lying to myself? “Wow!”, not “why?”, and You to you (comparing). It also includes 126 definitions of terms and concepts used in The Council’s teachings.

74,000 words, 258 pages, ebook $4.95, Paperback $13.95


“When you’re facing your triggers, if you start to waiver in your courage, just imagine that we stand behind you.  We will stand beside you in consciousness and courage any time you wish.” – The Warrior





This book is awesome! I can’t stop reading and rereading. 


Oh my god, Veronica!  This is so freaking WISE and hilarious and strangely tender. Up to Chapter 11 and laughing my ass off.  THANK YOU 


Enjoyable. Riveting. Inspirational. I felt as if the warrior was speaking to me. I still feel the strength of his presence. 


The Warrior book is great. I finally turned off the kindle at 1:30am!


This book clearly presents all of the Warrior methods and tools in a concise and easily understood format. It is also a great review for those who have been perfecting the tools though previous webinars and mp3 releases. This ebook helps me keep the tools at the ready for conscientiously practicing now, moment by moment.     


Ebook – $4.95 

Paperback – $13.95