In this fascinating and profound session Eloheim explained how their nine years of teachings relate to Quantum mechanics. A Nova program which highlights scientific discoveries on quantum mechanics is available here

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The session began with the Guardians and the Visionaries discussing the importance of attentiveness and how it ties into Eloheim’s discussion. The current focus of The Council is to help us integrate the energetics Fred is facilitating, the alternative levels we can access, the new ways that we can experience ourselves , and living from the truth of oneness in the 3D reality.

Eloheim went on to describe how the fact “we are all one” is provable in quantum mechanics though can only be directly experienced through the spiritual journey as the brain is a limited tool for the direct experience of quantum state of being.

You are consciously experiencing quantum mechanics through emanation, script holding, freewill, and creating your reality.

Here are some interesting highlights from Eloheim on the topic:

Because “certainty” does not exist at the particle level the quantum world gives us the opportunity to explore the unknowable.

Particles know they are one. When two particles decide to entangle and act out their oneness, if one particle changes the other will change as well no matter how apart they are physically.

That means if a person realizes she/he is all one with everything, then her/his decisions affect ALL. Knowing this fact about the nature of the particles can help us to be open for the experience of Oneness as a State of Being.

This is “spooky action at a distance” at work. As we realize oneness, we can create beyond the idea of script holding.

Freewill is the act of observation. Just by observing (realizing) the resultant state of what we desire, it can exist in our reality.

Further they encouraged us to explore level one experiences in fascination so that we can observe it from higher levels and have direct impact on our creations as we change the way we observe them.

This Session is very insightful for anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of creating reality.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


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