Questions answered 12-18-2011

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Using your example of levels and our fields of probability, it occurs to me that if I want something say at level 4 but I see the rest of the world as level one then the predominant probability level in my field is level one with some level twos and a couple of level threes to which I have access to and level 4 might not be there at all but if I change the predominant level in which I see the world to say level 3 then I would have less level twos and even fewer level ones and more level 4s and maybe even some level 5s in there as well and so my level 4 desire would be that much more available to choose. Is that accurate and do you have any comments about that?

What does sex and sexual energy expression look like in the fractal living higher levels, what does the expression of the self in these areas mean to our journey deeper within consciousness. What does an orgasm look like energetically?

I would like to know what my strongest and weakest chakras are and how the recent change has affected them.

I definitely feel I have been working on the bottom of the barrel stuff and have provided myself wow and fascination with looking at romantic relationships- including how I emanate to others, why I tend to pull back my energy and eliminating the equal sign that a man should provide financially (even though I am 40 and provide for myself). At some point I really would like to meet a man that I can have a ‘spooky’ relationship with, as well as, spiritual conversations. Is there more insight you can provide me regarding my habits and baggage around romantic relationships? ANSWERED IN VIDEO BELOW

I was visiting my brother in Canada over the Thanksgiving long weekend. One night, at 3am someone banged 3 times very loudly on the garage door, and when my brother jumped up to check, no one was there. He figured it was just kids playing around although nothing like that has ever happened before. So now I am curious – was that me, perhaps in an alternate time-stream, trying to get my attention?

I’ve been feeling very disorientated and disorganized this month, please take a look at my energy and let me know what you see.

I have a question about compassion. I have always had strong compassion in general for all people and all things… for what “most people” would normally deem victims but ALSO for the perpetrators as well. I feel compassion for the criminals and even the extreme cases…for an example when they tried Saddam Hussein for his crimes.. I felt a lot of compassion for him. So I feel it on both ends and it’s such a strong feeling for me that I know if I could balance the energy of it then I think it could become a powerful experience in a positive healing way. I have always considered it a gift I just want to know how to mold it for its full positive effect. Also, why is it so strong in me?

I continue to try to drop the feeling of lack – lack of money especially, even though I have enough. I set my intention and express my desire to feel safe but it pops up constantly. And because my lack keeps popping up I even feel lack of control. Can I trust that if I continue to set my intention to feel safe in these areas it will eventually change?

I have a very bad situation with my teeth. I am losing bone in my mouth and because of that I am losing my teeth. I already lost a few teeth. However, I am getting dreams where I am getting new set of teeth. I would like to what you ‘see’ as far as this situation is concerned and what I can do objectively.

I appear to be experiencing writers block. Nothing new, has happened before, usually goes away but this feels somehow different. Why is that? Am I barking up the wrong tree?

My income was wiped out overnight a couple of months ago why did I create that and what can I do about it?

There was also a question about self-esteem.

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