I have loaded the entire meeting to YouTube as a thank you for your wonderful support. Eight parts. 90 minutes total. This meeting is the beginning of something new. I’m not sure what exactly, yet I feel it unfurling all around me!!! Welcome to 2012!!!!

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The Council acknowledged that we are “already” in the 2012 timeline and NOW is the time to take complete responsibility for our creations, our reactions to our creations, and a final letting go of victim hood. If there is any area in our lives where we feel victimized, NOW is the time to let it go, because victim hood will not allow us to go where the energies of 2012 can take us. NOW is time to create as HOMO SPIRITUS with alternative levels of awareness, timelines, and human embodiment of the soul’s perspective.

Anything not in alignment with “creator consciousness” needs to be transformed to live in the 2012 timeline with ease, grace, and bliss.

Use the mantra “I refuse to dwell in victim hood on this subject” whenever we encounter issues which trigger victim hood. Ask yourself, “Is this thought worthy of me?”

The Visionaries stressed the importance of NOW being the time for “receptivity” of the greatness of us experienced, embodied, ensouled, and lived!” Nothing less is acceptable as a Homo spiritus. We are entitled to this evolutionary leap. We have moved past the point where fear gets to be in charge. A Homo spiritus individual KNOWS it all happens “for” him or her, thus Fear is NOT an appropriate reaction. Another mantra they suggest is, “I will NOT die while I LIVE simply to let the survival instinct relax for a moment.”

Eloheim gave a whiteboard demonstration on letting go of the addiction to outcome and how to master time. They explained how we can control aging, and choose many more options to create from beyond duality and moving linearly towards the OUTCOME. We can experience LIFE fractally. The pull of time is weaker when we go deeper in the levels. We can mess with the flow of time by exploring the deeper levels on this journey by fascination in uncertainty. Fixation on outcome and racing time devastates our vibrational Levels.

The Girls reminded us that loving ourselves through this process is the journey of Ascension. They reminded us to remember in all these explorations, NOT to lose sight of the beauty the surrounds us and the beauty of our physical form.

Fred shared with the group that he is holding deeper levels for us to explore as we tap into infinite possibilities. When we go deep in to the levels we have Fred’s energetic trail to support us so that we won’t feel alone. Now we have billions of levels to explore as we learn to stop time.

The Warrior was pretty direct about the throat chakra expression. It’s either being our truth or NOT. There is no middle ground.

The Matriarch contributed unconditional LOVE to the energetics and embraced us in deep love for the gift of our authenticity.


Audio from all five channeling sessions held in December, 2011


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